How To Unlock Moogle Daily Quests in FFXIV?

“Tricks and Stones,” a level 50 side quest, lets you start the Moogle tribal quests.

When you finish a long chain of side quests that starts in The Churning Mists, you can start this quest.

To start this chain of quests, you must first finish the “Moglin’s Judgment” Main Scenario Quest at level 54.

After you finish the level 56 Main Scenario Quest “He Who Would Not Be Denied,” you can do a set of level 56 side quests.

You can do the moogle quests every day to improve your reputation with the people of Moghome, just like you can do other tribal quests in FFXIV.

These quests are for classes that are Disciples of the Hand.

Unlocking Instructions

  1. Do the “Moglin’s Judgment” Main Scenario Quest at level 54.
  2. Start a series of level 54 side quests from Mogleo in the Churning Mists (X:29.7, Y:35.3), starting with “A Pebble for Your Thoughts.”
  3. Do “A Nutty Initiation” from Mogleo to finish the chain of quests.
  4. Talk to Mogloo in the Churning Mists (X:30.1, Y:36.3) to start “Protecting the Pom,” the first of a series of level 55 side quests.
  5. “Trouble at the Zenith” from Mogkul in the Churning Mists will end this chain of quests (X:8.3, Y:27.2)
  6. Finish the “He Who Would Not Be Denied” Main Scenario Quest at level 56.
  7. Talk to the Unflinching Temple Knight in the Pillars (X:11.5, Y:11.0) in Ishgard to start a series of side quests for level 56, starting with “Into the Mists.”
  8. Start this set of quests by getting “Laying the First Brick” from Maenne in the Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2).
  9. Then, get “Tricks and Stones” from the Seething Stonemason in the Churning Mists (X:27.0, Y:34.0)
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Detailed Walkthrough

Tribal daily quests are usually unlocked by doing a series of side quests, but the list of things you need to do first for moogle quests is longer than usual.

You need to do three sets of side quests that start in the Churning Mists to get to the quest that unlocks moogle daily.

Step 1: Level 54 Side Quests

Before you can start these quests, you need to finish the “Moglin’s Judgment” level 54 Main Scenario Quest.

As soon as this is done, Mogleo in the Churning Mists will give you a quest called “A Pebble for Your Thoughts” (X:29.7, Y:35.3).

When you accept “A Pebble for Your Thoughts,” the first set of side quests you need to do to get the moogle daily quests will start.

In this chain of quests, you will help Mogleo reach his goal of becoming a Pomguard and protecting his home.

Here is a list of Mogleo’s quests that help him reach his goal of becoming a Pomguard:

Quest TitleStart NPCLocation
A Pebble for Your ThoughtsMogleoThe Churning Mists (X:29.7, Y:35.3)
Spineless WadjetsMogleoThe Churning Mists (X:21.0, Y:25.0)
Far from HomeMogleoThe Churning Mists (X:10.0, Y:29.2)
A Nutty InitiationMogleoThe Churning Mists (X:31.6, Y:24.7)

Step 2: Level 55 Side Quests

After Mogleo joins the Pomguard, you can start the next chain of quests by talking to Mogloo at the Churning Mists (X:30.0, Y:36.0) about the quest “Protecting the Pom.”

In this part of the story, you will help Mogloo and the Pomguard defend Zenith from Nidhogg’s army.

In this set of quests, you have to do the following:

Quest TitleStart NPCLocation
Protecting the PomMoglooThe Churning Mists (X:30.0 Y:36.0)
Save the PomguardMogkulThe Churning Mists (X:20.4, Y:26.2)
An Urgent MessageMogkulThe Churning Mists (X:8.6, Y:27.9)
A Moogle’s IntuitionMogokThe Churning Mists (X:7.6, Y:28.9)
An Uneasy FeelingMoggaThe Churning Mists (X:9.3, Y:25.9)
Trouble at ZenithMogkulThe Churning Mists (X:8.6, Y:27.9)

Step 3: Level 56 Side Quests

Before you can move on to the next set of quests, you need to finish the “He Who Would Not Be Denied” level 56 Main Scenario Quest.

