FFXIV: How To Unlock Alliance Raids?

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can participate in Alliance Raids, which are large-scale PVE tasks. Compared to Dungeons, they are substantially larger and have more bosses to fight.

Twenty-four members of your alliance work together to take on these Raids. The total number of players involved is 18.

These responsibilities and plots are not insurmountable, and they come with engaging content and mechanisms that go beyond what is often required in a four-player dungeon.

These will be essential to your time in Eorzea if you lack the guts or company for Savage Raids.

Each major FFXIV expansion features a new Alliance Raid storyline, which is divided into three distinct functions.

The Crystal Tower is a prominent landmark in A Realm Reborn.

The Shadow of Mhach is available in Heavensward.

There is a book called Return to Ivalice in Stormblood.

Yorha: Dark Apocalypse is available in Shadow bringers. The phrase “like Nier!” Insane material.

Myths of the Realm will be available in Endwalker.

The maximum level for participating in an Alliance Raid is the same as the maximum level for the expansion in question. Each one needs to be unlocked separately.

Below, I’ll detail how you gain access to each Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy XIV and when.

Crystal Tower

The Alliance attack kicked off the conflict. The first one was added to Eorzea. The minimum level to enter this Raid is 50 because it was created during the A Realm Reborn expansion.

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You will also need to complete the Main Scenario Questline up until you defeat Ultima Weapon. (“The Ultimate Weapon” quest, if you’re unsure. The naming is a little clear.)

The first quest in the three-mission series to unlock Crystal Tower is “Legacy of Allag.” You can get this from the Strange Man in MorDhona, postcode 22X 8Y.

Fun fact: This raid is where everyone’s favorite character is from. Keep an eye out. I can’t wait for you two to meet.

Even-more-fun fact: This alliance raid may be marginally foundational to the plot ofShadowbringerssomehow; Paying attention to the tale is suggested.

Shadow of Mhach

In Final Fantasy XIV, this is the second Alliance Raid. The Heavensward expansion release requires level 60. You need to finish the Main Scenario Questline up to the Heavensward quest.

After finishing the quest chain that begins with the Unquiet Trader in The Pillars, 14X 11Y, you will be able to go on this adventure and board the void ark.

The tale of this Alliance Raid is interesting, but a couple of its bosses are really tough. Have fun looting!

Return to Ivalice

Exactly, that is what the text says. Ivalice! The Alliance Raid in the Stormblood add-on was inspired by the universe of Final Fantasy XII.

The success of Return to Ivalice should be celebrated more widely. Never mind what Andor says, don’t take his word for it. Do you claim Dalmasca as your home?

The standard level requirement of 70 is enforced, and the “Stormblood” quest must also be finished.

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To begin the quest “Dramatis Personae,” find Keiten in Kugane at coordinates (12, 12) and speak with him. This marks the beginning of the Ivalice saga.

There are some bosses in this alliance raid that are truly one-of-a-kind. The one that needs MATH is included! That’s the gist of it. In a word, no. Especially if you have a weak head.

Yorha: Dark Apocalypse

What the heck was that? YoR… Ha… Dark… Apocalypse… That is indeed what the prompter states.

In the Shadowbringers expansion, Yoko Taro drew inspiration from the NieR games to create a new type of Alliance Raid for Final Fantasy XIV. It’s the equivalent of a Guardians of the Galaxy raid in World of Warcraft. (In all honesty, I’d want to witness it.)

In comparison to the other Alliance Raids, this one requires a slightly larger number of tasks to unlock. You must have completed the main scenario quest “Meet the Tholls” and be level 80 (we know the pattern by now). Don’t give up; you’re almost there.

Once you’ve fulfilled the necessary conditions, you can talk to the Gossipy Dwarf in Kholusia at the coordinates 13X 9Y.

A word about Komra, the task he provides, will lead you straight into the madness that is the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Alliance Raids.


Each of the raids delivers gear, crafting materials, and minions. The raid gear from the last expansion has been reduced to purely cosmetic items, many of which are quite fashionable.

You will also receive the standard fare of duty Tomestones, nothing extraordinary or noteworthy.

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We hope this guide helped you unlock all the Alliance Raids in FFXIV. It’s not always clear how to unlock raids from older expansions.

If you are a regular player, you will be directed to them immediately after their release.