FFXIV Unspoiled Nodes: How to Find It?

Unspoiled nodes contain rare materials found in Final Fantasy XIV

They are displayed on a calendar and are only accessible to Botanists and Miners who are above level 46, once The Truth of Forest/Truth Mountain skill is unlocked.

These unspoiled nodes appear at least twice per 24 hours of game time and last 2 hours. 

A full one hour’s worth of Eorzea Time is two minutes and fifty-five seconds in real-time, which means that the window is very short.

You’ll need to be prepared if you wish to discover these nodes within a reasonable amount of time.

In FFXIV, the gathering is an odd beast.

It’s a rocket-fueled game at times, blasting through levels and obstacles at a frantic speed. Sometimes, it appears to slow to an ebb, and progress is difficult to attain.

A large part of the reason is that gathering is such a thriving game in comparison to other MMOs.

There are plenty of different aspects in FFXIV that go beyond grinding away materials.

It’s not a secret that there will be lots of materials that need grinding. But there are a number of other factors to consider as well.

If you’re trying to scale your gathering task effectively then you’ll need to learn about natural nodes.

These locations are listed in a timetable that is based upon Eorzea Time rather than real-world time.

This means that if you’re looking to have an opportunity to gather these items, you shouldn’t simply rely on luck.

You might be lucky enough to be flying over the area you’re working on for your collection job when a new one occurs. However, that’s not an effective method for ensuring success.

So how do I find unspoiled nodes?

Unspoiled Nodes

So, let’s start with the basics:

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It is important to ensure you’ve got the “Truth of Forest” (Botany) or “Truth of Mountain” skill in use.

It’s a toggle, therefore you won’t need to refresh it when the time runs out. It’s a good idea to keep it running all the time.

When a node that is unspoiled becomes active, you’ll receive an email along with a map marker that will lead you to the.

I’d also suggest changing the time-based display of your computer that is your local (LT) and to the Eorzea (ET).

It’s easy to do by clicking on the time and changing it to ET.

If you don’t take this step, you’ll not be able to observe the times that unspoiled nodes follow, making it very important.

You can find out more about the scheduled appearances of the nodes here as well as tons of additional information to help you get the most value from your crafting.

A better and more complete companion to farming unspoiled nodes is the FFXIV clock. It basically shows each unspoiled node that is in the game, as it is discovered and the information you can get from it.

You can also filter your data, monitor particular nodes, and set alerts while conveniently monitoring Eorzea time from wherever you are.

What do I get from Unspoiled Nodes?

Unspoiled nodes offer you rare minerals that could fetch substantial amounts of gold, especially in higher amounts.

This is where the bulk of your income-generating capacity as a collector will come from. If you’re looking to earn money off of the benefits of your Disciple of the Earth position, you must be in the top spot in your in-demand nodes.

There’s a further benefit for nodes that have not been spoiled:

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Once you have reached the level 50 mark, you are now able to collect Collectables.

They aren’t a commodity and therefore don’t have any purpose in creating gold. For leveling your gatherer, they’re an incredible game-changer.

In lieu of grinding similar material for hours, and trying the best you can to acquire high-quality items Now you can run between nodes, collecting Collectibles.

Two skills will be available at level 50 that make the game possible: the Collector’s Glove and Methodical Appraisal. These are miniature games within mini-games.

There will be a node. make use of Collector’s Glove to discover if it is able to offer you the item you want to collect.

If so, then you can boost the likelihood of collecting with the help of a methodical appraisal. That’s where the usual gathering/crafting balancing game comes into play.

The more you value the object and the higher its value gets. However, appraisals can increase the wear on the item. And should wear reach the highest it will be worth absolutely nothing.

In time, you’ll discover even more ways to improve your collection.

Unspoiled nodes will be unlocked as you progress.

They will allow you access to the latest materials as well as other collectibles that are valuable.

A quick note: you can acquire the collectibles from any node. However, certain ones are only available within the set of free nodes.

What do I do once I have my Collectables?

As we’ve mentioned previously Collector’s items aren’t able to be offered to sellers or to other players.

What they could be employed to gain, however, is massive amounts of expertise.

You’ll need to go to the Collectable Appraiser in Mor Dhona for the first time. This is where you can see all Collectables which are eligible for turning in.

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Once you have an idea of what you want to find, you can then refer to that on your node schedule and head out to find the item.

It is important to incorporate your node gathering schedule into your daily playtime routine as effectively as you can.

After that, grind the materials out by grabbing unspoiled nodes while grinding, rinsing, and repeating the process until you reach level eighty.

This is a fairly straightforward method of putting it. However, the process stays mostly the same over time.

Giving in collectibles can also earn you Scrips. In the beginning, you’ll start receiving yellow scrips. 

Then, you’ll be able to earn White Scrips too, and both of them can be used in Scrip Exchanges across the world for gear and items to increase your collection capacity.

This is basically the final phase of collecting.

So let’s run through all of that in a couple of quick sentences. We’ll also include all our resources together in one spot:

Unlock the truth of mountain/forest level 46. This will allow the detection of nodes that are not spoiled. Then, you can look through these nodes for materials that are rare.

When you reach level 50, you’ll be taught two abilities that let you appraise the value of collectibles from nodes.

In the next few days, you’ll need to begin using the FFXIV clock to keep track of your nodes and when they show up.

Make use of the interval between your nodes that aren’t spoiled. Be sure to take advantage of the collectibles available in order to earn Scrips, as well as significantly boost inexperience.

Follow a step-by-step guide (like the one mentioned above) to ensure you’ve got the most effective and beneficial materials for your time!