FFXIV: What is Fish Eyes & How to Unlock it?

The Fisher class in Final Fantasy XIV has access to the ability Fish Eyes. It eliminates the need to wait for certain fish to come at certain times of day, allowing for fishing at any time.

XIV’s fishing is unlike anywhere else.

Like actual fishing, it’s primarily a recreational activity.

There is some potential for profit. But that isn’t why you’re acting this way.

However, the Fishing profession still offers a wealth of useful knowledge and tools.

Your fishing skills can be greatly improved as your character levels up.

The Fish Eyes mod is just one of many such improvements.

It’s a minor item to have in your fishing kit, but it might just save the day. Several factors affect the fish you capture, and Fish Eyes helps you control one of them.

How Do Fish Eyes Work?

“Open your five senses to the surrounding environment, ignoring the time requirement of fish for the duration of the effect.”

The main idea is that (as you should know by the time you gain access to Fish Eyes) some fish only appear under particular circumstances.

In this regard, a number of variables come into play, such as the day and time of fishing, the type of bait used, the location, and the weather.

In other words, Fish Eyes removes one of the limiting criteria in terms of the fish you can capture by making that time requirement irrelevant for sixty seconds.

Keep in mind that all the other modifications will still function as normal.

No amount of Fish Eyes use can make you immune to the effects of weather, another major environmental influence.

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The notion is that you may utilize it to make up for the lost time when everything else is going well.

How Do I Unlock Fish Eyes?

Fish Eyes

Fish Eyes are unlocked at level 57, which is quite a ways into your fishing career.

Furthermore, it is only available in the regions of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. This means you can’t use it for Ocean Fishing, Stormblood, or Shadowbringers.

Although it may sound strange, this ability was intended to be included at the conclusion of the Heavensward fishing story arc but was ultimately left out of the expansions.

Even so, it’s a handy resource to have on hand.

Plenty of fish can be caught in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward (even if you technically have about three levels of use for it by the time it unlocks).