FFXIV: How to Get Kupo Nuts & What They’re Used For?

Throughout the mobile expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Kupo Nuts serve as the in-game cash.

You can use them to do things like make purchases from the Market board or sell objects when you’re away from the game itself.

The downloadable companion app provides access to in-game features such as character data, communication with other app users, and item management (personal, retainer, and armory chest).

Use a helpful Moogle that acts as your personal shopper and dealer. But you’ll have to pay for his time with a Kupo Nut; he doesn’t do this for free.

How Do I Get Kupo Nuts?

Kupo Nuts

Not very many options exist, that’s for sure.

You can get one each day when you go into the companion app, and it’s the only way to get one.

If you save the Kupo Nut from the previous day, you can perform two acts in a single day.

This may seem limiting and unnecessary because, well, it is.

For the best companion app experience, they expect you to pay up.

The software itself supports microtransactions in the form of Moogle Coins, as well as a free and premium tier.

Moogle Coins are similar to Kupo Nuts in both appearance and functionality, however, they must be purchased with actual cash.

Some players, especially those who invest significant time in crafting and gathering, find it quite helpful to be able to manage their inventory and trades from their mobile devices.

Therefore, the companion app is a fantastic resource for those who enjoy such pursuits in Eorzea.

However, those gamers will find the free version’s daily limit of just two actions to be quite restrictive.

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What’s The Point In Going Premium?

If you use the companion app frequently, it may be worth the $5 per month to upgrade to the premium subscription, which unlocks a wide variety of features.

Two Kupo Nuts per day instead of one, and ten total at any given time.

In addition, you get an additional saddlebag for your Chocobo, increasing the total capacity of your mount to an unprecedented 140 slots.

Plus, you’ll be able to transfer goods between your two retainers in-game at no extra cost.

To what extent you feel Final Fantasy XIV’s price tag is justified is directly proportional to the enjoyment you derive from the game.

Going premium on the companion app provides you with more options for the exciting game of “buy low, sell high.”

It’s also worth noting that heavy app users will likely need to spend extra money on Moogle Coins to augment their Kupo Nuts.

The rest of you, well, it comes down to taste.

The benefits are beneficial.

Inventory space in XIV doesn’t need to be expanded until absolutely necessary; for the most part, the stockpiles that come with the game are sufficient for the ordinary player.

Also, the app’s conversation and character-watching functions are always welcome, regardless of whether you go for the free or subscription edition.