FFXIV: What is Assassinate Ready?

The Ninja job in Final Fantasy XIV gets a buff called “Assassinate Ready” when they use the ability “Dream Within a Dream.” It lets them use the “Assassinate” skill.

Ninja is one of the more complicated jobs in XIV, and it can sometimes feel like the odd one out.

Unlike the other starting classes, you have to go on a quest to get the thing you need to start this class. At higher levels, you need quite a bit of skill to play well.

Keep reading if you already play Ninja and want to know where Assassinate Ready fits into your rotation.

What is Ninja?

Ninja is one of 4 melee dps in FFXIV. It is based on super high burst windows that happen once a minute, with not much in between.

In fact, about 40% of the damage we do happens during this 15-second burst window. Outside of this window, we have a very flexible rotation that is mostly built around getting ready for the next burst window.

Due to our high raid damage buff, we are also one of the jobs that depend on our team the most.

Our burst AoE damage is also one of the best in the game, but we tend to lose ground quickly if the AoE part of our attacks starts to last longer than our cooldowns. We are also the ones who can move around the most.

For a long time, we were always picked for any high-end speed kill or progression set. These days, our speed kill value has gone down a bit, but we are still brought when fights and/or compositions favor us.

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We are still one of the best melee jobs for progression because we have a lot of freedom in how we move and how we rotate. We also have a pretty simple rotation and are easy to optimize.

How to Become A Ninja?

At level 30, the Rogue class turns into a Ninja.

If you’re thinking that you didn’t see the option to become a Rogue when you were making your character, you’re right. It was put in afterward.

If you want to walk this path, you have to go to Limsa Lominsa’s Lower Decks and get the quest from Lonwoerd if you’re at least level 10 in another combat job.

Rogue wasn’t in XIV until patch 2.4 came out, which is why you have to go through a few more steps to get it.

Should You Play As Ninja?

With the release of patch 5.1, Ninja was changed in a big way.

In short, it made the job a little bit easier to do, so it’s not as complicated as it used to be.

It’s a very technical job, and to do it well, you need to know a lot about how the rotation works and when it happens.

The ninja doesn’t shine at all when played by someone with no skill.

Since then, there haven’t been many changes.

But the truth is, XIV is pretty well balanced. So, if this is the role you want to play at the end of the game, you can do it.

This is a Final Fantasy game, so keep that in mind. So, it’s clear that these Ninjas are more fantastical than what the first Rogue storyline might suggest.

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You’ll use magic just as much as you’ll use sneaking around and lying.

To be a good Ninja, you might need to practice more, but that’s not a big deal.

It’s very satisfying when you get it right.

Everything is worth it if it means you can live out your Naruto: Shippuden dreams.

Is Assassinate/Assassinate Ready Important?

Assassinate Ready

Yes, you’ll use Dream Within a Dream (which gives you the Assassinate Ready buff) and use the next buff to do Assassinate as part of your normal rotation.

Both Dream Within a Dream and Assassinate are oGCD skills, which means they don’t share a cooldown with most of your other abilities.

You can “weave” or use these skills in between your normal rotation.

At level 18, you will learn “Trick Attack.”

Trick Attack is a very important part of your rotation, though at first, it might not be clear why.

It does an attack with 350 power, or 500 power if it is done to the back of the enemy. It also puts a debuff on the target that makes them take 5% more damage for 15 seconds.

A big chunk of your DPS will come from this fifteen-second window.

The goal is to use as many of your powerful attacks as you can with this Trick Attack debuff.

Even though things have changed, Ninja is still a hard job to learn. And you will definitely not get the most out of it if you don’t read up on it first.