What Are Levequests in FFXIV?

Levequests are quests that can be completed multiple times for different rewards. They can be picked up from Levemetes (quest givers) all around Eorzea, but you must spend Leve Allowances to acquire them.

Good old Levequests. The last tin of food in the pantry on a hungry evening. You know, the coins you find in the couch cushions when you’re desperate for cash.

These trustworthy (and perhaps mind-numbing) quests may be found at Levemetes all across the world, for any discipline you wish to play.

It’s not thrilling stuff.

In reality, Levequests are more often than not the ultimate basic MMO duty.

Go here, kill ten of these bears, get five of these flowers.

If you’re already rolling your eyes at the mere thought of that, I don’t blame you.

There are already plenty of such in Final Fantasy XIV without adding more. When you take away the narrative context, though, they lose much of their appeal.

Nonetheless, there is a purpose behind these quests.

There are instances where you’ll have to run out of MSQ to complete and have to level up before you can do more.

You’ll be seeking something to do in the potentially long period between Duty Roulette waits.

Or you just need a little push to reach the next level of your crafting work.

It’s not exciting, but it has potential applications.

There are a few distinct variants of Levequest for different fields.

And to acquire a Levequest, you must spend a Leve Allowance.

Every twelve hours in real-time, you’ll be given three more Leve Allowances, up to a maximum of 100.

What Are Battlecraft Leves?

Classes and professions in Battlecraft Leves tend to revolve around fighting.

You’ll be expected to murder targets, accompany NPCs, or snoop around specific areas for these missions.

The game makes an effort to ensure that these tasks remain interesting, but they quickly become routine.

When you get one of these, it will be recorded in your diary among your other mission progress.

There is a green circle on the map marking the location of the Leve; travel there and utilize the quest journal to begin the objective.

You won’t be able to recruit any help from your friends and family for these endeavors.

After starting a Battlecraft Leve, you’ll be given the option to change the level of challenge.

It will recommend a challenge level to you based on your current skill level, but you are free to adjust it to something easier (or harder) if you like.

There is an obvious rise in possible gain as one advances in level.

What Are Tradecraft Leves?

Classes like Blacksmith, Weaver, and Carpenter use Tradecraft Leves.

Think of these as delivery demands.

You will have a delivery errand for a work-related craft item. There is no strict time limit, but providing a high-quality product will earn you a bonus equal to double the experience gained.

As a brief suggestion, it’s absolutely viable to just buy the corresponding item from the Market Board if you want to power past some Tradecraft Leves.

In higher quantities, the cost might add up. But if you have a lot of Gil and you want to level up quickly, check this out!

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Tradecraft Leves will reward you with experience for your crafter.

What Are Fieldcraft Leves?

Gathering professions, such as Botany and Mining, need the use of Fieldcraft Leves.

Like Battlecraft Leves, you’ll have a set amount of time to arrive at a destination and accomplish a set goal.

There’s no extra stress because the clock doesn’t start ticking until you get there and start the Leve.

You’ll have a limited amount of time to collect a predetermined quantity of goods, and your performance will be rewarded according to how quickly you do it.

If I’m not mistaken, you can’t just buy everything off the Market Board as you do with Tradecraft, but getting your hands on some of those goods isn’t as hard as it might sound.

Fishermen, on the other hand, can purchase Leve gathering targets from the Market Board.

When you go fishing, the game won’t tell you exactly where to go to get the fish you need, thus it operates a little differently than other minigames. You’ll need to do some independent research to find that out.

When Should I Do Leves?

When combined with other methods, like Duty Roulette, Leves helps combat classes advance in their career paths.

In addition to the learning experience, you will also receive Gil and Company Seals for your efforts.

When you’re at your current level, it’s most effective to first finish any remaining MSQ.

Leves can be of somewhat more general assistance to those engaged in crafting and gathering, who may have prolonged intervals during which their leveling process seems to stall.

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You don’t have to waste time waiting around for the rest of the gang to be ready because you can go after Leves while you’re in line for other activities.

Moreover, participating in Leves is optional.

They are not required, and some gamers may never even find a purpose for them.