FFXIV: How to Unlock Blue Mage?

You can identify the blue mage as the depressed magical DPS in your raid group.

In this situation, a hug or /dote would be greatly appreciated.

The Blue Mage is the only restricted job in Final Fantasy XIV at this time.

Do you want to become a Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV?

Then you’ve found the right place!

Unlocking Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV is a breeze with this helpful guide.

In addition, we will give you some tips on how to level up quickly and how to cast the right spells so that you can get off to a good start in this unusual profession.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Final Fantasy XIV or just starting out, this article has something for you.

The work itself is akin to a side quest in the main game.

Both the Duty Finder and higher levels of the ability are off-limits to it.

Toss succ to monster spirits while wearing the finest cerulean.

Are you interested in this position?

Read on for information on Blue Mage unlocking in Final Fantasy XIV, as well as helpful hints for advancing through the levels.

Paint the Town Navy (The Quest: Out of the Blue)

A fervent Yellowjacket, that man was.

It’s safe to say that you were a level 50 or higher combat job.

Is there any way I could have worded that any clearer?

When we last saw him, he was down on Limsa’s lower decks (10X, 11Y).

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Your efforts to eliminate Ultima Weapon have been successful.

The question is, “What else can I say?”

The expression “clunky” comes to mind.

After reaching level 50 and completing The Praetorium, you will be able to unlock Blue Mage.

You can start the “Out of the Blue” quest by talking to the Zealous Yellowjacket in LimsaLominsa.

You’ll be outfitted in a stylish blue ensemble and given a Rainmaker cane and a BLU job stone.

Talking to him four times is part of the quest.

I have complete confidence in your ability to carry it forward from here.

Must-Have Spells, Where and Why?

Unlock Blue Mage

It’s no exaggeration to say that some Blue Mage spells are extraordinarily useful and powerful in their respective fields of work.

Some essentials that you should learn right away are presented below.

Don’t be the one member of the party who can’t contribute because he lacks the appropriate magic abilities.

People these days are real adventurers, I tell ya.

They are accustomed to having their magical powers bestowed upon them.

This admonishing must stop immediately.

A Blue Mage’s spellbook can only be obtained by ripping the living organs out of monsters.

Fight an opponent until you witness it using the skill you wish to learn, and then kill it.

You might be able to get your hands on the spell.

Try, try again, and you’ll succeed.

In order to survive the monster’s demise, you need to tag it.

It’s a lot of fun to learn all the spells in the Blue Mage spellbook, even the ones you’ll never use.

Flying Sardine

The effect of this ability is an instant fish attack.

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It’s crucial for a successful Blue Mage Powerleveling (read further to find out how).

It’s essential if you want to quickly take control of mobs.

Apkallu, in Eastern La Noscea, is south of Gullperch Tower.

Start tossing those fish around!

Angel Whisper

If you need an angel’s whisper or a demon’s yell, I can be either (What?)

To put it another way, this is the promotion due to a Blue Mage.

It gives you the option to bring back a fallen ally.

Blue mages tend to hang out with other blue mages at parties.

Having no one with access to this is the worst possible scenario.

It’s more difficult than a regular spell but well worth the effort.

To receive Angel Whisper, you must complete The Masked Carnivale, an activity challenge for Blue Mages, and complete all 30 stages.

Aetherial Mimicry

This ability is CRUCIAL.

In other words, this skill is essential.

This skill is the cornerstone of any competent blue mage’s arsenal.

Blue Mages can use Aetherial Mimicry to assume the roles of Tank, Healer, or Damage Dealer.

‘Need’ is not a strong enough word here.

Location: Ghrah Luminary in Pharos Sirius Hard.

(Not to be confused with G’raha, everyone’s favorite crystal, and enthusiastic best friend.)

Adds summoned by this dungeon boss can be used to learn this Blue Mage spell.

In Final Fantasy XI, ghrah was present, which is an interesting tidbit to know.

They could take on a variety of forms, including human beings, birds, balls, or even spiders.

Just like in XIV!

How to Level Blue Mage in FFXIV Quickly?

It’s a lot of fun and offers a wide variety of challenges to level up the other combat jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Without the Duty Finder, Palace of the Dead, and Heaven on High, Blue Mage is severely limited in her ability to advance in levels.

Think back to when we talked about Flying Sardine.

The spotlight is now on it.

A good place to start is to find a friend who is level max and hire them to help you out.

Want to know something but don’t have anyone to ask?

If that’s the case, then it sounds like you need to start by making some friends.

To sum it up, I think it helps to be attractive or interesting.

However, you won’t find advice like that in this book.

On Blue Mage, you should seek out an area with mobs that are a level or two above your own (they can be much higher, just make sure you gain experience points or try something a bit lower).

Quickly have your friend end the monster’s life after you’ve tagged it with the instant-cast Flying Sardine.

With this, you will gain experience from the kill.

This strategy will be applicable in a wide variety of locations.

My two favorite places to live are the Dravanian Hinterlands until age 60, and Kholusia until age 70.

Don’t be afraid to try new things until you find the right fit.

I’m hoping some of my advice on how to gain access to Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV was useful.

The sheer volume of information that comes with such a restricted role can be daunting.

Learn it methodically, and you’ll soon be singing “blue da ba dee da ba die.”