What is a Free Company & Why to Join One in FFXIV?

In FFXIV, Free Companies are player-run groups that you can join or make yourself.

They are usually designed for a certain type of play.

They are similar to guilds and clans in other games.

Free Companies have a lot of features that make FFXIV more fun to play and more social.

The Grand Companies you meet as you play the game are also different from Free Companies.

Grand Companies are groups that are part of the story of Final Fantasy XIV.

You can join them, but they aren’t made or run by players, and they don’t all work the same way.

Why Should I Join A Free Company?

You don’t have to join a Free Company, which is often called an “FC” in-game.

You don’t need one at all to play the whole game.

But, after all, this is a game with a lot of players.

To move forward, you’ll have to finish dungeons and trials, which are boss fights with up to eight players.

That can be done with help.

There is a matchmaking system in XIV, but some classes, like DPS, often have to wait a long time.

It can be easier and more fun to do it with other people in your Free Company.

But joining a Free Company is good for FFXIV in a lot of ways.

Free Company Perks

Free Company

Free Companies can buy FC estates, which are pieces of land where you can buy your own room and build it.

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They also offer Company Actions, which are buffs that can increase EXP gains, lower travel costs, or boost stats for the whole team.

A Free Company could also put resources like Gil and crafting materials in its Company Chest, which is basically a bank of cash and items that helps the FC reach its goals.

If you like crafting and gathering, Free Companies might have members with jobs that go well with yours.

This way, everyone can get better and share the benefits.

Or, if you want to find friends who like to go on adventures, the best place to start is with Free Company.

Members of good companies look out for each other and often talk to each other outside of the game on platforms like Guilded and Discord.

You can even make real friends outside of Final Fantasy if you want to, which can make your time in the game a lot more fun.

Basically, a Free Company that’s right for you can make your time with FFXIV so much better and give you a strong group of people who like the same things you do.

Are There Different Types Of Free Companies?

Free When a company is started, it usually has a goal in mind.

Some may want to build and grow “static” teams for high-quality content (core teams of regular players).

Some people will try to build a group of social players who want to have fun with little effort.

A good Free Company can teach players about Eorzea in a way similar to The Novice Network, but it could last even after you know your way around the world.

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To get the most out of Free Companies, you should have a general idea of what parts of XIV you like.

Do you want to hang out and talk with people who are like you?

Craft and gather like a pro?

Or complete difficult end-game content to get big rewards?

Depending on which Free Companies you join, you can reach all of those goals.

It’s also important to remember that Free Companies are completely run by players, so it’s not enough to find one that fits your in-game goals.

It will also be up to the people.

This could be as simple as some FCs only speaking certain languages, or you could find that one group has a sense of humor you don’t like.

Or, their time playing the game might be different from yours.

The Lodestone and the in-game information about the Free Company will give you important information right away.

But you might have to try out a few FCs before you find ones you like.

Also, you should know that trial accounts can’t join Free Companies.

This is a feature that only subscribers can use.

Since last year, the trial period now goes up to level 60 and includes the first expansion for the game, Heavensward.