FFXIV: How to Unlock Hunts?

The Realm Reborn period introduces Hunts, a freeform method of monster elimination.

In some ways, it’s similar to Final Fantasy XI’s Notorious Monster system.

There is a Hunt board with daily and weekly challenges in each zone.

You can augment your leveling gil, experience, and equipment gains by going on hunts.

The hunt bills for lower star ranks function similarly to the hunting records in A Realm Reborn.

If you’re curious about how to unlock Hunts in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll want to keep reading.

The Hunts

Gaining access to the Hunt boards in each expansion is a minor inconvenience that is well worth the payoff.

Look up Hunt Train events on the Party Finder.

These are large parties of adventurers who travel across an expansion in pursuit of Hunt Marks of varying rarities, including the weekly marks and those with a higher difficulty setting.

You can quickly amass experience, gil, seals, and sacks from the rewards.

Hunts in A Realm Reborn

Unlock Hunts

This Hunt board will encompass the three beginning city-states, their surrounding lands, and MorDhona.

To begin, you will need a Disciple of War or Magic at level 50 or greater.

Where you unlock this portion of hunts will depend on your Grand Company.

Depending on your pick, proceed to the relevant headquarters.

Maelstrom members should seek out Trachraet, Twin Adders should discover Scarlet, and Immortal Flames Mercenaries should find Mimio Mio.

Each NPC will be marked with a blue checkmark mission indicator near the Grand Company area.

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The quest is named “Let the Hunt Begin.”

This Hunt zone rewards Allied Seals, which can be used to purchase stuff from the Billmaster near the board.

Heavensward Hunts

At level 53, you’ll gain access to the first of the Hunts for the Heavensward zones, but you’ll need to be level 60 to do everything there is to do.

The quests and their respective level requirements are listed below.

  1. Level: 53 Have a chat with Aytienne in 12F 11Y Foundation.
  2. The Clan Hunt Must Begin is a Quest.
  3. Find Eustacia at the Foundation 12X, 11Y level.
  4. This quest’s name sums it up: “Better Bill Hunting.”
  5. Level: 59 Please find Yloise in Idyllshire 6X, 7Y. The Strive for “A” Grades
  6. Level: 60 Ardolain’s final mission is located in the 13X, 12Y Foundation. Aim: “Elite and Dangerous”

Centurio Seals, obtained through hunting in the 3.0 zones, can be exchanged for Ardolain.

Unlocking Stormblood Hunts

As with Heavensward, access to the Hunts of version 4.0 will be granted in phases, starting at level 61.

Additionally, before beginning the Stormblood hunts, you must finish “Elite and Dangerous” from Heavensward.

Estrild may be found in Kugane 10X and 10Y, and he is the source for the next four tasks.

At the ages of 61, 63, 66, and 70, she will present you with additional objectives.

There are additional opportunities to earn Centurio Seals in this Hunts area.

The Estrild and Ardolain are now acceptable in exchange for them.

Shadowbringers Hunts, Clan Nutsy

To begin the Hunts in the Shadowbringers zones, you must first accomplish all of the aforementioned unlocks.

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Beginning at level 70, you can obtain access to the first group of hunts by completing the quest “Nuts to You” from the Hume Lout in the Crystarium (12X, 15Y).

Halldor gives out the following three quests between levels 73 and 80.

You can also find him at 9X, 9Y in the Crystarium.

All of these quests will have a blue checkmark quest marker on your map.

If you have finished all the prerequisite quests and still don’t see the quest, check your level.

The days of the Centurio Seals have passed.

Nut Sacks are the prizes for these hunts. (I mean, it’s true.)

You can exchange them for useful items from Xylle at the Crystarium 9X, 9Y, or from the NPC Ilfroy in Eulmore 11X, 11Y.

Unlocking Guildship Hunts in Endwalker

Hunts in the current expansion begin with “The Hunt for Specimens,” a level 80 quest available from the Diminutive Gleaner in Old Sharlayan at 11X, 12Y.

If you want to participate in Guildship Hunts, make sure you’ve finished all of the other Hunt tasks first.

You can accept the final three hunt missions in Final Fantasy XIV from Northota in Old Sharlayan 12X, 13Y at levels 83, 89, and 90.

Sacks of Nuts are awarded for these hunts as well, much like with Shadowbringers.

You can buy state-of-the-art Hunt rewards from either J’lakshai in Old Sharlayna (12X, 13Y) or Wilmetta in Radz-at-Han (10X, 7Y).