How To Unlock Hullbreaker Isle in FFXIV?

Storming the Hull is a quest that lets you enter Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) at level 60.

After you finish the Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward,” talk to Denston in the Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:26.9, Y:36.0). He will give you this quest.

King of the Hull, a level 50 side quest, must also be done before the quest to unlock Hullbreaker Isle can begin (Hard).

Unlocking Instructions

  1. Do the “King of the Hull” side quest at level 50.
  2. Do the “Heavensward” main scenario quest at level 60.
  3. Travel to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.0, Y:10.4)
  4. Talk to Denston to start the “Storming the Hull” quest.
  5. Go to Lower La Noscea to the Moraby Drydocks.
  6. Get in touch with Denston at (X:26.9, Y:36.0)

Detailed Unlocking Walkthrough

If you’ve already done the level 50 quest “King of the Hull,” then after you finish the level 60 main scenario quest “Heavensward,” Denston will give you a new quest called “Storming the Hull.”

Denston can be found in the Upper Decks of the Limsa Lominsa at (X:11.0, Y:10.4).

You’ll see him walking down a ramp near the north entrance to the Aftcastle.

Denston will say that he and Eynzahr have recently been talking about you. He asks you to wait a minute while he gets the chief.

Eynzahr tells you that he has asked the Admiral to use Hullbreaker Isle as a sort of training ground. But since most of the Maelstrom is busy with administrative work, the chief is starting to worry that their best soldiers will lose their fighting skills.

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Eynzahr and Denston want you to help out by giving the members of the Maelstrom a sort of training gauntlet on Hullbreaker Isle.

Denston wants you to meet him at the Moraby Drydocks if you are willing to help.

You can now go to the Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea. Teleporting to the aetheryte there is the fastest way to get there.

Denston can be found at the end of the dock, which is just a short distance southeast of the aetheryte (X:26.9, Y:36.0).

He’ll tell you that since they took over Hullbreaker Isle, they sent him to the docks to keep an eye on the weather.

Denston will also tell you to let him know when you’re ready to start training with the Maelstrom and head to Hullbreaker.

From the Duty Finder, you can now go to Hullbreaker Isle (Hard).

Benefits of Doing Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

Unlock Hullbreaker Isle

Like other dungeons in FFXIV, the Hard version of Hullbreaker Isle has benefits other than the loot it gives.

But let’s look at what you can get by going through this dungeon.


I know I said there’s more to dungeons than loot, but it’s still the most obvious reason to go, so let’s start here.

You can find a lot of treasure chests on Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), in addition to the ones that appear after you defeat a boss. Items like armor and accessories, which are common in dungeons, will be in them.

The Berserker’s gearset and other items found in these chests have an item level of 215.

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Some of the best items you can get on Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) can be found in the treasure chest that appears after you beat the last boss.

The Horizons Calling Orchestrion Roll, the Mistbeard Card, and the Calamari minion are some of these things.

Wondrous Tails

The Heavensward expansion added a new system called “Wonderful Tails.” It’s a list of weekly goals that the player can complete to get things like experience points, treasure maps, and tombstones.

For Wondrous Tails, one of the goals you might be given is to finish a level 60 dungeon.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), which is a pretty easy dungeon, is a pretty good choice for doing this.

Resistance Weapons (Shadowbringers Relic Weapons)

Resistance Weapons are relic weapons that were added in Shadowbringers. To get one, you have to start the “Save the Queen” quest chain.

Like the relic weapons from earlier expansions, you can level these up by doing things like spamming FATEs or taking part in the Bozjan Southern Front.

As part of the Resistance Weapon grind, you have to find 6 Bitter Memories of the Dying at a certain point. One of the ways to get this item is to finish dungeons at level 60.

Again, since Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) is an easy dungeon to finish, you can spam it to get through this part of the relic grind.

Since Endwalker came out, Resistance Weapons are no longer useful in terms of their stats, but they are still used a lot as glamorous.