FFXIV: How to Make Custom Deliveries?

Producing and amassing goods can look like a lot of labor at first.

However, the citizens of Eorzea may have hope with the advent of Custom Delivers.

As promised, later this month, Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest big patch update will arrive to carry on significant plot threads introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

With Heavensward’s price drop, players may have been putting off trying out the various combat jobs and improving their equipment.

It’s possible that some players are focusing on leveling up non-combat jobs to get some extra gil.

The quest for Mor Dhona at level 60 To reach Geimlona in Idyllshire, follow the instructions in Go West, Craftsman.

Clients interested in Custom Deliveries will be introduced to her.

Inscrutable Tastes at Ishgard’s Foundation X: 10, Y: 10.5 grants the Collectable action, which can be used to make or gather goods.

Mechanics Of Custom Deliveries In Final Fantasy XIV

Custom Deliveries

At present, a maximum of 6 Custom Deliveries per person each week and 12 overall are allowed.

One item made by all Disciples of the Hand, one item made by all Miners and Botanists, and one item made just by Fishers will be requested.

When you’ve satisfied them to their fullest extent, the NPC will move on to the next set.

When the client has completed the four static sets, they will receive a new set of requests at random each week, which may include a new fifth-tier item.

Glamouring equipment, but only for non-combat items, is also a feature.

There will be minimum and maximum collectability requirements for each NPC; players can only gift them items if they meet these requirements.

For Disciples of the Hands, the collectability stat is determined by their Control, while for Disciples of the Land, it is determined by their Perception.

Because of this, players should always use their best gear.

For immediate purchase of level 70 tools and armor, scribes can be exchanged at scribes in major cities (Mor Dhona, Idyllshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, and Sanana in the Ruby Sea) for immediate purchase at scribes exchangers.

To purchase level 60 gear, you can convert your Yellow Scrips to Blue Scrip Tokens.

A small amount of gear of a random level can be purchased with Scrips, received as a reward from a quest, or found on the Market Boards of several worlds, but it usually goes for a steep price.

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The deliverable item is class agnostic, allowing players to make it with whichever of their Disciples of the Hand is highest, and then reap the perks with a different class.

When synthesising an item, it is crucial to attaining the required collectability stat by employing actions that would ordinarily improve quality.

The examples can range from the really effective Precise Touch to the potentially disastrous Hasty Touch.

Use Waste Not and Master’s Mend to ensure durability above zero.

Mining and Botany

Collectibles have their own particular dynamics for these gathering classes.

Using Appraisal activities, which can increase Perception by a factor of 50% – 150%, can boost collectability.

It will be more challenging to amass additional goods due to the fact that most of these will lower the Wear stat (albeit not all).

Depending on the relative values of Perception and Wear, this usually equates to a yield of 2-4 items from a given node before it is expended.


In addition to the usual fare of fishable things, collectibles may occasionally show up.

Patience, while not required, increases Perception at the cost of a reduced likelihood of successfully snagging a catch.

To avoid this penalty, use either the Precision Hookset on a little fish that tugs only slightly, or the Powerful Hookset on a larger fish that pulls far harder.

One should seldom ever Mooch, as this will likely lead to a non-deliverable rare fish.

Given the random nature of each haul, it pays to keep a sizable storage capacity on hand for future Custom Delivery items that may drop in the course of fishing for less valuable targets.

Custom Delivery Clients In Final Fantasy XIV

Only a few NPCs actually need the player’s help, and some of them have certain conditions that must be met in order to gain their trust.

Zhloe Aliapoh

Fast transport from Geimlona to Zhole in the Hard Place is guaranteed.

She will hunt out goods that are between levels 57-60.

Crafted things can be manufactured by buying stuff from the Scrap Salvager over at X: 6, Y: 7. Zhloe will request the following items in order as pleasure increases:

  1. Near Eastern Antique, 55-382 collectability
  2. Coerthan Souvenir, 57-425 collectability
  3. Maelstrom Material, 59-470 collectability
  4. Heartfelt Gift, 63-534 collectability
  5. Orphanage Donation (max satisfaction), 68-604 collectability
  6. Dated Radz-at-Han Coin, Dravanian Hinterlands, 240-400
  7. Ice Stalagmite, Coerthas Western Highlands, 240-400 collectability
  8. Duskfall Moss, Churning Mists, 240-440 collectability
  9. Glass Eye, Sea of Clouds, 240-440 collectability
  10. Rainbow Pigment (max satisfaction), Dravanian Forelands, 240-460 collectability
  11. Thavnairian Leaf, Dravanian Hinterlands, 175-330 collectability
  12. Ghost Faerie, Coerthas Western Highlands, 15-29 collectability
  13. Red Sky Coral, Sea of Clouds, 329-620 collectability
  14. Lover’s Clam, Churning Mists, 45-85 collectability
  15. River Shrimp (max satisfaction), Dravanian Forelands, 75-142 collectability
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After finishing the level 70 story quest Return of the Bull and the level 60 side tasks Reach Long and Prosper and None Forgotten, None Forsaken in Rhalgr’s Reach, M’naago, an important supporting character in Stormblood, will begin asking for requisitions.

M’naago is a story-important NPC, yet she refuses to let herself be Glamoured to her full satisfaction.

Find the Material Supplier at X: 9.5, Y: 11.7 to acquire the raw materials needed to make the things she has requested.

