FFXIV: What Are The Ascians?

All of Final Fantasy XIV‘s problems may be traced back to the Ascians, who are merely the puppet masters.

These shadowy figures in black robes are responsible for sowing the seeds of disorder throughout Eorzea.

“Why did (insert unpleasant thing here) happen in Final Fantasy XIV?”

The typical response is “Ascians.”

Some unexpected detours could be in store.

We may have to “go around the houses” for a while, but the Ascians are the ones we’ll be dealing with in the end.

The Ascians are responsible for teaching the Beast Tribes how to call forth Primals, the game’s primary antagonists.

People we know are being possessed left and right by Ascians who are plotting to bring total darkness upon the globe.

To put it bluntly, they’re a pain in the rear.

Where Did The Ascians Come From?

To put it simply, the Ascians are the last of a long-extinct race that existed before modern civilization.

The Sundering occurred when the world was shattered into thirteen parallel universes after a conflict between Hydaelyn and Zodiark.

Three Ascians were the only ones to make it through The Sundering.

In Shadowbringers, we learn a lot about Emet-Selch, a general ruffian, and we also meet Lahabrea and Elidibus.

Unlike in some MMOs, where new villains appear every week, all of these characters have backstories that have been developing throughout the game.

The Ascians mended the broken spirits of their fallen comrades and reassembled their army. Yet their numbers are still low.

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After we’re done with them, they’re even skinnier; killing an Ascian the right way isn’t easy, but we do it occasionally.

The Ascians, like the other immortals, have played a significant role in Eorzean history for an extremely long time.

To engage with the physical world, they can take over the bodies of the living.

This power has been put to use manipulating the populace of Eorzea and beyond for as long as they have been around.

What Do Ascians Look Like?


Except for one, all Ascians dress in the same gloomy black robes and masks, giving them a somewhat cultish air.

This is consistent with the Ancients’ uniform appearance in Shadowbringers, which places an emphasis on the group rather than the individual.

Square has a slight preference for this fashion trend.

Organization XIII is another organisation of gloomy and mysterious villains in the Kingdom Hearts games who like to dress in long, black robes.

Due to their ability to assume the identities of others, Ascians can assume the identities of both the living and the dead.

This is how many of their malicious plans have been realised.

They can also appear in other forms, such as skeletons reminiscent of the grim reaper or the awe-inspiring Ascian Prime.

What Is An Ascian Prime?

In order to create a Prime, two Ascians must fuse together.

At the Aetherochemical Research Facility in Heavensward, where Lahabrea and Igeyorhm have banded together to prevent the Warrior of Light from thwarting their goals, we face one of them.

They’re visually appealing, but they never become a widespread issue that we can’t deal with.

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Simply said, it’s a neat allusion to the Ascians’ ethereal essence.

Their frail human bodies are merely vehicles for their true purpose.

Some Ascians can simply abandon their mortal bodies after they are killed and then come back in a new one.

Since this is the case, eliminating them permanently is difficult.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, however, are nothing if not resourceful, and they figure out that aether-absorbing materials can permanently wipe out Ascians.

To avoid boring you, I won’t go into too much depth about that right now.

However, the feeling of success is unparalleled.

Why Do The Ascians Want To Destroy Everything?

The Ascians believe that “Rejoining” the parallel realms generated by The Sundering is the only way to restore their old civilisation to its former glory.

The Rejoining procedure eradicates all life from the affected dimensions.

So, they aren’t out to wipe off humanity totally; rather, they wish to restore the Earth to its condition prior to The Sundering.

Even while this is bad news for the myriad species that have established themselves on the disparate pieces of reality, they don’t seem to mind.

The Ascians look down on all other kinds of existence.

To be used like tools or slaughtered like cattle is an insult to human intelligence.

To achieve their goals, the Ascians don’t care how many innocent lives they have to sacrifice or how charismatic or morally nuanced they come seem.

There is no denying the Ascians have not achieved their goals.

By the end of the Shadowbringers expansion, it appears that we have halted their progress.

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However, they can still be found.

They are still looking for a means to bring about disasters and further their evil plans.