How To Get The Bomb Palanquin Mount In FFXIV?

For 120,000 Gil, you can buy the Bomb Palanquin Mount from a Kobold Vendor.

Once you reach Rank 4 (Trust) with the Kobold Beast Tribe, you will be able to sell it.

Reputation Ranks with Beast Tribes are earned by doing daily quests over and over.

In A Realm Reborn, all Beast Tribes can get as high as Rank 4.

Their last rank, “Allied,” is earned by completing a series of quests.

About 23 days will pass before you reach Rank 4.

This is based on the idea that you are doing the three quests with the highest rewards that day.

You can get there faster, though, if you use more Daily Allowances.

How badly do you want your bomb?

Palanquin is the only thing that matters.

Becoming Friends, Compatriots, Allies With The Kobolds

The Bomb Palanquin Mount In FFXIV

You’ll need to do a few things first to get started on your way to your Palanquin.

In particular, you must have finished the main story quest “In Pursuit of the Past.”

Once that is done, go to Trachraet (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:13) and ask him to take “Highway Robbery.”

He seems to want you to help him find shipments that have gone missing.

To finish the Quest, do these things:

  1. Speak with Skaetswys (Western La Noscea – Swiftperch, X:34 Y:31)
  2. Search Swiftperch for clues
  3. Deliver the “Crooked Pickaxe” to Skaetswys
  4. Speak with Bloedin (Outer La Noscea – Camp Overlook, X:18 Y:17)
  5. Speak with Skaetswys once more (Outer La Noscea – 789th Order Dig, X:21 Y:18)

This will end the Quest and let you get “How Low Can You Go” from 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu.

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When you do that, the Kobold Beast Tribe Dailies will become available.

Kobold And The Beautiful Rewards

The Kobolds sell a lot of different things, in addition to your Bomb Palanquin Mount.

Daily, you’ll receive one Titan Cobaltpiece per Quest you complete, plus Experience.

But this Titan Cobaltpiece can be traded in a different place than the normal Gil shop.

Here’s a full list of everything you can get:

Dyes (various)Recognized, Friendly1 Titan Cobaltpiece
VentureNeutral1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Glamour DispellerTrusted1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Unidentifiable OreTrusted3 Titan Cobaltpiece
Automaton DiggerTrusted1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Kobold FurnaceTrusted1 Titan Cobaltpiece

Here is what you can buy with Gil:

Dyes (various)Recognized, Friendly216 – 334 Gil
Glamour DispellerTrusted500 Gil
Wind-up KoboldTrusted25,000 Gil
Bomb Palanquin HornTrusted120,000 Gil
Automaton DiggerTrusted26,136 Gil
Kobold FurnaceTrusted21,780 Gil
Wind-up KobolderAllied25,000 Gil

To get your mount, you’ll need the Bomb Palanquin Horn.

But look at some of the other items too, since you’ll be grinding anyway.

You might find something else you like.