FFXIV: How to Unlock Samurai?

The Samurai of Final Fantasy XIV is the egomaniacal DPS job. With no useful buffs or distractions, the Samurai can concentrate on themselves.

Their high-scoring and progressive gameplay is a lot of fun. If they haven’t already, all of your math-loving friends will give this job a shot.

Both the visuals and the sound effects for the Samurai are quite crisp and understated. Those sharp metal blades and neon light cuts make you feel like a lethal murdering machine.

The katana stands out as Final Fantasy XIV‘s most visually impressive bladed weapon. One’s Take!

There was a lot of noise, including a plunk, a clang, a snort, and a swing. Here are some examples of the awesome katana noises I can make. But people often claim I don’t have any talent. Pfft.

Samurai skill rotation is a bit complex to play well, thus I wouldn’t suggest it to inexperienced players. We should start with Dragoon. (I mean no offense to Dragoons.)

When you follow my steps to become a samurai in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll be ready to cut and dice like a pro.

How to Unlock SAM

This job was published with Stormblood; Naturally, this implies you must have purchased the expansion. You’ll also need to reach level 50 on any battle job.

Samurai, like all jobs introduced after A Realm Reborn, do not require a specific adventuring class, to begin with.

About the time Ninja was released, the developers finally admitted that the Class-to-Job system of mechanics was a failure.

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As I noted earlier, this wasn’t necessary for any employment in Realm Reborn. (The distinction between Summoner and Scholar is purely terminological.)

You would expect the Samurai questline to begin in Kugane, the additional hub city of Stormblood with East Asian theming; You’d be incorrect. The quest starts in Ul’dah.

Beginning the Questline

Unlock Samurai

Samurai can be unlocked by talking to the Ul’Dahn local at 9X 9Y on the Steps of Nald. The obvious mission The Way of the Samurai will be presented to you.

Probably in Ul’dah, so you can get in some Samurai action before the Main Scenario Questline ever gets to Kugane.

The gratitude I feel for Square Enix is immeasurable. Having to wait until you reach Ishgard in the Heavensward tale was a major bummer if you wanted to play Dark Knight or Astrologian right away.

After A Realm Reborn, job missions gradually became less challenging. They started out with simple tasks, progressed to a citywide hunt, and finally settled into brief exchanges of discussion. This is a really easy task.

Completing the Quest

Just talk to the two NPCs marked on your map and you’ll be done. You have earned the Samurai class in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Soul of the Samurai job stone, a Mythrite Uchigatana, and a chest of Nameless Armor will be yours.

Samurai begin play at level 50, saving you a tonne of time, and with these prices, you’ll be ready to slice and dice as soon as you log in.

That sums up the whole deal! I told you it was simple to join the Samurai order. The most challenging aspect of completing a quest is locating the first quest giver.

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Early Samurai/Beginner DPS Advice

Becoming a proficient damage-dealing machine takes practice. One of the best ways to learn is to do.

Don’t be hesitant to hop immediately into dungeons. Starting at level 50 gets you off and running.

Training Dummy Practice

New players to Final Fantasy XIV may be unfamiliar with the concept of using a training dummy to practice their ability rotation for their new career.

It’s crucial to spend some time becoming acquainted with your gear in a low-stakes, exploratory manner.

There won’t be much of an issue while leveling up. After reaching level 90, you may want to research the most recent Samurai rotation (or any job). These shift frequently as a result of patch-based changes to task distribution.

The best strategy now may not work tomorrow. You need to know what’s going on in the world to dominate the charts, therefore educate yourself.

You’ll rapidly come to appreciate the vastness and complexity of the DPS data analysis community. The amount is substantial.


Just do it! Please!

For some weapons, the damage boost from using an ability while facing the enemy’s flank or back is significant.

It’s okay if you miss a few here and there, but you shouldn’t completely disregard them. The secret is out in the open. It’s not fun in any way.

This role is complex, but the payoff is worth the effort. You should put in the time because the rewards are great.

If you’re looking for information on how to become a Samurai in Final Fantasy XIV, I hope this article was helpful.