FFXIV: The Feast Of Famine Quest Guide (Where to Catch)

Final Fantasy 14‘s “The Feast of Famine” questline is notoriously one of the most arduous and time-consuming questlines.

In Limsa Lominsa, the objective is to capture living legends, the rarest fish in existence, and deliver them to Wawalago.

There are two preconditions for the beginning. First, you must be a fisherman of level 50. After reaching level 50, you must fulfill the quest “The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon” from Sisipu on the Lower Decks of Limsa Lominsa.

“The Feast of Famine” can then be obtained from Wawalago at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.1, Y:15.3).

The initial objective of this mission is to capture legendary fish caught in La Noscea, the Black Shroud, and Thanalan.

These fish have a multitude of requirements regarding the time of day, the weather, and feeding.

The First Batch Of Living Legends

Before attempting to capture these fish, ensure that you have level 50 fishing equipment. The more it heightens your perception, the better it is.

In fact, eating food to increase your stats while fishing for these legends is strongly advised. Lastly, ensure that your gathering points are at least 397.

These fish are not required to be caught in a specific order.

Thanalan Living Legend: Helicoprion

  1. Location: Southern Thanalan, the Sagoili Desert
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: 8 am – 8 pm (However, the best time is rumored to be from 8 am – 4 pm.)
  3. Weather Needed: The weather must transition from Fog to Heatwave.
  4. Bait: Use a Sand Leech until you catch a Storm Rider and mooch it to catch the Helicoprion.
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La Noscea Living Legend: Endoceras

  1. Location: Western La Noscea, Isles of Umbra Southerlore
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: 8 pm – 4 am
  3. Weather Needed: Must transition from Clear to Fair to Overcast, Wind, or Fog.
  4. Bait: Use a Spoon Worm to catch a Fullmoon Sardine and use that to mooch to get the Endoceras.

Black Shroud Living Legend: Namitaro

  1. Location: South Shroud, Eruth’s Gift
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: Any time
  3. Weather Needed: During Thunder or Thunderstorm.
  4. Bait: Use a Topwater Frog with Fisher’s Intuition active.

Second Batch Of Living Legends

Once the first batch has been captured, you can return them to Wawalago. However, your fishing expedition is not yet complete. There are still two legendary figures to capture!

Coerthas Living Legend: Shonisaurus

  1. Location: Coerthas Central Highlands, Witch drop
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: Anytime
  3. Weather Needed: Must transition from Clear or Fair into Blizzard.
  4. Bait: Use a Hoverworm to catch a Cloud Cutter. Mooch the Cloud Cutter to catch Mahar. Mooch the Mahar to catch the Shonisaurus.

Mor Dhona Living Legend: Kuno The Killer

  1. Location: Mor Dhona, The North Shards
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: 9 am – 12 am
  3. Weather Needed: Gloom
  4. Bait: Use a Honey Worm to catch a Silverfish. Mooch the Silverfish to catch an Assassin Betta. Mooch the Assassin Betta while Fisher’s Intuition is on.

The Final Legend: Nepto Dragon

After submitting the following legends to Wawalago, additional tasks remain. The next step is to speak with the steersman at Costa del Sol.

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Then, you must capture your final legend: the Nepto Dragon. Your line could break multiple times prior to a good catch. Minimum required gathering stat: 409.

  1. Location: Eastern La Noscea, Rhotano Sea (talk to the Ferry Skipper near Gegeruju in Costa Del Sol to get there).
  2. In-Game Time The Fish Can Be Caught: Anytime
  3. Weather Needed: Rain or Shower.
  4. Bait: Use Fisher’s Intuition and use a Northern Krill.

With the capture of the Nepto Dragon, the quest will be accomplished!