FFXIV: How To Get The Cloud Mallow Mount?

The Cloud Mallow Mount can be bought for 200,000 Gil from the Moogle Beast Tribe.

Mogmul Mogbelly (The Churning Mists – Bahrr Lehs, X:14 Y:28) won’t sell you this item until you’re Rank 7 (Sworn).

In Heavensward, the Moogles are a Beast Tribe that Crafts and Gathers, just like the Ixali in ARR.

This means that you’ll need a Crafter at level 50 before you can do any of their many small jobs.

If you don’t like to finish everything, you probably won’t see this Beast Tribe without going on an adventure.

Unlocking The Moogle Beast Tribe

It takes a long time to get to the Moogles, mostly because the sidequests are not well marked.

Blue Icons are usually used to show that a quest can unlock something.

These are not marked, which is a shame.

When you reach level 54 and finish the Main Scenario Quest “Moglin’s Judgement,” you can start the first quest in the series.

Even though you can start it right away, you should wait until you finish “He Who Would Not Be Denied” at 56.

Now that those are out of the way, it’s also a good idea to learn how to fly in The Churning Mists.

If you don’t, you’ll have to walk a lot.

Mogleo will give you “A Pebble for Your Thoughts” (The Churning Mists – Sohm Al Summit, X:28 Y:33).

This starts the first of three chains of quests that you need to do to get to the Moogle Beast Tribe.

Cloud Mallow Mount

The First Chain:
– “A Pebble For Your Thoughts” (Mogleo)
– “Spineless Wadjets” (Mogleo)
– “Far From Home” (Mogleo)
– “A Nutty Initiation” (Mogleo)

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After finishing up all of Mogleo’s tasks, you’ll head over to Mogloo (The Churning Mists – Sohm Al Summit, X:30 Y:35) to start your next set.

The Second Chain:
– “Protecting the Pom” (Mogloo)
– “Save the Pomguard” (Mogkul, The Churning Mists – Bahrr Lehs, X:15 Y:28)
– “An Urgent Message” (Mogkul)
– “An Uneasy Feeling” (Mogga, The Churning Mists – The Four Arms, X:8 Y:26)
– “A Moogle’s Intuition” (Mogok, The Churning Mists – Zenith, X:8 Y:26)
– “Trouble at Zenith” (Mogkul)

The final series of Quests has you heading to Ishgard.

The NPC you’re looking for is the Unflinching Temple Knight (Foundation – The Pillars, X:11 Y:11) right outside Fortemps Manor.

The Third Chain:
– “Into The Mists” (Unflinching Temple Knight)
– “Bitter Is the Night” (Maenne, The Churning Mists – Monsterie, X:22 Y:15)
– “Cleaning House” (Maenne)
– “Finders Keepers” (Northeastern Scouting Party Dragoon, The Churning Mists – Ohl Tahn – Easton Eyes, X:28 Y:12)
– “These Things Take Time” (Maenne)
– “An Unwelcome Surprise” (Southern Scouting Party Dragoon, The Churning Mists – Ohl Tahn – Sothton Walls, X:7 Y:18)
– “A Meter Too Far” (Northern Scouting Party Dragoon, The Churning Mists – Ohl Tahn – Weston Waters, X:11 Y:8)
– “Thar Be Dragons” (Maenne)
– “Laying the First Brick” (Maenne)

With all of those Quests out of the way, find the Seething Stonemason (The Churning Mists – Ohl Tahn, X:26 Y:33) and accept “Tricks and Stones”.

Congratulations, you’re now prepared to begin your grind.

The Many Mogly Benefits

Cloud Mallow Mount

After all that hard work, you might be wondering what keeps you going besides a Cloud Mallow.

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The good news is that these Quests give your Crafters a lot of daily Experience and other rewards.

If you do Daily Quests every day, it will take you about 40 days to reach Rank 7 (Sworn).

As your reputation goes up, the Moogles will sell all of the following in their two shops.

Purchased with Carved Kupo Nuts:

Glass Fiber (Material)Neutral (Rank 1)3 Carved Kupo Nuts
Unidentifiable Bone (Relic)Neutral (Rank 1)18 Carved Kupo Nuts
Unidentifiable Shell (Relic)Neutral (Rank 1)18 Carved Kupo Nuts
Unidentifiable Ore (Relic)Neutral (Rank 1)18 Carved Kupo Nuts
Adept’s Hat (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)6 Carved Kupo Nuts
Adept’s Gown (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)9 Carved Kupo Nuts
Adept’s Gloves (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts
Adept’s Hose (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts
Adept’s Thighboots (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts
Trailblazer’s Scarf (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)6 Carved Kupo Nuts
Trailblazer’s Vest (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)9 Carved Kupo Nuts
Trailblazer’s Wrist (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts
Trailblazer’s Slops (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts
Trailblazer’s Shoes (Gear)Neutral (Rank 1)4 Carved Kupo Nuts

Purchased with Gil:

Cloud Mica (Material)Neutral (Rank 1)843g
Hardsilver Sand (Material)Neutral (Rank 1)807g
Camphorwood Branch (Material)Neutral (Rank 1)2,243g
Dandelion (Material)Neutral (Rank 1)703g
Markworth Mogsofa (Furnishing)Recognized (Rank 2)10,252g
Dragon Floor Lamp (Furnishing)Recognized (Rank 2)6,408g
Aurum Regis Sand (Material)Honored (Rank 6)879g
Dravanian Mistletoe (Material)Honored (Rank 6)1,893g
Gloaming Coral (Material)Honored (Rank 6)1,378g
Meandering Mog Slippers (Gear)Honored (Rank 6)100,000g
Cloud Mallow Seeds (Mount)Sworn (Rank 7)200,000g
Wind-up Dragonet (Minion)Sworn (Rank 7)30,000g
Wind-up Ohl Deeh (Minion)Allied (Rank 8)30,000g

To become allies with the Moogles, you need to have the highest reputation with all of the Heavensward Beast Tribes.

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Your Cloud Mallow doesn’t need that, though.