FFXIV: How To Dye Your Gear?

We offered you fashion advice for your chocobo, tips for your rides, and a fantasia guide (FFXIV plastic surgery); now it’s time for more typical fashion guidance.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to dye your gear in FFXIV and where some popular hues come from.

The success or failure of an outfit often hinges on the choice of the color palette.

Glamour is the ultimate goal of Eorzea, a world where style is paramount.

Let us once again remember Thierry Mugler.

Your bird is the appropriate hue, what about those clothes?

Color Your World, The Gear Dye Quest

If you are looking for a guide like this, Color Your World is probably the way to go.

Swyrgeim at Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan 12X, 14Y is where you can take up this task.

This flamboyant Roegaedyn would be satisfied with nothing more than orange juice.

This glass of orange juice will do you good.

Jus d’Orange is French for “orange juice”.

The Merchant and Mender within sight of Swyrgeim conveniently sell them at the low price of 7 gil, as if planned by some higher power.

Wow, that’s a good price.

She’ll give you three colors in return: a light pink, a white, and a blue as cold as ice.

Select your gear, and then choose the ‘Dye’ option to add a dye from your stockpile.

How To Acquire Dyes?

 Dye Your Gear

Our gil guide taught us that in the capitalist world, success is never enough.

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Basic dyes, which may be purchased from an NPC vendor or made in a pinch, are overpriced on the market board.

Try looking for a dealer in one of the big Eorzean city-states before buying the dye from another player.

When Alaric visited Old Gridania, he saw a 9Y and a 14X.

Located at the 14X, 11Y Steps of Thal, Nanabe is a popular attraction in the city of Ul’dah.

Lower Limsa Decks (6X, 12Y) Unsynrael.

It’s the same option at all three stores.

A Terebinth (the dye remover).

Ashes, Glooms, Slates, and Blacks: The Greys

There are many different shades of red, including rose, rolanberry, rust, blood, and salmon.

Here are some examples of browns: Mesa, Bark, Chocolate, Russet, Opo-opo, Orchard, Chestnut, and Mole

Bone, Desert, Cream, and Halatali are the four pale yellows in the spectrum.

Greens include Sludge, Moss, Olive, and Nophica

Ink, Midnight, Ice, Sky, and Ceruleum Blues.

The Mood Indictors for Purples are Gloom and Grape

Do not go out and purchase any of the above dyes that were listed above.

This is an earnest plea.

Also, various quests are required to obtain dyes from each beast tribe.

Several colours of dyes for Skybuilder’s Scrips are now available from Enie in the Ishgardian Firmament.

Rare and Expensive Dyes

Some more exotic dyes can be purchased on the market board, but the others will require weeks or months of patience to obtain.

We call these “general-purpose” colors.

When compared to other dyes, they are noticeably brighter and more saturated.

Those that do have a metallic sheen are stunning.

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But getting one is a complete matter of chance.

They can appear in your Retainer Ventures, Firmament Fete Presents, or Southern Front Lockboxes at any time.

There is an element of luck involved with each of the three.

Some of the general-purpose dyes can cost more than 400,000 gil, so collecting them on your own is a good method to save money while still getting the colors you want.

You can use real money to buy dyes that are as colorful as or more vibrant than the all-purpose colors if you want to.

Visit the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store to see what’s available.

Their price is $7.50 for ten or $1 apiece. (In USD.)

Dyeable Gear

Unfortunately, not all equipment can be dyed.

A small circle in the upper left corner of the equipment symbol indicates whether or not it may receive the dye.

Once the dye is applied, this circle will become that color.

Almost all items in Final Fantasy XIV can be dyed or upgraded to be dyeable.

Each situation is unique.

Serving Looks, Stunting Pretty

It’s time to show off your newfound fashion sense in the streets of Ul’dah or the Limsa Aetheryte Plaza now that you know how to dye your gear in FFXIV.

Make color narratives that mesh, motivate, and catch the eye.

Dye all your clothes a bright color if you want to be noticed for all the wrong reasons.

You will serve as a shining example of immorality and poor taste.

What you say could become widely popular.