FFXIV Krakka Root: How to Get & Use it?

Krakka Root is a consumable in Final Fantasy XIV that may be used to develop your Chocobo companion.

You can either grow it yourself or obtain a little amount of it as a reward for completing a task.

While other Chocobo foods may provide bonuses to your feathered buddy, Krakka Root does not.

But don’t worry, you’ll quickly find lots more healthful ways to fill up your companion’s diet.

How Do I Get Krakka Root?

To reward you for finishing the optional task “Bird in Hand,” we’ll give you five Krakka Root.

This level 30 quest follows on from “My Little Chocobo” and “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, the quests which unlock your first steed and the option to have them fight with you.

As a side note, if you’re playing solo, you should definitely make use of your Chocobo.

They can help you out in the overworld by taking up the role of a tank and protecting your other party members from harm.

After the first five, more Krakka Root will need to be grown in your own garden.

You can get the seeds from the various housing estates’ material dealers, but you’ll need access to your own player or Free Company housing to achieve this.

If everything else fails, just head to your nearest Market Board and pick some up.

What Can I Use Krakka Root For?

Krakka Root

Let us quickly review the Chocobo menu options and the preferred system.

If you want your buddy to be as powerful as possible, you need to grasp this in its entirety.

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Here are the various foods you can eat and the bonuses they provide:

Root Curiel (Companion EXP Up, effect increased if favorite)

Bud Sylkis (Companion Attack Up, effect increased if favorite)

Gourd, Mimett (Companion Healing Potency Up, effect increased if favorite)

This herb has a tantalising influence on the male (Companion Maximum HP Up, effect increased if favorite)

“Pahsana Fruit” (Companion Enmity Up, effect increased if favorite)

Root of Krakka (No effect)

The only food item that does not provide a bonus is the Krakka Root.

So, I don’t see the point, to put it another way.

You can get experience by feeding your Chocobo every hour if you unlock the option to stable it at your private residence or a Free Company estate.

Because of this, your Chocobo can continue to level up even if you can’t monitor its progress.

Even better, you can arrange for other people in the Free Company to feed it when you’re not around.

If you give your Chocobo the same meal for ten days in a row, it will learn to prefer that food.

When employed outside of the stable, a horse’s favourite foods have a greater effect.

Your ideal Chocobo’s strength profile may vary depending on the demands of your profession.

That’s why the enmity buff is useful for ranged classes.

One possible improvement for tanks is more healing or damage.

Changing your Chocobo’s diet after you’ve learned what it prefers will essentially erase that information.

The stronger tier benefit will be removed, and you’ll have to start over with a new favourite.

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When it comes to a person’s preference for foods, Krakka Root has no effect.

Consequently, Krakka Root is the best option if you’ve already achieved the bonus you want to maintain.

There is something else to think about as well.

Once a stabled companion has a preferred diet, it is no longer possible to gain the benefit from feeding it the food.

The time to eat the food you have stored away is probably not now.

Since this is the case, Krakka Root is an excellent supplemental feed for stables.