What Happened To The Warriors of Light in FFXIV?

Final Fantasy has used the name Warrior of Light since the first game. Now, it’s a term for our characters in Eorzea, as it was for the player-controlled group when it was first coined.

NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV will frequently refer to the Warriors of Light as you progress through the game.

As your character’s adventure represents a turning moment in the world’s recovery from the devastation that nearly wiped it out, you’ll come to be renowned as one yourself.

What happened to them once they left the country?

It’s not clear what prompted these great heroes to disappear without a trace in the first place.

In a strict sense, they didn’t.

Eorzea is still home to many of the original Warriors of Light.

“Meteor-survivors” are merely regular players. These are the events that led to A Realm Reborn, the game we’re all playing today after the apocalypse of XIV’s previous edition was wiped out by A Realm Reborn.

What Makes The Warrior Of Light Special?

Hydaelyn, the planet on which Eorzea is located and a luminous entity, directs the Warrior of Light.

Echo, a power that enables the Warrior of Light to resonate with other people’s spirits, is what sets them apart from everyone else.

McGuffin: It’s basically what the plot needs it to be in order to progress.

When no one else can help, it offers the player character the strength to persevere and keeps them from being tempered (mind dominated by Eorzea’s Primal powers). It does all of these things.

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In addition to the plot consequences, the Echo has some gameplay implications as well.

Depending on the situation, it can appear as a status effect, increasing the player’s health, damage, and healing capacity (and the group’s if applicable).

Instanced quest battles can also benefit from this feature. A 50% or 100% Echo bonus is given to those who fail and retry on an easier difficulty level.

Warriors of Light in FFXIV

Older studies can benefit from using the Echo as well.

A five-stacking Echo bonus can be applied if the party is wiped.

Party members can complete the content more quickly if they keep failing, allowing them to progress through the previous stuff more quickly as a group.

Why Did The Original Warriors Of Light Disappear?

Final Fantasy XIV‘s promise was not fully realized in the original version.

Naoki Yoshida (commonly known as Yoshi-P) finally took over and turned the game into the monumental phenomenon it is today.

Of course, a hard reboot of a story-heavy product like Final Fantasy would not be viable or satisfactory without displeasing a large number of fans.

Some players were still enjoying it in spite of its flaws.

Some players had put in the time and effort to learn about the world and everything it has to offer.

A major event had to occur in order for Eorzea to become “A Realm Reborn.”

Louisoix Leveilleur’s brave deeds rescued the planet from total destruction.

Louisoix used a spell to send a group of people into the future for five years, which is why the survivors of the original global calamity are still alive today.

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Warrior of Light survived the disaster and reappears in the current day.

Newcomers to the game who started after 2.0 were released will have the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

I’ve heard that some NPCs in the 1.0 iteration of the game may occasionally recognize players as who they are, but I’ve only started playing this game seriously a couple of years ago, so I can’t verify that.

So There Are Multiple Warriors Of Light?

Yes, but in reality, no.

You are the only Warrior of Light in the real world.

Echo, which gives you immunity to Primal’s mind-controlling effects, is yours.

The universe rests on your shoulders since Hydaelyn chose you to be her chosen one.

There are so many others? A bunch of people you’ve coerced, bribed, or enticed into working for you

All they’re doing is hanging out with the genuine chosen one, who happens to be a bunch of ordinary bards, warriors, and paladins.

You’re just a random adventurer to those players, but they see you as the Warrior of Light.

Don’t get too worked up over it; it doesn’t make any sense.

In addition, it’s merely an excuse to go out and fight.

Perhaps we’re all Warriors of Light, but our individual characters are referred to as Warrior of the Light.

Though the story doesn’t really touch on the topic, I guess it simply kind of hopes that we’re all satisfied with the idea that we’re the chosen one and glosses over it as quickly as possible.”