How To Unlock Thok ast Thok in FFXIV? (Extreme)

As part of the Main Scenario, you will encounter the primordial Ravana in the trial “Thok Ast Thok” included in the Heavensward expansion.

To access the Extreme version of the battle, you must first complete two optional side quests, which you can do later in the game (listed below).

Extreme tests are made more challenging by improved and innovative mechanisms.

If you can make it through these tests, you may be able to get some rare items.

The name “Ravana Extreme” has been adopted by players as another name for this test.

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Thok ast Thok
  1. Defeat the last boss in the “Heavensward” main scenario quest.
  2. Visit The Pillars and try to locate Torsefers (X:11.7, Y:11.5)
  3. Allowed, and Gods of Eld Quest.
  4. Come to Mor Dhona and visit the Rising Stones.
  5. The quest “Gods of Eld” cannot be finished without first speaking with Unukalhai.
  6. Again contact Unukalhai and select the “Thok Around the Clock” mission.
  7. Visit the Vath Storyteller on the Dravanian Frontier (X:24.9, Y:19.7)
  8. If you want to connect with the aetheryte, you need to go to Gynehive.

Detailed Walkthrough

The “Warring Triad” quest line allows players to gain access to more difficult versions of Heavensward’s base battles.

This chain of quests begins with Torsefers, a merchant outside Fortemps Manor in The Pillars (X:11.7, Y:11.5).

Talk to Torsefers and choose the Gods of Eld quest. Heavensward, the level 60 main scenario quest, is a prerequisite for this one.

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To be clear, Torsefers has more than one optional task.

You might not be able to see the blue quest marker for “Gods of Eld” on your map if the other missions are still accessible.

If you talk to Torsefers, he’ll tell you to go to Mor Dhona and look for the Rising Stones.

You’ll meet a young man named Unukalhai there.

Unukalhai will teach you about the Warring Triad and how it can be altered by the reemergence of certain primals.

After finishing “Gods of Eld,” you’ll have to decide what to do next in the Warring Triad plot.

It’s important to remember that Unukalhai’s quest markers will not appear in Mor Dhona if you leave the Rising Stones at this time to return to his sidequests at a later time.

The map marker won’t show up until you return to the Rising Stones.

Speak with Unukalhai once more and select the quest “Thok Around the Clock”.

After you’ve dealt with Unukalhai, you can find the Vath Storyteller in the Dravanian Forelands (X:24.9, Y:19.7).

Gynehive is located in the southeast corner of the map, deep into Gnath land, and the Vath Storyteller will tell you to go there.

When you reach there, attune to the Gnathic Aetheryte and Thok ast Thok (Extreme) will become accessible in the Duty Finder.

Looting the Lord of the Hive

Defeating the Extreme version of Ravana gives you the option to obtain stuff you normally can’t find anywhere else.

Some things will appear right into your inventory upon slaying the primal.

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Hive Totem

Used to purchase Hive weaponry or the Rose Lanner Whistle from Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9, Y:5.2).

The weapon costs 10 Totems, while the mount costs 99.

In other words, every single one of your players will suffer a loss.

Ravana’s Forewing

Two-way ingredient in your creative repertoire.

Level 60 carpenters can use it to build a Hive ceiling fan, while level 60 armourers can use it to craft the Hive Barding.

Ravana Card

If you like the Triple Triad, here’s another card for you.

The values on this four-star card are 1, 9, 7, and 8 in clockwise order, starting at the left.

Treasure Coffer Rewards

The following is a list of potential items that could be found in the treasure chest.

The best way for the group to decide who gets what is to draw lots for the objects.

Hive ShamshirPaladin weapon
Hive BattleaxeWarrior weapon
Hive ClaymoreDark Knight weapon
Hive SpearDragoon weapon
Hive ClawsMonk weapon
Hive KatanaSamurai weapon
Hive KrisNinja weapon
Hive BowBard weapon
Hive MusketoonMachinist weapon
Hive GrimoireSummoner weapon
Hive LongpoleBlack Mage weapon
Hive RapierRed Mage weapon
Hive CaneWhite Mage weapon
Hive CodexScholar weapon
Hive PlanisphereAstrologian weapon
Hive ScutumPaladin shield
Hive ForewingCrafting material
Hive Weapon CofferUsed to obtain Hive weapon of current job
Rose Lanner WhistleUsed to obtain Rose Lanner mount
Faded Copy of The Hand That Gives the RoseOrchestrion roll
Faded Copy of Unbending SteelOrchestrion roll

Dead Hive weapons are made with the forewing of the Hive.

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When you defeat Ravana, a treasure chest will appear from which you can retrieve upgraded versions of the Hive’s weapons.

As a glitzy accessory, weapons from the Dead Hive are likewise very sought after.

In addition, it is possible that new Hive Forewings may be synthesised by decomposing the Hive’s weapons.