FFXIV: How To Get The Magic Bucket Minion?

Fishing is how you get the Magic Bucket Minion. It can only be caught at “South Banepool” (Coerthas Western Highlands – Twinpools, X:21 Y:11), which is a fishing spot for level 53.

The Minion can only be caught when the Fisher Action “Snagging” is in effect. Most of the time, you should use “Brute Leech,” which you can buy at any Collectible Vendor with Gatherer’s White Scrips.

There is another way to get that bait if you don’t want to grind for Scrips. You can easily buy a “Versatile Lure” from Limsa Lominsa. It costs only 300 Gil to buy from the Merchant & Mender (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, X:3 Y:13).

With this Lure, added in Patch 5.2, you can catch most of the fish in the Waters of Eorzea. Or at least the lower-level ones from previous expansions, like the Magic Bucket Minion.

Be ready to clean off your fishing rod and be patient.

And not the skill “Patience” from Fisher, but just plain old patience.

Fishing For The Magic Bucket

Final Fantasy XIV: The South Banepool in Coerthas Western Highlands

The South Banepool, which is in the Western Highlands of Coerthas.

It is well known that the Magic Bucket Minion is hard to catch.

It shows up somewhere around 0.6% of the time. That’s as big as a minnow.

So, here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of the time you spend in the icy wilds of Western Coerthas:

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Tip 1:

The Magic Bucket will only appear on a large tug, which is shown by three exclamation points (!!!) above your character’s head.

Only the Mountain Kraken and Captain Nemo in South Banepool have this mark, and one of them is affected by the weather.

If you’ve levelled up your Fisher to 71, you can use the Action “Surface Slap” to avoid hooking one of the other big fish.

This means that if the weather is right, your Magic Bucket will be the next big tug.

Tip 2:

It’s not worth it to catch fish here with anything but a hefty tug.

Since you’re here to get the Minion, the animation from catching fish makes it take longer. Your Versatile Lure won’t let them get away anyway, so just don’t press the catch.

Tip 3:

Remember that you have to use Snagging to catch the Magic Bucket. If you don’t, no bait will work.

Tip 4:

Try not to go to the Coerthas Western Highlands when there is snow or a blizzard. This weather makes it more likely that you won’t catch a big fish, since the third big fish is available when this weather is happening.

Remember these things, and be ready to wait a long time.

You might have to throw 100 to 1,000 times before you catch the magic bucket.

This depends greatly on luck, so even if you use these tips, it will probably take a while.