FFXIV: How Do You Get The Mameshiba Minion?

The Mameshiba Minion is primarily obtained through the Highland Exploration XXII Venture, with which one may be rewarded with the minion.

Only the Land’s Miner Disciple may participate in this Retainer Business.

If you want to go mining, you’ll need to don your spelunking gear and train your miner to at least Level 70.

To get the most out of your retainers, you’ll need to put in some time grinding to reach their maximum Level Cap.

A Gathering Rating of 805 or above is also required to participate in the Highland Exploration XXII Quest.

With the right equipment purchased from Merchants, that’s not hard to achieve.

For a total of two Venture Tokens, which may be purchased from your Grand Company, you’ll have to put in 18 hours for this Venture.

When it comes to Ventures, the Highland Exploration XXII is among the best bets.

It has several benefits, and you can even unlock rare Minion goodies!

Here is the whole catalog of attainable bonuses:

  1. 1,169,200 Experience Points
  2. 7 – 8x Allagan Silver Piece
  3. 5x Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal
  4. Raw Triphane
  5. Raw Imperial Jade
  6. Odder Otter Minion
  7. Koala Joey Minion
  8. Mameshiba Minion

Keep sending that Retainer, that’s really all there is to it. They will come back with your beloved dog eventually.

Other Ways To Get This Minion

There are a couple of alternative routes to getting your hands on a Mameshiba Minion, but they aren’t quite as simple:

  1. Buy a Material Container 4.0 from your Grand Company for twenty thousand Seals. These Crates can include a random Stormblood Expansion Minion or Mount. We offer Mameshiba with the purchase of your desired amount of optimism.
  2. Rewards for completing Skirmishes in the Bozjan Southern Front Zone of Shadowbringers can be found in the zone’s associated Lockbox. Boxes containing various Minion types can be accessed by visiting any Resistance Locksmith.
  3. Lockboxes can also be found in Zadnor, the secondary Zone in Dalmasca. Various types of Minions, such as the Mameshiba and older Primal Weaponry, can be stored within these.
  4. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of possibilities.
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Even while waiting for your Retainer, you could be farming for Lockboxes. My humble recommendation.

Patience is required, but if you keep at it, you can acquire a Mameshiba in no time.