What Are Scrips & How Do I Get Them in FFXIV?

Scrips are a type of currency in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used by crafters and gatherers.

White and Yellow Scrips can be earned at these jobs by turning in collectible items.

The Heavensward expansion is where the system was added.

Scrips can be traded for a variety of rewards and are basically the “endgame” of the game’s crafting and gathering professions.

For example, you can use Scrips to get the best gear for your chosen job at the highest level.

How Do I Unlock Scrips?

When you reach level 50, you can pick up a quest in Foundation called “Inscrutable Tastes” (the lower level of the Holy See of Ishgard).

This is another short breadcrumb quest that will give you the ability to gather or craft collectible items.

These special items can only be traded in for Scrips.

They can’t be used for anything else in the game.

Technically, there are four different kinds of Scrip.

You can choose from Yellow or White.


As Crafter/Gatherer Scrips, they are even more different.

The colors show how good something is.

So, a White Crafter’s Scrip, for example, would be used for end-game rewards.

Since they are different types of money, you can’t use crafting scrips to get rewards from gathering.

You can get collectibles in a few different ways, depending on whether you gather them or make them.

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I’ll talk briefly about both methods below, but you can give your collectibles to the same vendors no matter how you got them.

As you move through the storyline, you’ll find vendors in new areas, so you can keep up with where your character is in the world.

If you go to the Timers menu and choose Rowena’s House of Splendors, you can see what items are in demand right now.

Items that you can collect can have different levels of collectability, and you might get more rewards if you can raise the value.

How To Get Scrips Through Gathering?

Sometimes it’s a little bit of a hassle to gather collectibles.

At level 50, you’ll be able to use the “Collector’s Glove” skill.

Then, you’ll have to use that skill along with appraisal skills (“Methodical Appraisal” is the only one you have access to at first) to make an item easier to collect.

When the item is appraised, its value goes up, but so does its wear.

If it gets too worn, the node won’t work anymore.

I used this guide a lot when I was leveling up my Botanist.

It helped me understand how to find unspoiled nodes and collectibles.

How To Get Scrips Through Crafting?

Crafters, on the other hand, have it much easier.

Once you’ve unlocked the “Collectable Synthesis” skill, you can turn it on and make a collectible.

On the synthesis screen, where you usually see a “high quality” gauge, there will now be a “collectability” bar.

After that, you’ll just make the item like you always do.

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Once you’ve made the item, all you have to do is turn it in to get your rewards.

If you’ve done a lot of crafting up to this point, it’s not that strange.

The way to get collectibles was much more different from how I usually play.

Where Can I Exchange My Scrips?

Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona is the first place you can go, but there are also vendors in every major city, like Rhalgr’s Reach for Stormblood and The Crystarium/Eulmore for Shadowbringers.

Basically, a vendor is never too far away.

If you want endgame gear, it makes sense that you’ll want to use Eulmore and the Crystarium more than anyone else.

I didn’t need to use scrip vendors until I was traveling from 70 to 80, but your experience may be different.

What Are The Rewards For Scrip Exchange?

There are a lot of things that could be used as exchanges.

Getting new gear is the most obvious reward, but you can also get Materia, high-end crafting materials, orchestrion rolls, and advanced recipes.

You can even get things for your house if you have enough money.

You should think of the Scrip system as the endgame of crafting and gathering.

It’s the only way to make steady progress in those roles, and it gives you something to do besides just looking for more Gil.

If you’d rather spend your time in XIV doing more peaceful things, you’ll get scrips.