FFXIV: How To Get The Antelope Stag Mount?

In The Firmament, you can buy the Antelope Stag Mount for 30 Fête Tokens. You can get Fête Tokens from special events that happen in The Firmament. These events happen on a strict schedule: 12 times in 24 hours.

This means you have a chance to earn the Tokens for your Antelope Stag Mount every two hours.

After the Fête is over, there is a break of about one to two days before the next set begins.

Note that the Antelope Stag Horn may also drop from Fête Presents, which are rewards for completing Events. Even though this isn’t the most direct way, it’s not as reliable.

Checking your Duty List inside The Firmament will tell you when the next Event will start.

Also, for these events, we need either a disciple of the hand or a disciple of the land. The good news is that you don’t need to be at a certain level to use them, and they give you a lot of experience.

Embracing Your Fête

Antelope Stag Mount

During the Event, there are five different Fêtes that will happen. These are:

  1. Made of Softer Stuff: Your job is to make stuffed toys and give them to Brume kids who don’t have much. There’s no need to make anything. You’ll play with the “Stuffed Toy Materials,” then pick up the toy and take it to the person who’s waiting for it.
  2. Presents of Mind: You have to do what NPCs tell you to do and give presents to certain other NPCs. There are yellow boxes for Merchants, pink boxes for Children, and orange boxes for Artisans. The presents are dropped off just north of where you pick them up.
  3. A Twist of Fête: Use the emotes on your hotbar to copy one of the three emotes from the NPCs. Make sure to target the right NPC, and then just act the right way. If you do this six times, you’ll get the most rewards.
  4. Shear-a-Yak: A big Yak will appear, and you’ll get an action that is only available during that event. When you use the “Aetheromatic Clippers” Action on a Yak, three tufts of Yak Fleece will appear. Gather the fleece and give it back.
  5. Toy Hunter: There will be several boxes in the area. You’ll have to open them to find a “Lucky Toy” that will make the NPC appear. Some have a bad effect that will stop you from doing anything for 5 seconds. For full credit, you need to turn in four Toys.
  6. The most you can get for doing this is 2 Fête Gifts and 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips, plus the experience you need for your level.
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Each Fête Present you get could have a huge variety of items.

The full list of loot looks like this:

Mounts: Antelope Horn of the Stag

Bardings Expanse, Ice, Horde, Zurvanite, Levin, Sephirotic, Sophic, Tidal, and Machinist are all types of bardings.

Minions: Atrophied Atomos, Bullpup, Cerberpup, Dwarf Rabbit, Gaelikitten, Miniature White Knight, Morpho, Nutkin, Owlet, Plush Cushion, and Ugly Duckling

Furnishings: – Stuffed Cait Sith, Stuffed Estinien, Plush Pile, Lord Commander’s Portrait, Azure Dragoon’s Portrait, Fête Skyrise Balloon, Fête Party Balloons, Fortemps Sofa, Brick Garden Circle, Ishgardian Stove, Little Chef’s Playset, Verdant Partition, Clothes Rack, Apron Rack

Glamour: Dress for a Peacemaker, Dress for a Craftsman, Dress for a Skyworker, Calming Checkered Parasol, Happy Checkered Parasol, Pastoral Dot Parasol, Sky Blue Parasol, Black Parasol

Hairstyles: Controlled Chaos, Modern Legend, and Saintly Style are three hairstyles.

Emotes: Hiding Meals, Emphatic Explanation, Intelligent Impressions, The Winsome Wallflower

Orchestrion Rolls: Born of the Boughs, The Navigator’s Theme, Hearthward, Paradise Found, Stone and Steel, The Twin Faces of Fate, Tricksome, Upon the Rocks, What is Love?

Dyes: Dark brown, dark green, dark purple, dark red, jet black, metallic blue, metallic gold, metallic green, metallic red, metallic orange, metallic sky blue, metallic purple, metallic yellow, metallic silver, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel green, pastel purple, gunmeta l black, pearl white, metallic brass.

Fête Tokens For The Antelope Stag

Most of the time, the Fête Gifts you get can also give you one Fête Token.

The NPC vendor Enie (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:12, Y:14) will trade these tokens for a variety of items.

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Here is a complete list of what you can get:

Peacelover’s Attire Coffer50 Tokens
Antelope Stag Horn30 Tokens
Fête Party Balloons5 Tokens
Fête Skyrise Balloon5 Tokens
Dyes4 Tokens
Grade VII DoL Materia2 Tokens
Grade VIII DoL Materia3 Tokens
Grade VII DoH Materia2 Tokens
Grade VIII DoH Materia3 Tokens
Magicked Prisms (10)1 Token

Considering how much work it takes to get them, all of the rewards are pretty good.

Participating in the Fête when it happens every few days is a good idea.

Have fun at your party, and I hope you win your Antelope Stag Horn!