FFXIV: What Do Blue Quests Mean?

In Final Fantasy XIV, blue quest icons represent optional, non-story-related actions that can be completed for rewards outside of the main storyline.

To further differentiate them from standard side missions, blue quests’ icons have plus signs. As you progress through blue tasks, you’ll gain access to more game features and material, like dungeons and trials.

Different icons represent different rewards for finishing a mission, so it’s important to learn to recognize them.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll be bombarded with quest markers and objectives in a short amount of time, and several game-changing functions are hidden beneath quests you might initially overlook.

How Many Different Kinds of Quests are there? (And How to Know the Difference)

Main Scenario Quests will have an icon of a meteor and an exclamation point next to them.

With a “play” symbol in the middle, this same icon is used to show that an MSQ task will continue.

These quests move the main story of the game forward and eventually give you access to new zones, dungeons, features, and content from expansions.

The icon for a side quest looks like a speech bubble with an exclamation point in it.

These quests don’t unlock any content, and the player may just get items, gil, or funny stories as a reward.

Side quests are mostly just for fun. The rewards they give are usually not that great, and there are usually better ways to get the gil and experience they offer.

There are also blue quests.

The speech bubble frame is the same as the side-quest icon, but the background is blue and there is a plus sign at the bottom.

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This is how the game tells you to pay more attention.

If you don’t do blue quests, you can completely miss a lot of things in XIV that some people would say are important.

That doesn’t mean you have to do all of them.

Not everything the game has to offer is worth doing right away, and depending on how you play, you might not even need access to some of the content, like extreme trials and raids.

So, in short:

The meteor icon moves the main plot forward.

Speech bubble means “just for fun.”

Look more closely at blue quests.

Which Blue Quests Are Worth It?

Blue Quests

You should do a few “can’t miss” blue quests early on in your adventure.

You should start by talking to Swyrgeim at level 15 in Vesper Bay. She will give you two tasks: “If I Had a Glamour” and “Color Your World.”

As part of these short quests, you have to bring Swyrgeim a drink on a hot day. As a reward, you’ll be able to use the dye and glamour systems.

With these systems, you can change how your gear looks and what color it is.

You can get into the Manderville Gold Saucer by talking to the Well-Heeled Youth in Ul’dah. The Manderville Gold Saucer is a colorful casino with minigames and rewards to be won.

Blue quests will also let you know when you can do new jobs in combat, crafting, or gathering.

If the quest starts with “So You Want To Be A,” you’ll know it’s about getting a new job. You can choose to do it or not, depending on how you feel.

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The Hildibrand story can also be accessed through the blue quest.

This is a long series of quests that spans multiple expansions and leads to funny, over-the-top cutscenes, fun trials, minions, titles, and cosmetic items.

If you want to go back to dungeons you’ve already done and make them harder, you’ll need to look for their blue quests as well.

This is also very similar to how raids and trials work.

The game doesn’t give you any of this end-game content right away. The only exception is the Crystal Tower series, which you have to do after Reflections in Crystal comes out.

Some of the best parts of XIV are hidden behind these quests.

If you want to take on the hardest challenges the game has to offer, you’ll be doing blue quests until you’re… well, blue in the face.

If you want your character to look the way you want, you also need to have access to things like glamour and dye. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with XIV’s often questionable taste.