FFXIV: How Do You Get The Odder Otter Minion?

The Odder Otter Minion is often acquired via Retainer Ventures’ rewards system.

You can safely switch out your Retainers knowing that any Gathering Job can bring it back.

You can also get the Odder Otter Minion as a reward from the following:

  1. Silver-haloed Sack
  2. Gold-haloed Sack
  3. Material Container 4.0

The Accursed Hoards in Heaven-on-High are the source of the Silver and Gold-haloed Sacks.

They contain a tonne of various goods, but the Minion is in there.

Material Container 4.0 is available from your Grand Company for 20,000 Seals.

There’s room for the Odder Otter and the Abroader Otter, as well as any other Minion from the Stormblood expansion.

These approaches are indirect, but they can be easily avoided by just sending out Retainers.

All of the potentially rewarding Ventures for the Odder Otter take up to 18 hours to complete.

In other words, your Retainers will go out and locate your Minion while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

They all do have minimum Level requirements, starting at 60.

Unless you’ve been completely ignoring them, that shouldn’t be too challenging.

Each of these items is worth 2 Ventures and is one of the following:

Fisher Tasks

Odder Otter Minion
  1. Waterside Exploration XIX (Level 60)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Coerthan Crab, Fanged Clam, Fat Cat Minion, Gestahl Minion, Grade 1 Dissolvent, Lake Urchin, Odder Otter, Pipira Pira
  2. Waterside Exploration XX( Level 61)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Heather Charr, Odder Otter, Sea Pickle
  3. Waterside Exploration XXI (Level 65)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Koromo Octopus, Motley Beakfish, Odder Otter, Sea Lamp, Spiny Lobster, Steppe Bullfrog
  4. Waterside Exploration XXII (Level 70)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Axolotl Eft Minion, Curtain Pieco, Eastern Sea Pickle, Highland Perch, Koromo Octopus, Odder Otter, Sea Lamp, Spiny Lobster
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Miner Tasks

  1. Highland Exploration XIX (Level 60)
    • Abalathian Rock Salt, Adamantite Nugget, Adamantite Ore, Allagan Silver Piece, Aurum Regis Nugget, Chrysolite, Hardsilver Nugget, Odder Otter, Red Quartz, Steel Mainspring
  2. Highland Exploration XX (Level 61)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Koppranickel Ore, Odder Otter, Raw Kyanite, Raw Star Spinel, Raw Triphane
  3. Highland Exploration XXI (Level 65)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Durium Ore, Durium Sand, Molybdenum Ore, Odder Otter, Raw Azurite, Raw Imperial Jade, Raw Rhodonite
  4. Highland Exploration XXII (Level 70)
    • Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal, Allagan Silver Piece, Mameshiba Minion, Odder Otter, Raw Azurite, Raw Imperial Jade, Raw Kyanite, RawStar Spinel, Raw Triphane

Botanist Tasks

  1. Woodland Exploration XIX (Level 60)
    • Abalathian Mistletoe, Allagan Silver Piece, Cloud Banana, Dravanian Mistletoe, Floss Silk, Grade 1 Dexterity Dissolvent, Lupin Seedling, Morel Odder Otter, Porcini
  2. Woodland Exploration XX (Level 61)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Bamboo Shoot, Kudzu Root, Larch Log, Mountain Popoto, Odder Otter, Sugar Beet
  3. Woodland Exploration XXI (Level 65)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Jhammel Ginger, Odder Otter, Othardian Plum, Persimmon Log, Twincoon, Zelkova Log
  4. Woodland Exploration XXII (Level 70)
    • Allagan Silver Piece, Hallowed Basil, Jhammel Ginger, Koala Joey Minion, Larch Log, Lotus Root, Odder Otter, Persimmon Log, Zelkova Log

Take your pick and have some patience.

Eventually you’ll be rewarded with the Odder Otter Minion!

And maybe even some other Minions you’re missing as well.