What is an Off-Tank in FFXIV?

In Final Fantasy XIV, an off-tank is a secondary tank that is used in areas that need eight people. The off-tank’s jobs include things like getting adds and switching tankbusters.

Most of the time, they are most useful when you need two tanks, but you could also think of them as “second in command” tanks in other situations.

And sometimes all they have to do is stand there. So, all you slackers who are reading this, don’t worry, it’s OK to be lazy sometimes.

In all honesty, a lot of an off-tank’s tasks won’t be that important unless you’re in a tougher fight.

Most of the time, off-tanks are needed in EX Trials and 8-person raids.

In lower-level material like dungeons, there will only be one tank, so you won’t even be able to choose one.

Also, 24-person groups have only one tank most of the time.

The older raids have two, but they don’t matter anymore because players are so much stronger than they used to be.

I can think of three main things an off-tank needs to do:

Switching, taking on extra jobs, and killing people.

Let’s look at each of them quickly.


As soon as you start to take on harder fights, you’ll find that most of them can’t be won without the help of a brave tank friend.

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Tankbusters are usually used by the bosses in FFXIV that are the hardest to beat. This attack is designed for tanks.

They’re terrible, and usually everyone else in the party who gets caught in one dies. Immediately.

Sometimes, these Tankbusters will also come with some kind of negative effect. This is where your friend outside the tank comes in!

When the Tankbuster hits the main tank, it’s time for the off-tank to shine.

The off-tank will anger the boss, which will pull him away from the main tank and make the off-tank the main tank.

Most of the time, the Tankbuster won’t go off again until the effect on the tank that got hit has worn off, so you’ll have to switch tasks between both tanks as often as you need to.

Add Duty

What is an Off-Tank

Bosses often make more enemies appear in the middle of a fight, which the player has to deal with.

Adds are the name for these new enemies.

Because they have ADD and can’t pay attention during the fight.

Get it?

Yeah you do.

So, you might ask, what does the off-tank do with them?

Well, he grabs them and leads them away, which keeps his friends safe.

Quite a few bosses have an add step. So, since the boss will be busy, either tank can deal with them.

If adds appear while the boss is still active, it will be up to the off-tank to bring their attention to them.

They will have to keep doing this until they either kill them with DPS or lead them to a device that can kill them.

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This could be as easy as carrying them away to blow up, or it could be as hard as the off-tank having to stay alive while the rest of the party deals with the boss.

Kill Time

You’re right!

The third reason for an off-tank is to let you fight as much as you want.

If you don’t have to deal with the boss or adds right now, kick some butt!

Yeah, this is mostly about “not off-tank” duty… but it’s still a very big deal!

If an off-tank does his job well, he can take on the role of a fifth DPS.

This is great because it can make fights shorter. For some, this is the hardest thing to do.

Most of the time, tank players focus on…well, tanking. Not really their fault.

They decided to do that.

Expert off-tanks, on the other hand, know how to do the most damage when the time is right.

Most of the time, they’ll have to switch between a tanking stance and another one.


What’s the difference between a main tank and an off-tank?

The main tank is the primary tank responsible for holding the attention of the primary enemy target, while the off-tank supports by handling additional enemies or providing backup tanking. The main tank’s focus is on maintaining threat and mitigating damage from the main target, whereas the off-tank assists in managing secondary targets and supporting the main tank.

How do off-tanks generate threat on secondary targets?

Off-tanks generate threat by using their abilities and attacks on the secondary targets. Each tank job has skills specifically designed to establish and maintain aggro, such as enmity-generating combos, tank stance abilities, and targeted enmity-generating skills. These actions help ensure that enemies focus on the off-tank rather than attacking other party members.

Should the off-tank always focus on add mechanics?

While off-tanks often handle add mechanics, their focus may vary depending on the encounter. In some fights, there may not be any adds, or the main tank may handle them instead. Communication and coordination between the tanks and the rest of the party is essential to determine the off-tank’s specific responsibilities in each encounter.

How can off-tanks support the party beyond tanking?

Off-tanks can support the party in various ways. They can use abilities that provide party-wide buffs or debuff enemies to increase the overall damage output. Additionally, some off-tanks have utility skills that provide party healing or crowd control effects. Using these abilities effectively can enhance the party’s performance and contribute to the success of the encounter.

Remember that tanking strategies can vary based on encounter design and player preferences, so it’s essential to adapt and communicate with your fellow tanks and party members to ensure a coordinated and successful run.