FFXIV: What Are Role Quests & Do They Really Matter?

In Final Fantasy XIV, the role missions are the equivalent of the class and career quests.

In order to accept and finish them, you must be performing a certain role.

That’s why there are separate sets of quests for tanks, healers, physical DPS, and magical DPS.

The Shadowbringers expansion added a plethora of new features to Final Fantasy XIV.

It’s a well-received add-on, and with good reason: it wraps up years of plot in a satisfying manner while also providing a wealth of new features.

Multiplayer online role-playing games (MMOs) are in a special position to grow and change as they learn from their past and apply that knowledge to their future iterations.

That is not to imply that every massively multiplayer online game is constantly getting better. Since there are so many players, even a change that is widely welcomed will still enrage some.

The replacement of work quests with role quests is one example of the structural changes being implemented in the game.

Employment objectives serve as a kind of meta-quest. In contrast to the Main Scenario Quest, in which you must save the world, return to the Waking Sands every five minutes, and do errands for youngsters, work quests are focused solely on you.

Alternatively, they pertain to your professional duties.

It’s just like regular life, only there’s a lot more monster killing and a lot less shovelling snow (which eventually becomes a little bit menial too).

Each profession and class in XIV has its own set of quests.

These were the means by which you gained access to new skills, gained insight into how your profession fit into the greater scheme of things in Eorzea, and met new, randomly generated NPCs.

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Instead of handling these objectives independently, Shadowbringers groups them together according to player character roles.

Why Did Role Quests Replace Job Quests?

There could be a few explanations.

Our enemies from The First, the Warriors of Darkness, are thoroughly explored in the role quest narratives.

Since the questlines are character-based, they also provide background information on other characters not yet discussed.

These mysterious people have been an ongoing problem for us.

By following their quests, we gain insight into their personalities and motivations.

It’s also conceivable that having only four sets of quests to create instead of eighteen was simply more convenient.

Even better would be if there were some conceptual connection to the story that Shadowbringers was telling.

Our characters’ backgrounds and skillsets could not have been developed without the job missions.

Quality wasn’t uniform across the board, and there’s only so many times you can recycle the same formula for a mission.

When To Do Your Role Quests (And How To Start)

Role Quests

To maximise your progress through Shadowbringers, do these quests as soon as they become available.

To finish the MSQ, you must complete at least one role quest scenario.

This means that the one that directly affects your primary task should be completed as soon as possible.

As soon as you reach level 70, head to The Crystarium to pick up the first of many tasks.

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Depending on the questline you choose to take, you will be dispatched to different parts of Norvrandt.

Whatever role quest you’re on, between levels 70 and 80, you’ll get access to the following stage every other level.

Take, for instance, a level 70 character as an example; level 72, level 74, etc.

There are a total of five, including two sequels set after the events of the first three.

What Do I Get For Completing My Role Quests?

You will not get any new skills or traits for completing role quests, but you will receive a continuous supply of experience points and some gold.

The story revelations are interesting, but the ability to equip the relic armour unique to your profession is probably the most fascinating aspect of this.

These provide a nice boost in stats just before the endgame proper begins, and they look cool to boot.

Even now, some six months after acquiring it, I often don my Gunbreaker artefact armour.

Even if it is the same broody trenchcoat that Radovan/Thancred wear, having a gear set customised to my work is excellent.

Will Job Quests Come Back?

As of right now, it is unclear whether this will be resolved in Endwalker or at a later time.

However, I would hazard a guess that they won’t be returning.

Job missions may no longer be the breadcrumb trail to take your character to new powers and gear, but we will likely get a few more tidbits at max level to keep us up to date with the characters involved.

When Endwalker is released, XIV will have twenty total jobs available for players to choose from.

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That’s a wide variety of potential storylines, and some of them are already quite lengthy.

There will very certainly be a separate job questline for introducing the Reaper and Sage jobs to the rest of the world, but the new role quest structure may become permanent going forward.