How To Get The Enbarr Mount in FFXIV?

The enchanted horse Enbarr can be found as a reward for completing the Trial of the Whorleater at Level 50. (Extreme).

There is a 20% chance that the Enbarr Whistle will appear in the coffer after each clear. If you want to take home a wet horse, you’ll have to beat off your fellow party members in a round of loot rolling first.

At this point, the battle is a cakewalk.

Gather a few close pals or make a post on Party Finder. But remember that it is still possible to fall off the boat, so learn how to do it safely.

Gaining An Audience With The Lord Of The Whorl

While you initially meet Leviathan as part of the Main Story, his Extreme Trial is the one you’ll be cultivating.

First and foremost, you’ll need to have completed the Quest “Through the Maelstrom.” This Quest is part of the Story at level 50, so it’s likely out of the way already.

The process following is a bit more difficult, since you’ll be slaying familiar Primals frequently. Pray return to the Waking Sands at Vesper Bay to get started.

Chat with Minfilia Warde (The Waking Sands, X:7 Y:6) to start “A Recurring Problem”.

The Beast Tribes happen to have the terrible habit of collecting Crystals and continuously summoning their God for you to slay.

You’ll be dispatching your new (old) adversaries in this order to get to Leviathan:

– Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It (Thancred – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– In For Garuda Awakening (Papalymo – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– In a Titan Spot (Y’shtola – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– Primal Nature (Urianger – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– Gale-force Warning (Vorsaile Heuloix – New Gridania, X:10 Y:11)
– Quake Me Up Before You O’Ghomoro (Urianger – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– Ifrit Ain’t Broke (Urianger – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– To Tussle With Gods (Urianger – The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5)
– Primal Focus (Laraina – Mor Dhona, X:23 Y:7)

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After you’ve completed all of the optional tasks, you can return to Urianger for the final time and talk to him to receive the Whorl of a Time main quest.

With such information in hand, head to R’ashaht Rhiki (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks — The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:13).

Your mission is to unlock the Trial by speaking with Styrnlona (Lower La Noscea, The Mourning Widow, X:25 Y:33).

How Many Wonders Can One Whorl Hold?

While searching for an Enbarr Whistle, you may come across many Wave weaponry.

The particle effects of other Primal weapons are something many players seek out, although these might be improved upon.

They don’t really emphasize it, but you should go see Aelina (X:23 Y:7, Mor Dhona – Revenant’s Toll). You can upgrade your Wave weapons by trading in the token you received from the “Mirror of the Whorl” and your existing weapons.

Having one of these weapons is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on your buddies.