FFXIV: How to Start Making Gil? (5 Easy Ways)

You can run away from reality in Eorzea, but capitalism will find you eventually.

Get some Gil. The cost of living in Final Fantasy XIV can be quite high, what with buying food and potions for raid nights, glams for that ERP venue, and a whole goddamn house.

Even if it means engaging in behavior that violates the Terms of Service (Yes, that one), players will find a way to succeed.

But please don’t go to such lengths, my dear child.

You can use this checklist to help you navigate the competitive Eorzean job market. You won’t become a gillionaire (Boooooo) using the methods described here, but you can get quite far.

“With the reading mindset, making Gil can be fun!” To put it simply, he lied.

5. Retainer Quick Ventures

Making Gil in FFXIV can be achieved in the same efficient manner as real-world currency production: by focusing on the most valuable tasks and delegating them to the most capable players.

Unfortunately, many participants overlook the retainer venture system. Making passive Gil from uncommon materials and dyes is possible through ventures, especially the quick one-hour ventures.

Prices for white and black dyes, used for a variety of purposes, can reach over 350,000 Gil. Considering there was almost no effort involved, that’s not bad.

My brand new cryptocurrency Potatocoin is based on everyone’s favorite terrible children, the Lalafell, and it offers the highest returns of any investment opportunity available today.

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Regardless of your level as a retainer, you can embark on quick missions, but you’ll have more success and receive better loot as you level up. With venture tokens, you can finally unload all of those fancy company seals that have been collecting dust.

Do not go on long expeditions unless you are desperate for tokens or don’t mind constantly upgrading your retainers’ equipment.

If you’re going to be offline for a long time, having your retainer complete the highest-level long venture possible is a good investment of your time, but staying on top of the quick ventures is the surest way to success.

Moreover, much like alliance raid roulette, the payoffs for these lengthy expeditions are dull and predictable.

Don’t be as sluggish as I am; that’s a pro tip. Any time your retainer brings in new material, make sure you check its market board price. It’s possible that you’ll be quite surprised.

Advice from the pros: don’t undercut unless you want to be called ugly.

4. Your Daily Roulettes

Not at all; take my words seriously. These funds are free real estate money that comes with de-synth experience and tools. Just by running through them, you can earn nearly 100,000 raw Gil per day.

When multiplied over the course of a few days, the total can be quite substantial. You’ll wake up one day in a stunning mansion with an equally stunning wife and wonder, “How the heck did I get here?”

The key is to go slowly but surely in the right direction. One cannot, in a lawful manner, acquire the Gil necessary to purchase a sizable estate overnight.

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Just do your daily roulettes and be done with it. It’s either you help me de-synthesize the gear of other players who have fewer wrinkles in their brains than me, or I give up on this game altogether.

3. The Bozjan Southern Front & Zadnor

There is a lack of recognition for the Save the Queen zones as the money-making machines that they are.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can now make money off of war. Jobs can be leveled simultaneously, much like roulettes. Your smile is as priceless as the orange numbers in your character window.

You can find anything from inexpensive dyes to rare mounts and even expensive minions in a lockbox.

You’ll be able to trade your clusters in for the highly marketable Construct 14 mount as you wage war in the trenches.

This is one of the best ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV because all you have to do is play the game!

Grab some FC buddies, make your way to Gangos, and get the hell out there!

This is an idea that I had if you must know. Just blame it on Pachi Shadowbuns, who lives in Lamia, if you didn’t.

2. Disciples of the Land (Gatherers)

Simple, traditional mining for precious metals and other minerals. The profits from working the soft earth are more steady if you plan ahead of time, but they never reach the dizzying heights of those from war or retainer abuse.

Some of the assembled intelligentsia may look down on the young plants, but in reality, they are friendly and approachable, and the botanists among them get a cute hat.

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Doing some preliminary market research is never a bad idea. Investigate the most well-liked items from the raid’s store, and then try to replicate them. They can expect steady demand.

Check out the grade 6 tincture formula if you’re in the mood to flirt. Getting your hands on some aethers sand isn’t all that difficult.

1. Buy Gil?

You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t bother. You’d be better off using real money instead of Gil for any major purchases.

You could have bought a pizza for yourself or medicine for Gram-gram with that money. Gil purchased online typically originates from bots or compromised accounts.

Has either of these ever been a cause for your discontent? Be the change you wish to see in the world, not the problem.

Being a bad guy is pointless when you could just be a good one. Doesn’t that mean “hero”…? Really elitist of you to act in such a manner.