FFXIV: How to Unlock the Challenge Log?

The difficulties in the challenge log span every gameplay genre in Final Fantasy XIV.

Challenge Log tasks can be completed for rewards in a variety of game modes, including crafting, PvP, combat, gathering, treasure hunting, and more.

Every week, on Tuesday at 1:00 AM PST, we start anew in the Challenge Log.

Gil, Wolf Marks, Company Seals, and Gold Saucer MGP are all possible forms of compensation.

This log is a fun and profitable method to pass the time when you’re bored.

Getting paid up to 93,000 gil every week is a lot of money.

Completing your challenge log is a good use of your time.

In the same way that the hunting log can help you level up, the challenge log can help you level up in your various professions.

This can be a relief once you’ve exhausted your duty roulettes for the day.

You can gain double the experience via dungeon exploration and FATE challenges.

Unlocking Your Challenge Log: Prerequisites

You won’t have to jump through hoops to start using your Challenge Log.

You must be level 15 and have completed all of the Main Scenario quests up to “Call of the Sea.”

It makes no difference what Grand Company you join or what city-state you begin your adventure in.

The “Call of the Sea” quest varies depending on the route taken.

A novice player could do this in under two hours.

If you look in the upper left corner of the screen, you’ll see a list of Main Scenario Quests you can complete.

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In addition, these should help you reach level 15 as a side effect.

Rising to the Challenge (Log)

Unlock the Challenge Log

If you fit the aforementioned description, head on over to Upper Decks 11X, and 11Y on the Limsa Lominsa.

Talk to a Miqo’te named l’tolwann, it has been suggested.

She’ll give you a task called “Rising to the Challenge,” which is rather apt.

Keep in mind that quests with a + sign in their color bar will grant you access to a new feature.

You can complete this quest in one or two minutes by just following the objective around Limsa Lominsa.

A Challenge Log entry will be unlocked, and you’ll receive three Potions, three Ethers, and two Allagan Tin Pieces.

The Challenge Log is accessible in the same way that your other Logs, such as Hunting, Sightseeing, and Fishing, are.

Pro Tips, Avoiding Common Challenge Log Follies

Challenges in the Challenge Log can be completed while performing dungeon duty.

In addition to the gil, these also award experience points.

If you are actively leveling a new job, make sure to check your log before taking on any duties that require you to be at your maximum level.

If you reach the maximum level before completing any of these quests, you will have wasted your time and experience points.

The event was sad to witness.

Stay away from the risk-taker.