18 Best Mounts in FFXIV & How To Get Them?

There are now millions of fans of Final Fantasy XIV.

Many players have made Eorzea their primary residence, thus leading two lives.

One reason is that you have complete freedom of action.

Have you ever wished you could save the world as the Warrior of Light?

Just do it.

Are you looking to relax and spend some time fishing?

You can do that, too, right?

Or, perhaps you’re interested in amassing a stable of spectacular steeds to flaunt before your comrades.

Actually, there are a lot of items to collect in Final Fantasy XIV.

There is an abundance of fantastic mounts to choose from in this game, but we’ll focus on a few of the top options for this article.

I suppose I should qualify that as the better ones.

Let’s go then, Kupo.

18. Kamuy of the Nine-Tails (Trials)

Unlocking every Trial mount an expansion has to offer is a typical way to get your hands on a rare mount.

The Kamuy of the Nine-Tails is an example of one such item.

Despite Stormblood’s reputation as Final Fantasy XIV‘s least strong addition, it does provide some fantastic horses.

This mount has a great motif and resembles the Kyubi from Japanese mythology.

To obtain the mount, you must first collect seven others, all of which are rewards from Extreme versions of Stormblood bosses.

Kamuy Mounts

  1. Blissful Kamuy: Emanation (Extreme)
  2. Reveling Kamuy: The Pool of Tribute (Extreme)
  3. Legendary Kamuy: The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain
  4. Auspicious Kamuy: The Jade Stoa (Extreme)
  5. Lunar Kamuy: The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain
  6. Euphonious Kamuy: Hell’s Kier (Extreme)
  7. Hallowed Kamuy: The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme)

These horses can also appear in other contexts, like as the Itinerant Moogle event.

Once in a while, he will sell Kamuy mounts to players who bring him the required number of tomestones.

Travel to Rhalgar’s Reach and speak with Eschina once you have collected all of the mounts.

17. Sabotender Emperador (Gold Saucer)

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Sabotender Emperador mount is another that is, in all honesty, not hard to obtain, given enough time and patience.

What gives?

For the low, low price of 2 million MGP (Gold Saucer currency), you can get it unlocked.

Players that hold off until the “Make It Rain” event, when all MGP is doubled, will have an easier time of things.

Joy and light from the Gold Saucer can be brought to any part of the world by the enormous Sabotender/Cactuar.

The author is currently grinding for the ability to ride this particular mount.

16. Forgiven Reticence (Hunts)

The Sin Eaters, in particular, were a highlight of the fantastic monster designs found in Shadowbringers.

If a player devotes enough time to completing daily/weekly hunts, the white, statuesque beasts would make fantastic mounts.

If you put in the time and effort, this mount is trivially simple to obtain.

You’ll need 3,200 nuts, which may be earned by killing monsters in various Final Fantasy XIV hunts.

It’s a magnificent steed, a crowned lion with wings, and it can be seen from a mile away.

15. Gilded Mikoshi

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can earn the standard Mikoshi mount by completing daily tasks associated with the Namazu Beast Tribe.

It’s simple, but it’s also fundamental.

Though having Namazu tote the Warriors of Light around is helpful, wouldn’t it be great if there was a fancier option?

Rowena’s House of Splendors is the place to go if a player has 50 million gil to spare; Edelina can be found there.

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If you’re looking for something truly luxurious, you can only buy one thing: The Gilded Mikoshi.

Is it too much to the point of being ridiculous?

That should go without saying.

However, this only strengthens the case for acquiring it.

It is the embodiment of opulence in every way.

14. Indigo Whale

Mounts in FFXIV

This is one of only a handful of Mog Station mounts I intend to include, but it’s so good that it demands attention on its own.

He’s a big guy, that’s for sure!

There was a time when he was the strongest mount in the game, and I believe that he still holds that title.

This whale is so big, it will astound your pals as you sail through Eorzea.

However, there are true behemoths in Eorzea, and this one isn’t one of them.

Even so, this whale is quite remarkable.

Or, if you’re feeling very obnoxious, you can always leave your shiny new whale parked directly in front of a market board or a player’s mailbox.

Some homeowners even tried to keep burglars out of their homes by using him as a human barrier.