The following (with location if obtained) things are attainable between levels 60 and 63 and are necessary for her:

  1. Gyr Abanian Souvenir, 157-471 collectability
  2. Far Eastern Antique, 167-502 collectability
  3. Gold Saucer Consolation Prize, 130-624 collectability
  4. M Tribe Sundries, 130-663 collectability
  5. Resistance Material (max satisfaction), 104-751 collectability
  6. Starcrack Sand, The Fringes, 240-400 collectability
  7. Shishu Koban, Ruby Sea, 240-400 collectability
  8. Cotter Dynasty Relic, The Fringes, 240-440 collectability
  9. Peaks Pigment, The Peaks, 240-440 collectability
  10. Yellow Kudzu Root (max satisfaction), The Peaks, 240-460 collectability
  11. Gyr Abanian Chub, The Fringes, 41-77 collectability
  12. Coral Horse, Ruby Sea, 41-77 collectability
  13. Maiden Heart, Yanxia, 49-92 collectability
  14. Velodyna Salmon, The Fringes, 481-898 collectability
  15. Purple Buckler (max satisfaction), The Peaks, 129-241 collectability


Kurenai is a character chiefly shown in a series of side quests in the Ruby Sea.

One will need to have finished None Forgotten, None Forsaken, along with many missions in the region starting at level 62: The Palace of Lost Souls, Fathoms Below, A Part of Your World, The Elixir of Life, The Two Princesses of Sui-no-Sato, and ultimately The Seaweed is Always Greener.

Crafted objects can be made from resources bought from the Blue Merchant at X: 28, Y: 17. Her items can be manufactured or found at levels 62-64.

  1. Gyr Abanian Remedies, 195-585 collectability
  2. Antishark Harpoon, 195-585 collectability
  3. Cold Weather Gear, 130-670 collectability
  4. Sui-no-Sato Special, 130-710 collectability
  5. Cloud Pearl (max satisfaction), 110-780 collectability
  6. Pinch of Active Ingredients, The Peaks, 240-400 collectability
  7. Harpoon Head, The Fringes, 240-400 collectability
  8. Phial of Thermal Fluid, Coerthas Western Highlands, 240-440 collectability
  9. Shisui Jewel, Ruby Sea, 240-440 collectability
  10. Cloudkin Feather (max satisfaction), Churning Mists, 240-460 collectability
  11. Curefish, Gyr Abania, 123-230 collectability
  12. Lake Sphairai, Gyr Abania, 409-763 collectability
  13. Warmscale Pleco, Coerthas Western Highlands, 303-566 collectability
  14. Shirogane Clam, Ruby Sea, 63-118 collectability
  15. Illuminati Mask (max satisfaction), Churning Mists, 135-252 collectability
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Adkiragh is an Azimian who has settled in Idyllshire while pretending to be a pig.

After completing the level 65 story quest A Season for War, the Azim Steppe side mission Purbol Rain, and the Idyllshire side quest Between a Rock and a Hard Place, his deliveries will become available.

He sells the same kinds of materials as Zhloe, and his stall is located in the same building.

He wants the following from levels 66-68:

  1. Ishgardian Culinary Essentials, 233-700 collectability
  2. Fermented Juice, 233-700 collectability
  3. Decorative Furnishings, 161-821 collectability
  4. Signature Buuz Cookware, 161-773 collectability
  5. Arkhi Brewing Set (max satisfaction), 125-900 collectability
  6. Sparkstone, Ruby Sea, 240-400 collectability
  7. Malleable Still Material, Yanxia, 240-450 collectability
  8. Strong Steppe Spice, Azim Steppe, 240-480 collectability
  9. Hard Place Furnishing Materials, The Lochs, 240-500 collectability
  10. Sturdy Vat Material (max satisfaction), Yanxia/The Fringes, 240-515 collectability
  11. Northern Oyster, Coerthas Western Highlands, 41-77 collectability
  12. Ruby Laver, Ruby Sea, 49-93 collectability
  13. Chakrafish, The Fringes, 135-254 collectability
  14. Wicked Wartfish, Ruby Sea, 299-561 collectability
  15. Othardian Salmon (max satisfaction), Yanxia, 161-301 collectability


Kai-Shirr is a recurrent character connected to Eulmore’s narrative.

He will start requesting deliveries following the level 80 main plot quest Moving Forward after completion of Shadowbringers, followed by two level 70 Eulmore side quests:

The Boutique Always Wins and Oh Beehive Yourself.

He’s working on fixing up the Beehive, Final Fantasy XIV’s replica of the Honey Bee Inn from Final Fantasy VII.

Materials for his items can be bought from Dadden at the Aetheryte Plaza.

Kai-Shirr’s demands will consist of goods from levels 70-73:

  1. Flyer Printing Set, 233-700 collectability
  2. Kholusian Cuisine Set, 233-700 collectability
  3. Honeybee Trappings, 161-773 collectability
  4. Airship Fitting Materials, 161-821 collectability
  5. Beehive Souvenir (max satisfaction), 125-900 collectability
  6. Raven Coral, Khoulusia, 240-400 collectability
  7. Amh Araeng Seasonings, Amh Araeng, 240-450 collectability
  8. Cinquant Stones, Il Mheg, 240-480 collectability
  9. Airship Fitting Components, Amh Araeng, 240-500 collectability
  10. Kholusian Misscellany (max satisfaction), Kholusia, 240-515 collectability
  11. Laxan Inkhorn, Lakeland, 49-93 collectability
  12. White Oil Perch, Kholusia, 59-112 collectability
  13. Faeshire Clam, Il Mheg, 49-93 collectability
  14. Areng Dire, Amh Araeng, 399-741 collectability
  15. Kholusian King Crab (max satisfaction), Kholusia, 199-370

These individuals are now looking for Custom Deliveries.

However, every few months, Square Enix publishes big update patches, and with them come new NPCs with fresh quests for ambitious farmers, fishermen, and smiths.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s expansion packs—A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers—are now available for purchase on PC and PlayStation 4.