FFXIV: How to Buy a House? (Updated for 6.1)

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about acquiring a home in Final Fantasy XIV.

Find out how to get started, what materials you’ll need, and more with this guide.

The housing in Final Fantasy XIV is tricky.

Yet the pinnacle of MMO opulence is the ability to purchase a home in Eorzea.

The current procedure requires a lot of time and gil, but it will be simplified in Endwalker patch 6.1.

While that’s happening, let me show you the ropes.

You can make a choice.

Eorzean neighborhoods can be categorized into four distinct types.

Each one is stunning in its own way.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Home Hunters International presents Eorzea!

Buying a House in FFXIV

I’ll try to explain this in the simplest terms.

Here are the steps to your dream home.

Need at least level 50, a rank 6 Free Company, and a second lieutenant in your Grand Company (for your personal house) (for a company estate).

  1. Choose the category of Final Fantasy XIV real estate you wish to purchase.
  2. Housing in Final Fantasy XIV can quickly become a major financial drain.
  3. Pick your housing district! Appearances count for a lot.
  4. Identify a property that meets the requirements.
  6. Put your feet up and relax in your brand-new abode.
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The Types of Housing in FFXIV

Buy a House

One of the two primary categories of dwellings can be owned in either of two distinct ways.


Each individual player and each Free Company are limited to owning a single residence each.

A home is the priciest choice.

Smaller homes are less expensive than larger ones, and the opposite is true for larger houses.

Each piece of land has its own sign posted outside, where transactions take place.

While the price of land should theoretically decrease over time, in practice this never happens due to the extreme scarcity of land.

But prices have been known to rise.

To put it simply, yes, they can.

Plots are ranked by class.

If you want a coastal property, get ready to cough up the bucks, honey.

Houses in The Mist that can hardly see the sea are just as good, he lied.

Small plots start at 3,000,000 gil. (Ok…)

Medium plots start at 16,000,000 gil. (Oww…)

Starting at 40,000,000 gil for large plots. (Yikes…)


Each housing district has an apartment building—these are a considerably more plentiful, affordable choice for player housing.

Like with a personal residence, the rank of second lieutenant in your Grand Company is essential.

These units retail for a far more reasonable sum of 500,000 gil.

Apartments are purchased in the foyer of their individual towers.

The Four Housing Districts in FFXIV

Adventurers are not allowed to live in the main cities.

People felt unsafe because of all the raiding, crafting, ERPing, and other such activities.

For this reason, each of the three major city-states, plus Kugane, has a residential sector where the Warriors of Light can live, laugh, and love.

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The construction of a new neighborhood for Ishgarian citizens is underway.

The Goblet

Gem in the rough, so to speak.

This place is like a little piece of heaven in the middle of the desert.

In Ul’dah, players congregate in a district known as The Goblet.

The Mist

Feels like a holiday.

The waters are a beautiful shade of blue.

What is that noise?

If you were a local, you’d already be inside. (LimsaLominsa)

Lavender Beds

A Snow White lookalike?

Indeed, here you are!

Make your home in the woods.

This is a really verdant and lush area.


Another beach, but without the traditional nautical touches of white stone.

Kugane style, in other words.

The newest and most popular hangout spot.

Finding and Buying a Vacant Plot of Land in FFXIV

Bahahaha, Surely you must be joking.

As of the time of this writing, no such handbook exists.

And if you do that, the rivalry will be fierce.

Step five, SUFFER, is relevant now.

If you’re interested in learning more about the housing market on your server, you can talk to the NPCs who stand at the gates of the various residential areas in the capital city of Aetheryte.

In the absence of a Free Company or Player, the name of the owner will not appear on an empty property.

If you are reading this before Patch 6.1 was released, abandoned homes can be purchased once a random timer of up to 24 hours has expired, and the plot can be acquired immediately.

Therefore, spam-clicking the sign in front of the property while saying a prayer is your only option.

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This is terrible, man.

There will be a lottery for empty homes, so if you’re reading this in the future and 6.1 has already been released, good luck.

New purchasers will be selected at random.

In what way could this not have been considered beforehand?

Spending Time in Your New FFXIV Home

Wow, that’s fantastic.

Good for you, either for surviving the pre-6.1 wasteland or for getting lucky in the drawing.

Your land is now ready to be developed into a home at the agreed-upon price.

Yes, I’m aware that the home is not part of the sale.

Extremely odd.

Houses start at a price of 450,000 gil and go up to 3,000,000 gil for the largest options.