This Indigo Whale may be purchased from the cashier at Mog Station for the low price of $29.99.

Just the size makes it worthwhile.

13. Marid

Marion is an elephant.

Those are the final words.

Only an elephant, nothing more.

Riding elephants, on the other hand, is a standard element of many fantasy stories.

Do you recall Sam’s reaction when he first saw elephants in The Lord of the Rings?

Think of how awesome you’d look perched atop this bad guy.

If you still need more convincing, consider this.

To put it another way: Marid has wings!

In Final Fantasy XIV, all mounts have the ability to glide.

However, not every mount is an elephant.

Flying around Eorzea on your own flying elephant will make you feel like a genuine boss.

Besides being adorable, he has a lot of other positive qualities.

A small bit of effort is needed to obtain Marid.

In order to buy him for 18 Ananta Dreamstaff if you’ve reached rank 7 with the Ananta Beast Tribe, you’ll need to reach a certain level first.

12. Midgardsormr

In Final Fantasy XIV, Midgardsormr is more than just a mount; he plays a significant role in the plot.

In fact, he appears to you as a baby dragon who flits in and out of view at will.

Later, in Heavensward, he takes on a more adolescent appearance?

Certainly not in his full-grown state, which is enormous!

Midgardsormr is also one of the game’s more visually appealing dragons.

Everyone in Midgardsormr City was riding their new dragon mounts when Heavensward initially came out.

To paraphrase a famous movie: “I want a dragon.”

The main plot quest will grant you access to Midgardsormr, making him one of the most accessible mounts on our list.

You’ll get him for free at the completion of the Heavensward story quests.


11. Nightmare

As a black unicorn, Nightmare is already quite awesome.

On the other hand, this isn’t any old black unicorn.

This particular black unicorn has sentimental value because of its association with the past.

The Nightmare has been a nemesis in every Final Fantasy game since the very first.

I played the games out of order, and it was thrilling to see him again after having obtained him in XIV.

Nightmare is now more common than ever.

Any veteran of Final Fantasy XIV will attest to the agony of the hunt.

There was a terrible chance of getting Nightmare as a drop, and you had to fight some tough battles to do so.

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A nightmare can be obtained as a drop from a Garuda, an Ifrit, or a ferocious Titan.

That’s the Navel, the Bowl of Embers, and the Howling Eye, all of which are Extreme.

10. Starlight Bear

What is it that I enjoy so much about Final Fantasy XIV’s mounts?

Basically, they’re up for anything at all.

It’s impossible to predict which mount will become accessible next.

We’ve been on the backs of elephants and dragons, and now we’re on the back of a bear, thanks to the Starlight Bear.

However, this teddy bear is unlike any other because he is decked out in a Santa Claus costume.

Not including the beard, of course.

Imagine a bear, but with a beard instead of fur.

That’s insane to even consider.

The tininess of the hat on this bear’s head is my favourite feature of him.

Even though he is adorable, I would not want to cross paths with him.

This mount can be obtained in two different ways.

You can pick him up for $12 from the Mog Station if you go back to 2017 and take part in the Starlight Celebration event.

9. Demi-Ozma

Many of the top horses in Final Fantasy XIV have some sort of historical significance.

Similarly, this one doesn’t offer any exceptions.

Ozma is the hidden boss of Final Fantasy IX.

He was a nightmare in Final Fantasy XII, and he was no better there.

The Weeping City of Mhach, a 24-man attack, including an appearance by Ozma.

Although Ozma was no joke, the subsequent raid bosses were not good.

When the raid was first made available, it was so challenging that it earned the nickname “The Weeping City.”

Many times while waiting in line for it, I was moved to tears.

Demi-Ozma may be obtained by completing the mission to destroy the Baldesion Arsenal in Eureka, which is part of the “We’re On Your Side I” accomplishment.

8. Archon Throne

What an interesting mount, I can just hear the tune for it now.

Do you want to be treated like a king or queen!?

You can do it from your BRAND-NEW Archon Throne!

I always find that to be funny.

You can acquire your very own throne and even ride it, so it’s not too far off!

I have to say that the throne reminds me more of a chair.

To be honest, though, I’ll make an exception.

Having your very own throne is still very impressive, especially given how few people really have one.