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After this is done, go to Ishgard and talk to the Unflinching Temple Knight in the Pillars (X:11.5, Y:11.0) to accept the “Into the Mists” quest.

In this chain of quests, you will help the Temple Knights on a mission to find out more about what is going on in the Churning Mists.

Maenne, who is a Dragon of the Temple Knights, will be in charge of the mission.

The following quests make up this chain:

Quest TitleStart NPCLocation
Into the MistsUnflinching Temple KnightThe Pillars (X:11.5, Y:11.0)
Bitter Is the NightMaenneThe Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2)
Cleaning HouseMaenneThe Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2)
Finders KeepersNortheastern Scouting Party DragoonThe Churning Mists (X:29.1, Y:12.9)
These Things Take TimeMaenneThe Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2)
An Unwelcome SurpriseSouthern Scouting Party DragoonThe Churning Mists (X:7.4, Y:19.2)
A Meter Too FarNorthern Scouting Party DragoonThe Churning Mists (X:11.4, Y:9.0)
Thar Be DragonsMaenneThe Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2)
Laying the First BrickMaenneThe Churning Mists (X:22.8, Y:16.2)

Step 4: Tricks and Stones

You can get “Tricks and Stones” from the Seething Stonemason in the Churning Mists after you finish the quest “Laying the First Brick” (X:27.2, Y:34.5).

“Tricks and Stones” can be started by a Disciple of the Hand who is at least level 50, and it is the last quest you need to do to unlock the moogle daily quests.

When you talk to the stonemason, you’ll find out that the Temple Knights sent him to Moghome to help teach the moogles how to work with stone.

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But because the moogles only give him boring and pointless jobs, he wants you to tell Mogkul that he is leaving.

In the Churning Mists, you can find Mogkul (X:29.5, Y:35.1).

Mogkul will ask you to go with him to Ser Handeloup in the Foundation when he hears the bad news (X:13.7, Y:11.1).

As Mogkul apologises for the way his fellow moogles behaved, an old man comes out and calls himself Lord Tarresson.

Tarresson will say that the stonemasons who were sent to Moghome before were all his apprentices and that, since his honour is at stake, he will help the moogles rebuild Zenith himself.

But he needs your help because he is old.

You are told to meet the old man at the Jeweled Crozier after you agree to help him.

You can use the aethernet to get there, and Tarreson can be found at (X:6.2, Y:9.4).

Here, you will be asked to make a Fake Kupo Nut as part of a plan to trick the Mogmenders into doing real work to rebuild Zenith.

This is a unique type of item that can only be made and used for this quest.

The parts for the Fake Kupo Nut will come from Tarresson.

If you fail or lose your items for any reason, you can get more by talking to Tarresson again.

Once you’ve made a fake Kupo nut, you can meet up with Tarresson again in the Churning Mists.

He can be found in the Churning Mists in a place called Bahrr Lehs (X:15.2, Y:28.7).

When you got to where Tarresson was in Bahrr Lehs, you went with him to look for Mogzin, the leader of the Mogmenders.

You can find Master Mogzin in Zenith next to the aetheryte at (X:10.1, Y:29.0).

After you talk to Mogzin, go back to where Tarresson was standing in Bahrr Lehs in the Churning Mists (X:15.2, Y:28.7).

Talk to the old stonemason again to watch a cutscene.

Talk to Mogzin when the cutscene is over to finish the quest.

You can now start your Moogle Daily Quests.

Moogle Daily Quest Rewards

Unlock Moogle Daily Quests

Like other tribal quests in FFXIV, the Moogle quests give you access to a unique NPC who will trade your goods for either gil or carved kupo nuts.

When you do daily tasks with the moogles, you get kupo nuts as payment.

This vendor’s name is Mogmul Mogbelly, and you can find him at (X:15.9, Y:28.5) in the Churning Mists.

As your reputation with the moogles gets better, Mogmul’s stock will grow.

Mogmul Mogbelly sells many different things, such as materials for crafting, tools, and even minions.

This includes the Adept set of gear for crafters and the minion Ohl Deeh.