FFXIV Orchestrion Rolls: What Are They & Where to Find it?

Collectible Orchestrion Rolls can be used in an Orchestrion to play a variety of songs, making it the jukebox of Final Fantasy XIV.

You can get them from merchants, as rewards from quests and dungeons, or by following crafting instructions.

You have undoubtedly amassed a fair number of Orchestrion Rolls by now.

A few might be waiting for you in your stockpile right this second.

Imagine these as compact discs.

In most cases, they’ll record some of Final Fantasy XIV’s epic music so that it can be played at your leisure in specific zones.

In addition, XIV features some fantastic musical compositions.

The music may go from being soft and sweet to being loud and dramatic on a dime.

The soundtrack has explored many different genres in the past, from the standard Final Fantasy score to amazing rock songs like Oblivion, which provides the musical backdrop for the Shiva Trial.

Dancing Mad, Kefka’s combat music from Final Fantasy VI, is among the oldies given new life here.

You could easily find your preferred tunes by searching YouTube.

However, this is Final Fantasy XIV, and there is a method to the madness.

Everything in this game may be collected.

And if you really dig the XIV score, you can probably track down an Orchestrion Roll of it.

So Where Can I Find Orchestrion Rolls?

The Orchestrion Roll is ubiquitous.

You can obtain more of them through completing quests, from Market Boards, from vendors, and from completing accomplishments.

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Of course, the option of paying Market Board pricing can be quite costly.

So, if there’s a specific one you’re after badly enough, you might want to track down its source and have a look for yourself.

You can browse through all of the Orchestrion Rolls and where you can find them.

If you follow that link, you’ll notice that you have a tonne of options.

If you wish to relax to the sound of rain or crickets when you get home, you can purchase rain or crickets on an Orchestrion Roll.

Where Can I Play Orchestrion Rolls?

Obviously, your hotel room is the best bet.

When you check into a hotel, you’ll have access to a variety of amenities, such as a fancy dresser, an armoire, and other alternate wardrobe selections.

But you’ll also find an Orchestrion in every room.

By using an Orchestrion Roll, it’ll be added to your list, and you can play it at an Orchestrion as many times as you desire.

You can even establish your very personal Orchestrion in your private quarters or rooms of your estate.

When accessing the Orchestrion, you get a handful of options to manage playback.

You can sample the track, which plays it solely to you.

Or you can play it for the entire room (which will obviously overrule the room’s generic music).

And when you’re weary of listening to your selection, stop it, at which point the room’s generic sounds will restart.

What’s The Deal With Faded Orchestrion Rolls?

You might find a Faded Orchestrion Roll now and then.

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These are useless, and restoring them to working order will take additional effort.

If you want to employ a Faded Orchestrion Roll, you’ll need to either find a particularly helpful Alchemist or raise that character’s level.

The Roll can be repaired and put back into service with a fresh sheet and some ink (which can be made by the Alchemist or acquired from the Market Board).

Orchestrion Rolls, it should be noted, can also be offered in large quantities on the Market Board.

There are a few rare cases, but you may still trade these in for some quick gil if you aren’t interested in amassing a collection, just like you can with minions.