FFXIV: How to Unlock The Fractal Continuum?

In Final Fantasy XIV‘s Heavensward expansion, players can access the level 60 dungeon known as the Fractal Continuum.

It doesn’t unlock over the course of the main scenario, so you’ll need to hunt it out as a sidequest.

Here’s an even more detailed rundown of what’s required to gain access:

  1. At least level 60 on a combat job
  2. Completed the Heavensward MSQ
  3. Start the quest “Do It For Gilly”

The dungeon was added in patch 3.0, thus players won’t be able to access it until they’ve finished the main Heavensward storyline.

The content may have been considered an “endgame” at the time, but it shouldn’t be too difficult now.

Warning: this paragraph contains mild Heavensward spoilers.

Once again, participants in The Fractal Continuum will explore Azys Lla’s Aetherochemical Research Facility.

Players may recall Gilly, a kind guide node who showed them about the fanciful city in the sky on their first visit to Heavensward.

To help our old pal Wedge resurrect Gilly, you’ll need to go down into the depths of the Fractal Continuum.

How Do I Unlock The Fractal Continuum?

This side mission is straightforward, like the majority of those that lead to the opening of new dungeons.

You must have reached level 60 on a combat profession and finished the Heavensward storyline.

Do It For Gilly can be picked up from Notrelchamps in The Pillars of Ishgard once those conditions have been met (x:14.6, y:12.2).

Wedge is now engaged in a top-secret and time-sensitive project, Notrelchamps has informed you.

This may be going a bit far, but hey, we get a minion at the end of the quest, so let’s roll with it.

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After meeting up with Wedge in Azys Lla, it’s time to venture across to the Fractal Continuum.

If you follow the quest marker, you will find the teleporter that will take you into the dungeon.

It also makes the fact that a great deal of peril lies ahead abundantly evident.

But we’re the Warriors of Light, so we carry on nonetheless.

In essence, the Fractal Continuum is a museum dedicated to the history of the Allagan civilization.

It houses a variety of outdated technologies – most of which will wish to murder you.

Keep in mind that the dungeon has been around for quite some time, and that it is likely possible to complete on your own if you are using a character from the 1980s.

Information to have on hand if you’re merely interested in gathering minions.

Once you’ve conquered The Fractal Continuum, you can give the quest into Wedge, who will recreate Gilly’s body and hand it over to you as a minion.

How Do I Unlock The Fractal Continuum (Hard)?

Unlock The Fractal Continuum

This is not the case, however, with the more challenging mode in The Fractal Continuum.

Once you achieve level 70 and finish the Stormblood storyline quests, you’ll unlock this feature.

It’s important to keep in mind that the adversaries in XIV’s harsher dungeons aren’t the only thing that’s been ramped up in difficulty.

They are often radical rewrites of the original scenario.

Players who have already completed Stormblood will find plenty of fresh challenges in The Fractal Continuum (Hard).

Once you’ve completed the Stormblood main scenario at level 70, you’ll be able to collect the quest “An Unwanted Truth” from Philiot at Rhalgr’s Reach (x:13.2, y:12.2) (x:13.2, y:12.2).

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Follow the quest’s instructions from there to get access to the dungeon.

Unfortunately, this time we won’t be rewarded with a new minion simply for our presence.

But there may be some half-decent loot on the table if you’re completing it soon after Stormblood.