What is a Grand Company in FFXIV Explained?

In Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), a Grand Company is a military organization within the game’s lore that players can join.

Grand Companies play a significant role in the game’s storyline and provide various benefits and activities for players.

The Calamities that happen in Eorzea are taken care of by Grand Companies. Grand Companies try to find ways to stop Calamities from happening, but they also make plans for how to handle the aftermath of these terrible events.

In Eorzea, there are three Grand Companies that do business:

  • The Flames That Never Go Out (Ul’dah)
  • Limsa Lominsa (The Maelstrom)
  • The Twin Adder Order (Gridania)

When you hit level 20, the main scenario quest “The Company You Keep” will require you to join one of these Grand Companies.

No matter which city you started in, you can choose any Grand Company, and your choice won’t change the overall story of the game much.

Key Points About Grand Companies in FFXIV

  1. Purpose: Grand Companies serve as the central military forces for the three city-states of Eorzea: the Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, the Immortal Flames of Ul’dah, and the Order of the Twin Adder of Gridania. Each Grand Company represents and protects its respective city-state.
  2. Joining a Grand Company: Players can join a Grand Company after reaching a certain point in the main story quests. They are given a choice to align themselves with one of the three available Grand Companies. Once chosen, players become a member of that Grand Company and gain access to its resources and facilities.
  3. Ranks and Promotions: Grand Companies have a ranking system that players progress through by completing various tasks and participating in activities. By earning company seals, a currency unique to each Grand Company, players can purchase equipment, consumables, and other items. As players rise in rank, they gain access to new privileges, quests, and rewards.
  4. Company Levequests: Grand Companies offer Company Levequests, which are special missions that players can undertake to earn experience points, company seals, and other rewards. These levequests often involve combat, gathering, or crafting activities.
  5. Frontline Battles: Grand Companies are also involved in large-scale PvP battles known as Frontline. These battles pit players from different Grand Companies against each other in a three-way conflict for territorial control and rewards.
  6. Grand Company Storylines: Each Grand Company has its own unique storyline that players can experience by completing their respective quests. These storylines provide additional lore and insight into the politics and conflicts of Eorzea.
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Joining a Grand Company in FFXIV is not only a significant part of the game’s narrative but also provides players with opportunities for progression, rewards, and engaging in PvP content.

Grand Company Benefits

Each city-state in Eorzea has its own Grand Company, but the only real difference between them is where their offices are and what colors their gear is.

No matter which Grand Company you join, you’ll be able to use the same benefits.

Company Seals

What is a Grand Company in FFXIV Explained?

Once you join a Grand Company, you can start earning Company Seals through the Grand Company Hunting Log, certain FATEs, Grand Company Levels, Grand Company tasks, and some Duty Roulettes.

A few tasks will also give you Company Seals as a reward.

Depending on which Grand Company you belong to, you can earn different kinds of seals.

  • Flame Seals will be given to Immortal Flames.
  • Storm Seals will be given to the Maelstrom.
  • Serpent Seals will be given to people in the Order of the Twin Adder.

You can buy gear and things from the Quartermaster NPC in the headquarters of each Grand Company with these seals.

Supply and Provisioning Missions

When you talk to the Personnel Officer of your Grand Company, you’ll be given the opportunity to go on supply and provisioning missions. If you choose this choice, a window with three tabs will open.

The first two tabs are for tasks to get supplies and food. These are daily requests for certain things that will give you experience points when you turn them in.

The only clear difference between the two is this:

  • Crafter jobs have to do with supply tasks.
  • Gatherers are the ones who do provisioning tasks.
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There will be one desired item for each job you have unlocked as a crafter or gatherer. No matter if you can give the requested item or not, these tasks will start over every day at 8AM PST.

Note: You will get more experience points if you send in high-quality copies of the things that were asked for.

Expert Delivery is the third tab for the Supply and Provisioning choice. Here is where you can give away some of the tools you don’t need in exchange for Company Seals.


With this tool, you can add NPCs to a squadron that you can send on missions. Sending out your unit is a lot like sending out a retainer on a mission.

You’ll need to reach the rank of Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company before you can use this function.

After that, talk to your Personnel Officer to accept the “Squadron and Commander” level 47 quest.

You can send your squadron members on Command Missions when they hit a certain rank. Like the Trust system, these tasks let you go into dungeons with 3 members of your squadron.

How To Switch Grand Companies

How To Switch Grand Companies

When you reach the rank of Second Lieutenant in your current Grand Company, you can choose to switch to either of the other two groups.

To do this, go to the main office of the Grand Company you want to join and talk to their Personnel Officer.

You can find each Personnel Officer at the following places:

Grand CompanyLocation
MaelstromLimsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13.1, Y:12.7)
Immortal FlamesUl’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.3, Y:9.0)
Order of the Twin AdderNew Gridania (X:9.8, Y:11.0)

After switching to a new Grand Company, you won’t be able to switch again for 15 days. The first time you move, it won’t cost you anything, but each time after that will cost you 50,000 gil.

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Your progress in the old Grand Company will carry over to the new one, but your ranks will not. This means that you can reach the top rank in all three Grand Companies.

Also, any people you brought into your group will move with you to the new Grand Company.


Can I change my Grand Company after joining one?

No, once you have chosen and joined a Grand Company in FFXIV, you cannot switch to another. Your allegiance to the chosen Grand Company is permanent for that character. However, you can create additional characters and join different Grand Companies with them.

What are the benefits of joining a Grand Company?

Joining a Grand Company provides various benefits, including access to unique quests, rewards, and items. You can earn company seals to purchase equipment, consumables, and other useful items. Additionally, participating in Grand Company activities can contribute to your character’s progression and story development.

Are Grand Companies purely for role-playing purposes, or do they offer gameplay content?

Grand Companies in FFXIV are not solely for role-playing purposes. They provide gameplay content, such as Company Levequests, which are special missions that offer experience points, company seals, and other rewards. Grand Companies also participate in PvP battles called Frontline, providing opportunities for competitive gameplay.

Can I interact with members of other Grand Companies?

Interactions between members of different Grand Companies are limited within the game. PvP battles, such as Frontline, allow players from different Grand Companies to engage in combat against each other. However, in most other instances, players are restricted to interacting with members of their own Grand Company.

Does the choice of Grand Company affect the game’s main story?

The choice of Grand Company does not significantly impact the main storyline of FFXIV. While there may be some variations in quests and dialogue based on your chosen Grand Company, the overarching main story remains largely unaffected. The main story focuses on the overarching conflict and challenges faced by the entire realm of Eorzea, rather than individual Grand Company affiliations.

Remember that Grand Companies in FFXIV provide a mix of role-playing elements, character progression, and gameplay content.

While they offer unique features and benefits, they do not heavily dictate the game’s main narrative or restrict interactions with players from other Grand Companies.