FFXIV Endwalker: Where to find your Aether Compass?

After the arrival of Endwalker, many players have found it difficult to locate their FFXIV Aether Compass.

This may be the case, but don’t worry about it because there are plenty of new things to do in this latest addition.

Even if you’re just getting started in Eorzea, the older expansions offer a wealth of new content to discover.

Many Endwalker players may not have realized that their Aether Compass has mysteriously vanished from their inventory when they first log in, anxious to check out the new Sage(opens in new tab) and Reaper(opens in new tab) jobs, or even just to begin their trip to level 90.

Please don’t worry about losing it

. Here’s where to look for your Aether Compass in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker if you’re stuck.

FFXIV Aether Compass: Where to find it?

Aether Compass

Since the Endwalker update has been released, you will see that the Aether Compass has been relocated from the ‘Key Items’ section of your inventory to the ‘Collection’ section of the Duty menu.

In addition, if you have previously possessed the object but for some reason disposed it, it will immediately show up in the Collection menu when you access it again.

The ability to detect Aether Currents and allow flight in different zones requires the use of the Aether Compass, which was introduced with the Heavensward expansion.

It was an important item that could be placed on your hotbar to make it more accessible in times of need.

It is possible that the icon for the item, which was previously displayed on your hotbar, has been replaced by a question mark.

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This component can be eliminated, and it will be succeeded by the updated version.