How Do You Leave The Novice Network in FFXIV?

So how do you leave the Novice Network?

This couldn’t be simpler. Just look at your chat window and discover the small leaf icon.

Clicking on this symbol will bring up the choice to depart, and that’s that.

Leaving The Novice Network isn’t permanent until you lose the opportunity to have New Adventurer status.

Basically, unless you’ve fulfilled the conditions necessary to lose your Sprout icon, you can rejoin the Novice Network at any moment. Just ask for another invite and try not to feel awkward about it.

And there are other scenarios in which you may rejoin The Novice Network at a later stage of play.

For example, if you’ve had an extended break from the game then you may be classed as a Returner – which provides you access to New Adventurer bonuses until you’ve had a chance to find your feet again.

You can also find your way back into The Novice Network by becoming an in-game Mentor – but this is an incredibly complicated procedure, and you should only pursue it if you have a passion for FFXIV and want to help other people enjoy it!

How Do I Hide The Novice Network Chat?

If you don’t want to leave The Novice Network outright, but instead you just don’t want to see the discussion, then you can conceal the Novice Network chat to get it out of view.

Just head to your in-game settings (the Esc key on PC) and then on the “General” page, there’ll be a Log Filters section.

In the Log Filters box, click the “chat” tab and untoggle “Novice Network”.

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This will keep your Novice Network membership without filling up your chat window — useful if you don’t want to leave yet.