FFXIV Patron Deity: What is it & Does it Matter?

Choose a Patron Deity from a list of twelve choices when creating your characters for Final Fantasy XIV

Prior to that, your Patron Deity will grant you an encapsulated amount of resistance. 

However, this is no longer the case so the Patron Deity choice is simply an extra flavor now.

If you’ve recently switched to Final Fantasy XIV from another MMO, you’re likely to be amazed by the variety of options available as a character creator.

You’ll not only have an array of exciting and diverse races to pick from but there are more options for customization later on.

Each race comes with two clans that you can choose from. These clans each have their own custom options, too.

These could be radical modifications in appearance.

For instance, take the Hyur. The Hyur can be played as a Midlander, which is shorter in height and with a more delicately crafted appearance. 

Also, you can play as the massive strong Highlanders that are more akin to the Vikings that were in the old days rather than the Midlanders.

Some of these possibilities appear particularly interesting. You can pick the name of your character’s day (their birthday) from the calendar of FFXIV and choose a patron deity to oversee your adventures.

Unfortunately, both alternatives are completely irrelevant.

The name-day never has any kind of game-related recognition. The Patron Deity is a part of an element that was ineffective for a lengthy, very long period.

Who are the Patron Deities?

You can choose your Patron God from a selection of twelve.

  • Halone, the Fury
  • Menphina, the Lover
  • Thaliak, the Scholar
  • Name, the Spinner
  • Llymlaen, the Navigator
  • Oschon, the Wanderer
  • Byregot, the Builder
  • Rhalgr, the Destroyer
  • Azeyma, the Warden
  • Nald’thal, the Trader
  • Nophica, the Matron
  • Attack, the Keeper

There are some very elegant titles and names. It’s just an illusion at this point.

Each deity corresponds with a month on Eorzea’s calendar, and you’ll see them all often throughout your journey.

Like the day of your character’s birth and their patron god, their patron saint is a tiny bit of background information—a little mythology to define their role on the planet.

It’s actually quite common in tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons

Your character will have a wealth of additional information about them that may not have an impact on the gameplay but can help provide your character with more depth.

They’re your vehicle around the globe, so it’s nice to believe that they’re a component of it.

Does it matter which Patron Deity I choose for Final Fantasy XIV?

Luckily, the patron deity you select for Final Fantasy XIV when you create your character will no longer have any impact on the game. 

In the beginning, the various Patron Deities had a slight influence on the level of the elemental resistance to the character was subject.

Since there are six elements and six kinds of damage from elements during Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn There were two deities for each type of element. 

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The deities were removed from Stormblood (along with other modifications) to make the game more efficient. 

This also included the elimination of Race bonuses. It was the case that in past times, it didn’t matter the race you picked because you would receive tiny stat bonuses for various races. 

As characters gain their power, these bonuses are insignificant, but.

The only location where the Patron God can be influenced is during the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding (the wedding ceremony in the game). 

In the cutscene and the ceremony, the Deities that you wish to worship are represented by large columns.

There are also hints in Endwalker which suggest that The Twelve, as the collective of patron Deities are referred to, will be a part of the story that will follow Final Fantasy XIV. 

In other words, the gods are strictly for roleplaying.

Why doesn’t my Patron Deity matter anymore?

It’s a fairly simple query to be answered:

Before, patron deities would provide your character with minor adjustments to their resistance to elements. 

It’s now entirely irrelevant since elemental damage has not been a major factor in the XIV series for some time which means that any modifications to resistance made by Patron Deities are useless.

The severity of the damage is only an issue in a limited number of situations.

Eureka! For instance, it utilizes elemental damage, but this is determined by an independent mechanic that does not take into account the player’s individual stats.

If you glance at your knowledge you might see words such as “Deals unaspected damage”, or “deals fire damage”.

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Unaspected was the term used to describe the damage that didn’t contain a component. However, now 95 percent of the damage from the game is unexpected.

When elements were considered to matter, picking the right Patron God to match your play style was not a major game-changer.

The alterations in resistance were so small that the benefits were minimal.

Which one do you need to choose?

I picked the one that I believed was most likely to take a keen interest in my character Oschon the Wanderer.

Consider a more conventional approach when it comes to the idea of “roleplay” and take time to consider it for you and for your character!