The Archon Throne can be obtained with the purchase of 750,000 MGP from the Manderville Gold Saucer.

7. Battle Panther

Some of the coolest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can be obtained in a manner similar to that of the standard mount.

However, I limited myself to a single “combat” mount and chose the one I found most appealing.

The Fighting Panther is far superior to any of the Warriors of Light’s other battle horses.

In other words, the Combat Panther is a fierce feline that is eager to do battle.

This may seem like a given, but you will lose a lot of blood fighting through hordes of adventurers to obtain this mount.

Then he’ll stick by your side through thick and thin and fight beside you.

In addition, the Battle Panther seems very futuristic, with his armoured appearance.

Additionally noticeable is his use of the colour red, throughout his ensemble.

To obtain the Battle Panther, a Dark Knight must finish 300 instances of dungeons, extreme trials, 50/60 roulette, or levelling roulette.

6. Cloud Mallow

My personal favorite is the Cloud Mallow because it looks like the most comfortable horse here.

It’s a large, fluffy white ball.

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The enormous balls you ride on are a unique variety that thrives in the Churning Mists.

They’ve been engineered to be more robust so that intrepid explorers can mount them.

The moment gamers laid eyes on them, they longed to hop on one.

Additionally, they spread the word, and the designers gave us all bonuses as a result.

No longer are Moogles the only creatures who can ride atop one of these enormous pillows.

How to get it: After attaining Rank 7 with the Moogles, you can buy it for 200,000 Gil.

5. Demonic Lanner

The Demonic Lanner is a scary bird with flashes of crimson among its otherwise black feathers.

The legends of Final Fantasy XIV warn that this bird is dangerous.

It has been theorized that God Zurvan would dispatch this bird to forewarn foes of their impending doom.


When you consider that crows don’t have Zurvan on their side, watching them is even more upsetting than it already is.

You might receive the Demonic Lanner by luck after you defeat Zurvan in the Z1T1 Containment Bay (Extreme).

Unless you can beat him 99 times, you won’t have enough totems to trade for the Demonic Lanner Whistle.

4. Dhalmel

The Dhalmel is reminiscent of the camels found in Eorzea.

Its lacklustre appearance belies a fascinating backstory, however.

They say that a Dhalmel’s will to live awoke dormant flying ability after it fell while consuming a tree.

At least, that’s what the entry in the journal implies.

Every time I read that, I burst out laughing.

The Dhalmel is just one of many prizes that can be won in the Kupo of Fortune.

3. Pteranodon

The Pteranodon, the Pterodactyl of Eorzea, is an awesome creature.

Scaring your pals into doing your bidding is a certain way to get what you want.

Riding on extinct creatures is also on my bucket list, so I might be biassed towards this one.

It’s obvious that this wild animal was domesticated after being fed by humans.

Maybe if someone fed me, I’d be willing to drive them about.

How to get: You’ll have to finish the “Castle In The Sky” accomplishment to get the Pteranodon.

Obtaining a total of 500,000 points as a disciple of hand and land is required.

2. Lunar Kamuy

It’s common knowledge that dogs are man’s best companion.

Dogs is what Final Fantasy XIV players name them even though they aren’t canines in the traditional sense.

Since the trials in the Stormblood expansion frequently dropped dogs as mounts, dog farming became popular.

The battle from which one can get the Lunar Kamuy is heartbreaking as well.

To be more accurate, let’s call it emotionally catastrophic.

Legend has it that the Lunar Kamuy was born when a lone wolf was sprinkled with the aether of a newly reborn goddess.

The Lunar Kamuy can be acquired in two ways: either as a drop from The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain or by collecting enough totems from the ensuing battle to purchase it.

1. Ramuh

Does mounting a deity confer the same royal status as sitting on a throne?

When you first get on your shiny new Ramuh mount, that’s the question you have to ask yourself.

The moral implications of enslaving a God are self-evidently insane, but at least you’ll have a cool costume.

This is Ramuh on horseback, and happily, his beard has survived the transformation.

In fact, some players have even speculated that the real Ramuh secreted his horse steed somewhere in his beard.

In the same way that normal Ramuh conceals a mount in his beard, what does mount Ramuh have up his sleeve?

Get it by beating Eden’s Verse, which is no easy task. Volcanic Eruption (Savage)