Best Places & Ways to Gigantoad Skin Farming in FFXIV

Leatherworkers in Final Fantasy XIV can use Gigantoad Skin to make things. It can be turned into Toad Leather, which is a fairly low-level crafting material that can be used for many different things.

Gigantoad Skin doesn’t have any special requirements to drop, like most materials of this type.

You’ll have a chance to get it if you kill the monster who is wearing it.

It’s used in crafting quite often, usually between levels 30 and 43. So, new crafters who want to finish their synthesis logs or make a quick buck from the Market Board are always looking for it.

From what I’ve seen, Gigantoad Skin is one of the easiest things to farm.

It also gets rid of more of those hideous enemy models from the game world, which is a nice bonus. (They just don’t look right.)

A Leatherworker has to turn Gigantoad Skin into Toad Leather before it can be used in crafting.

This can only be done by a Leatherworker who is at least level 26.

No other class can use Gigantoad Skin for crafting until it has gone through this process.

Which Enemies Drop Gigantoad Skin?

Gigantoad Skins can be found pretty much everywhere in A Realm Reborn. And you can’t miss the enemies they come from because those huge, slimy hulks with their long tongues will pull you toward them as you ride by.

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Gigantoads and Inflated Nixs in Eastern La Noscea (surprise!) drop Gigantoad Skins.

Dreamtoads in the East Shroud also drop them, and Giggling Gigantoads, Hekets, and Laughing Toads in the West drop a lot of them.

Or, finally, Nixs can also be killed in Mor Dhona.

Since this item can drop from a number of enemies, I’ve put a list of those enemies and their map coordinates here.

There are also enemies in dungeons like Aurum Vale and The Keeper of the Lake that drop Gigantoad Skins. But I don’t recommend dungeons for farming because they aren’t good enough, so I haven’t put them in the list below:

Gigantoad, Eastern La Noscea (X:14.9, Y: 28:7)
Inflated Nix, Eastern La Noscea (X:34.9, Y: 31.7)
Dreamtoad, East Shroud (X: 25.5, Y:18.6)
Giggling Gigantoad, Western Thanalan (X:14.6, Y:6.1)
Heket, Western Thanalan (X:15.8, Y: 6.1)
Laughing Toad, Western Thanalan (X:14.5, Y:5.9)
Nix, Mor Dhona (X:15.5, Y: 10.4)

Where’s The Best Place To Farm Gigantoad Skin?

There is one clear winner in this case.

The easiest place to farm a lot of Gigantoad Skin is in Western Thanalan, just north of Vesper Bay.

You can just run around the cave where the Toads are, and they will almost always show up again.

If you can kill enemies with a single shot, you’ll be getting Gigantoad Skins in no time.

If you leave Mor Dhona from the west, you’ll go straight to a farm with a good number of Nixs.

I don’t think this works as well as the Vesper Bay method, but if you get there and someone is already running circles around the cave, this is a good backup.

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As always, your success with these methods depends on other players on the server and your luck. Even if you work hard, you might get a lot less from farming than you thought you would.

I Don’t Want To Farm, Where Else Can I Get Gigantoad Skin?

If you don’t want to collect it yourself, you can only get Gigantoad Skin from the Market Board.

And prices can change in ways that are hard to believe.

If you want those skins, you’ll have to pay for them.

As the last point:

If you’re not a Leatherworker, don’t buy Gigantoad Skins for crafting.

If you’re making anything else, you want to buy the finished product, which in this case is Toad Leather.

Otherwise, it won’t be worth your time or money to buy Gigantoad Skins.