FFXIV: What is a Levekit?

In Final Fantasy XIV, bundles of made or gathered goods are called levekits and can be bought and sold on the market board.

Power leveling the Disciples of the Hand/Land professions enables them to quickly complete the hand-in requirements of Leves, which are a type of repeating quest that offer significant experience bonuses.

With a Levekit, you can save time on Levequests by acquiring all the necessary materials at once rather than searching for them individually.

Since using Levekits speeds up the process of completing Leves, it also expedites the process of leveling up.

The Basics Of Levequests

Experience in making and gathering is gained mostly through the actual practice of those skills.

To accomplish this, one must equip oneself with appropriate tools, venture forth into the world, chop down a few (hundred) trees, and hope to return with a few quality products.

After that, you’d go back to your house, check the market board for the materials you needed, and then create some spears, shields, coats, or even flying beds.

In a nutshell: it’s worth it, but you’ll need a lot of free time.

Furthermore, efficiency is of paramount importance to some players. Leves (and maybe Levekits) play a role in this scenario.

Time spent grinding materials is time that could be put to better use elsewhere. As a result, you may begin to feel like things are moving at a glacial pace.

To spice things up, you can go on crafting and gathering missions all across the world.

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These are the types of missions you can do over and over again to test your ability to collect a large quantity of a single items. Then, once you have amassed a sufficient amount, you can return it to the quest giver, Levemetes, in exchange for a wealth of experience points.

The four subsets of Leves are known as the Grand Company, the Battlecraft, the Fieldcraft, and the Tradecraft.

Group activities at the Battlecraft Leves focus on battle and range in difficulty.

Grand Company Leves are very much like Battlecraft in nature, but they can only be completed solo and their Gil and experience awards are far lower.

Their primary purpose is to provide players with Grand Company Seals, which can be redeemed for various benefits at your Grand Company’s main base.

You should check at Fieldcraft and Tradecraft, the remaining two sorts of Levekits, if you intend to use them for leveling or making money (for gathering and crafting, respectively).

How Does Levekits Speed Up Leveling?

In order to finish Leves the way Yoshi-P planned, you would need to follow the same steps.

To complete a quest, you must first get a Leve from the quest giver and then either create or gather the necessary supplies.

This is especially time-consuming for makers, who must also find all the necessary materials. Time and Gil are going to be invested in this.

However, here’s the catch: the mission isn’t to acquire or create the goods themselves. Give them to the appropriate people.

Thus, you can save a lot of time by simply going to the nearest market board and purchasing the things there, as they are typically sold in quite large quantities.

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Grab some Leves, run to the market board, and buy whatever you need to turn in at once, and you will have quickly achieved a significant number of levels.

As I leveled my Botanist from 1 to 80, I never understood why the Mahogany Logs I gathered consistently fetched a higher price and sold in more quantities than anything I gathered at higher levels.

I didn’t know about Leves or that many people bought stuff and turned them in immediately to get their rewards faster.

Once I realized it, making money off my material-gathering efforts was simpler than before.

Can I Profit From Selling Levekits?

The quick answer is yes, and I’ll explain the fundamentals of how to do that below.

Depending on your goals, you may need to do some independent study to fully maximize and grasp the ins and outs of selling Levekits.

As soon as you have a retainer in place, you may begin making sales.

You’ll need to put in some time to improve your crafting and gathering skills before you can make a significant sum of Gil.

Some professions are naturally well-suited to one another; for example, Carpentry and Botany work together splendidly because the former allows you to forage for most of the materials you’ll need for the latter.

Assuming you haven’t maxed out every skill in your arsenal, you probably won’t be able to handle anything on your own. So, you may choose to consult your social circle or the market board for additional information.

But the payoff for making that first investment might be substantial.

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Find something you’re passionate about and devote yourself to it entirely rather than attempting to master everything.

After you’ve made a name for yourself and started making money there, you might start thinking about expanding.

To maximize your time and effort, you need to do some homework to determine which products will bring in the most money. The goods needed to complete pretty much every Leve in the game have been compiled into one convenient spreadsheet.

Have a look at their requirements to get a sense of what you should be making for them.

Making money isn’t always as simple as knowing what to make or gather.

There are thousands of gamers just like you on every server, looking to speed up the leveling process for financial gain.

Check the market boards to see what products are selling for and in what amounts before you waste time gathering. Your time-allocation judgments should be improved by this.

In this respect, the costs on different servers will vary, thus savvy players will always be on the lookout for opportunities to undercut the competition.

Maintaining that level of proficiency will put you in a good position to amass wealth.