What is Skill Speed in FFXIV?

The cast and recast times of your abilities can be modified by adjusting a variable called “Skill Speed” in Final Fantasy XIV.

It interacts with your character’s base value (which rises as they gain experience) and the equipment they are wearing to determine how quickly you may utilize successive weapon skills.

This is sometimes abbreviated as SkS.

A player’s global cooldown (the amount of time between consecutive skill uses) can be decreased by stacking Skill Speed.

Although 2.5 seconds might not seem like much time, it might feel like an eternity in the heat of combat.

In particular when contrasted to other massively multiplayer online games, which tend to emphasise a more rapid and active style of combat.

By design, XIV has a more leisurely pace.

Players who are familiar with their rotation will benefit, while those who aren’t will suffer.

Pressing buttons blindly and hoping for the best won’t get you far in high-level content.

With a higher Skill Speed, you can combine the usage of certain abilities more quickly.

This is very important for some classes to keep their DPS up.

For most characters, Skill Speed is utterly irrelevant, and it will likely be ranked low on your list of stat priorities.

Do I Need To Focus On Skill Speed?

The majority of melee DPS and tank roles will benefit from increasing their Skill Speed so that their rotations are more fluid and they take less damage while doing so.

Having an abundance of Piety, which is what affects mana regen, is not ideal for healers, thus it’s better to have Skill Speed instead.

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Ranged DPS don’t significantly benefit from Skill Speed.

You can also offer your Skill Speed a short buff with specific types of food.

To help you meet the minimum requirements for your job until you can get better equipment or merge the necessary stats, this item can be a temporary fix.

As a general rule of thumb for everybody, Skill Speed is not something you need to consider about at all until you’ve hit level 80 (and when you’re trying to proceed in challenging content).

Always go for the highest item level over secondary stats, and worry about stuff like Skill Speed later.

For some classes, having an abundance of Skill Speed might be a serious disadvantage.

For example, a Gunbreaker’s damage output will suffer if the cooldowns on their abilities reset too rapidly, as this will disrupt the natural rhythm of the Gunbreaker’s rotation.

How Do I Increase My Skill Speed?

Skill Speed can be increased by wearing equipment or by fusing Materia that grants the bonus.

Consuming particular foods can provide a temporary boost, as indicated above.

Food is made by Culinarians and sold on Market Boards if you go that route.