21 Best Mirages in World of Final Fantasy

In World of Final Fantasy, it seems like there could be as many as a million mirages. Putting together a stack from start can be a lot of work.

I made this list by thinking about all the choices, how they can be combined, and what stack you want.

In any case, some mirages can really be a game-killing mix, and that’s what I want to look at.

You can make very strong groups of these creatures by putting them together, so use this list to prepare and make a more balanced deck.

And it’s important to remember that there’s no one stack that’s better than the rest.

It depends on where you are and what parts make the most sense to use against the enemies there.

You’ll need to swap out your mirages often, so keep a few of them around and level them all up to the same point.

21. Sea Worm

Best Mirages in World of Final Fantasy

In World of Final Fantasy, the Sea Worm is the best choice for a Mirage because it has high stats, can be used in many different ways, and has a unique passive power.

With high Attack and Magic stats, the Sea Worm can do a lot of physical and magical damage to enemies. Its magic attack with the water element is also useful against enemies that are weak to water.

The Sea Worm is very flexible because it can be used in many different ways in fight. For example, its high Attack stat makes it great for dealing damage to a single enemy, while its Waterga magic attack can be used to deal damage to multiple foes at once.

The Sea Worm’s unique passive power, Gravity Counter, is one of the things that makes it stand out. This ability makes the Sea Worm immune to the Gravity status effect, which can be very useful when fighting Gravity-using enemies.

Overall, the Sea Worm is a strong and versatile Mirage that can be a great help to any player’s party. The Sea Worm is a great choice if you want a Mirage that can help you in many different ways.

20. Death Searcher

The Death Searcher is a small robot that floats and will help you a lot in fight.

People often pair Death Searcher with Elefenrir because their skills work well together.

In any case, Death Searcher has a lot of useful attacks, and being able to send your foes’ magic back at them is a huge advantage.

The little robot is a great friend to have in any fight.

19. Zapt

Zapt is one of the most famous WoFF characters because he looks a lot like Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 (FF9).

You can pair it well with Ifrit or any other good elemental damage-dealing illusion.

Zapt is a thunder mob, so if you keep it in your party, it will use thunder weapons.

Once it gets to level 15, it changes into Zaphr.

18. Mimic

The mimic is a popular and powerful enemy that you can use as a mirage in your WoFF adventures.

It has a special ability that lets you reduce an enemy’s health permanently at any time during a fight, but you can only do this once per match.

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When you take into account that it can break through armor, the Mimic is one of the best small mobs you can get to help your party.

17. Black Nakk

Even though Black Nakk looks pretty friendly, if you use it right, it can do a lot of damage.

This small black cat mirage can be found in many starting areas of the game, and if you can believe it, it is one of the easier mirages to get.

But the Black Nakk is one of the best choices for a member of your party when you are just starting out. It is strong and can move around well.

It can also change into Elefenrir, which is a very useful illusion all by itself. This list also includes that illusion, so if you want to learn more about it, keep reading!

16. Moogle

The Moogle is on my list, in part because of how it looks and because it is such an important character in all Final Fantasy games.

Your small friend uses many of its skills by singing and dancing, which makes it one of the friendliest-looking creatures in WoFF.

But a moogle is not just about how it looks. It has a special power that heals its HP while it is in battle. This lets it stay in the fight for much longer than you might think.

At the start of the game, you can find these little guys almost everywhere. Once you’ve gone far enough to face bigger enemies, they level up very quickly.

15. Elefenrir

The dangerous Elenefrir is a black beast whose eyes will make anyone who looks into them feel afraid.

It has very strong strength and a strong life bar, so it can fight almost anything for a long time.

It also uses a lot of abilities, like Blaze, that bring up darkness and fire. It goes well with almost any type of build because its attacking skills are so flexible.

You can change a Black Nakk into one of these, so keep an eye out.

14. Flan Princess

The Flan Princess has a lot of useful passives, like a nice health buff that works well with any team you want to build.

But keep in mind that the Flan Princess is not very strong by herself.

You’ll need a good mix of mirages if you want her buffs to stay on and if you want to get the most out of her skills.

The Flan Princess can only be found in the Windswept Mire, so if you’re in the area, you might want to look in the prison for her.

13. Black Chocochick

The Black Chocochick is a mirage that will help your party for sure. It has a Prismunity of HP recovery and a base hit point value.

It’s not easy to find, but all of its benefits make it worth the trouble. It also has the passive abilities Flee and Unstacked Haste, which make it a good mirage for getting out of fights or making them go faster.

12. White Nakk

The White Nakk is just as strong as the Black Nakk and has a similar shape.

The biggest difference between these two creatures, and what makes the White Nakk such a useful illusion, is that this little furry guy uses ice attacks to defeat enemies, which none of the other creatures on this list can do (so far).

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It also has a strong passive boost to strength, but its powers are not nearly as strong as those of other small mirages in the game.

