FFXIV: Where Do You Get Cinnabar?

The “Horizon’s Edge” region in western Thanalan has level 15 rocky outcrops rich in cinnabar (X:24.3, Y:18.7).

Just teleport to the location outside the village where the Horizon aesthete is located, known as Horizon’s Edge, and leave by the eastern exit.

Although it’s pretty risk-free here, level 10 Desert Pistes are lurking nearby, so have your “Sneak” skill ready. You should also be aware that the level 10 FATE “Dog Eat Dog” might spawn in the area.

Cinnabar is among more options for acquiring it. Desynthesis, retainer enterprises, and purchasing from NPC merchants are among others.

But mining cinnabar yourself would be the most effective method to stock up as it’s quite quick & costs nearly nothing.

A table summarizing your Cinnabar acquisition choices is provided below:

Lv15 Rocky OutcropMining NodeHorizon’s Edge, Western ThanalanObtained by mining
EngerrandNPC VendorLimsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.7, Y:11.8)Bought for 3 Gil
EsmenetNPC VendorUl’dah – Steps of Thal (X:9.0, Y:13.6)Bought for 3 Gil
FridurihNPC VendorUl’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.8, Y:9.6)Bought for 3 Gil
O’rhoyodNPC VendorOld Gridania (X:14.4, Y:9.0)Bought for 3 Gil
PasdevilletNPC VendorThe Pillars (X:24.3, Y:18.7)Bought for 3 Gil
Mining Exploration VentureLevel 15 Retainer VentureSummoning BellGuaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete
BlindfishDesynthesisFishingDesynthesized by Culinarians
Coral ButterflyDesynthesisFishingDesynthesized by Culinarians
Grip KillifishDesynthesisFishingDesynthesized by Culinarians

Cinnabar via Retainer Ventures

A retainer can undertake quests on the player’s behalf to get the required item(s).

When your NPC friend reaches level 15 as a miner, you will have the option to have them farm cinnabar for you.

Normally, mining exploration missions take an hour to accomplish, however after reaching Retainer Level 15, that time drops to 40 minutes.

Keepers, depending on their perception skill, can bring back anywhere from 15 to 50 cinnabars. With a perceptual quotient of 78 or above, your retainer will safely return 50 pieces of cinnabar to you.

Using Desynthesis

The following compounds can be de-synthesized to produce cinnabar.

  1. Blindfish
  2. Coral Butterfly
  3. Grip Killifish

Just keep in mind that the results of de-synthesis are unpredictable, and you shouldn’t count on getting exactly what you want.

Buying Cinnabar From NPC Vendors

Cinnabar can be purchased from several different NPCs throughout the game for 3 Gil.

To locate them, please see:

  1. Engerrand – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.7, Y:11.8)
  2. Esmenet – Ul’dah-Steps of Thal (X:9.0, Y:13.6)
  3. Fridurih – Ul’dah-Steps of Thal (X:13.8, Y:9.6)
  4. O’rhoyod – Old Gridania (X:14.4, Y:9.0)
  5. Pasdevillet – The Pillars (X:7.3, Y:10.7)

Cinnabar may also be purchased at the Namazu Material Supplier and other NPC vendors near player homes for the same price.

Uses for Cinnabar

Quicksilver, which is utilized by alchemists, may be made from cinnabar at Alchemy Level 1.

Different types of potions may be made from quicksilver.

Quicksilver may be used to make many potions, including the Growth Formula Delta Concentrate.

When you give this potion to Talan in Mor Dhona, he’ll give you a copy of Master Alchemist I.

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In addition, cinnabar is required for the Level 15 Miner Supply Mission. Or, if you are a miner at level 15, you may be asked to pay 10 cinnabars to the Grand Company Personnel Officer in return for a large amount of experience and certain Grand Company seals.