11. Zaphr

Zaphr goes in the same direction as the Zapt mirage, which was already talked about.

But the Zaphr is a pretty special creature because it looks like a little boy. That must be different, right?

Be careful, because it has powerful powers that can shock anyone it fights, even you.

Its two main skills are Thundara and Regen, and even though it doesn’t have a lot of HP, it does a lot of damage with magic.

10. Magitek Armor

Magitek Armor is a war machine that lets you use magic to kill any enemy.

You can tell the armor to shoot both fire and ice beams, since it is made to kill enemies of any element.

It also has the passive ability Critical Guard, which makes it a great defensive illusion.

It has a lot more health than other mirages of the same size, so its armor is better than that of other small beings in your stack.

Note that it’s not easy to find early in the game, and you might need to level up for a while before you can add one of these mechanical little monsters to your party.

9. Leviathan

In World of Final Fantasy, the Leviathan, also called the Queen of the Deep, is a powerful dragon that works well as a mirage.

She is part of the Pleiad’s Seven, a group of seven of the most powerful mirages in the game.

She starts out as a boss, but once you beat her, you can add her to your party.

She has almost 900 points of base health, which makes her the strongest illusion on this list so far.

Every one of the Pleiad’s Seven is a dangerous enemy who can be hard to beat but is very useful to your team once you do.

8. Death Machine

Many players would say that the Death Machine is WoFF’s best illusion.

Its skills make it one of the best additions to your team, and even though it doesn’t have a lot of health, you’ll be able to do a lot of damage to it.

It’s an L-shaped illusion, and for this size, it’s one of the best in the game.

This is basically a real robot that you can always count on to keep you safe.

It will be great at both defense and attack, and with good passives to go along with its power, this Death Machine will definitely act like, well, a machine of death.

7. Ultima Weapon

Let’s be clear: you won’t be able to get the Ultima Weapon for a long time.

It is a very strong enemy with a base life of 1000 points, and you can only find it in the Invention Quest and The Coliseum.

But the time and work are well worth it.

Its special power does a lot of damage with just one hit, making it one of the best in the game.

It also has two abilities that are special to it: the Ultima beam and Ultima. Both do a lot of damage on their own.

6. Omega God

The Omega God is another very powerful mob that can do different things.

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But this illusion isn’t just good because of how strong it is.

It also has a passive ability called “Point Deflector” and an extraction ability called “Meteor Mirajewel.”

What a rarity!

5. Ramuh

Another of the Pleiad’s Seven is Ramuh. It looks like a god and has shown up in a lot of different Final Fantasy games.

It is one of the best animals in the game for this type of elemental damage because it knows everything there is to know about Thunder magic.

This is definitely the toughest Thunder mob you’ll face.

Be careful, though, because beating Ramah isn’t easy.

In other forms of Final Fantasy, it has shown to be a very hard enemy to beat, and WoFF is no different.

4. Shiva

Shiva is another well-known character from the world of Final Fantasy.

She is a strong ice mirage who lives mostly in the Nether Nebula and the Coliseum. She is a great addition to your pack.

She has a lot of base strength, so it will probably be hard to beat her on the first try.

She drops a Mega Phoenix and 3 Arma Gems when she is killed. And, like most enemies in WoFF, she will get stronger based on where you first meet her.

3. Ifrit

Ifrit, who is very strong, uses fire to get rid of any enemies who get in his way. Since the beginning of Final Fantasy, this has always been the case, and it still is.

Because he is good with fire, he is one of the most dangerous fire enemies you’ll face in the game.

Ifrit drops the same items as Shiva when it is killed, so it is also worth fighting.

His main skills are Punch, Fira, Hellfire, Counter, and a few other useful skills that go with them (especially when mixed with a fire stack).

You can fight him in the Coliseum while fighting other powerful enemies one after the other. Make sure you have a good party set up and are ready for it.

2. Odin

Odin is another member of the Pleiad, and he is also one of the best members.

Odin has been in the FF series since the beginning, so you’ve probably already heard of him.

And, in some way or another, he has been in almost every game in the series since the first one came out.

Odin from WoFF is also very strong, and he makes a great addition to an elemental stack that is almost too strong.

This guy has a lot of powerful passives and uses Double Cut, Gungnir, Zantetsuken, Banish, Dark, and Regen as its major strategies. All of this is pretty crazy, especially Zantetsuken, which is hard to avoid.

1. Bahamut

The dragon Bahamut is the biggest member of the Pleiad’s Group and might be the best mirage in the whole game.

Its attack might not look as scary as those of the other monsters mentioned above, but wait until you see its passives: Enhanced Criticals and Enhanced Attack.

You don’t have many ways to fight and beat such a strong enemy, but there are a few things you can do. Mega flare is a hint.

He’s an XL mirage, so you’ll need to make room for him and possibly adjust your stack. But if this creature is on your side, you will be almost impossible to stop.