How to unlock FFXIV Glamour?

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It’s no surprise that Final Fantasy XIV is full with outrageous clothes, as a proper introduction to the series should be.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent tools that allow you to wear whatever you want without impacting your numbers.

How to unlock and use the FF14 Glamour system, including how to acquire haircuts and dyes, how to get Prisms and how to use the FF14 Glamour Dresser are all covered in this guide.

How to complete the Glamour quest in Final Fantasy XIV?

Glamour allows you to seem fantastic while still sporting game-appropriate attire by simply pasting the design of the garments you desire over the ones you’re already wearing.

Glamouring, dyeing, and prism-making can all be unlocked by completing level 15 missions at Horizon in Western Thanalan, where Swyrgeim will be waiting.

To complete the set, she’s looking for several flavours of orange juice, which you may find in the nearby bar.

You’re now ready to go on your trip into the world of fashion.

How to use dyes?

To begin, most of your gear may be dyed by purchasing or making dyes and then applying them directly to the item.

Drop down to ‘Dye’ from the Character screen or Armory chest and choose the item of gear.

Pop-up window that allows you to see different dye colours before applying them.

Junkmongers sell a wide variety of simple colours, but the rarest ones are handmade.

How to get a haircut?

unlock FFXIV Glamour

Cutting your hair at an Aesthetician is another fast approach to change your appearance.

There are two ways you can summon one: either by using a Crystal Bell in an Inn Room or by purchasing your own home.

To access a limited version of the character builder where you can change your hair and make-up, simply do so to summon Jandelaine.

At the Gold Saucer, Wolve’s Den, and the two Deep dungeons, you can gain access to more hairstyles.

How to use FFXIV Glamour Prisms?

These Glamour Prisms, which can be created or purchased from the Marketboard, will allow you to swiftly change the appearance of your gear.

For starters, go into your inventory and select the item you’re now wearing, then click on the ‘Cast Glamour’ option to bring up a screen with a list of everything you can Glamour over it.

You can only Glamour objects in FF14 that are suitable with the Job you’re playing and that are equal to or lower in level than you are.

Once you’ve decided on your look, use the Glamour and the Prism to bring it to life.

Since no one can see your actual armour beneath, congrats on your new look.

How to use the FFXIV Glamour Dresser and Plates?

Inn rooms in big cities have a Glamour Dresser and Glamour plates, which may be used by fashionistas to build up different ensembles.

Using the dresser gives you the ability to store up to 400 pieces of equipment, which is great for gear hoarders, and to easily apply the appearance of any stored item to the one you’re now wearing, but the actual power of the dresser comes from the FFXIV Glamour Plates.

Plates allow you to create an entire outfit and then apply it all at once.

After selecting Edit Glamour Plates and filling each slot with the look you choose from the dresser’s drawers, click Save when finished.

Changing the gear sets is as simple as clicking the plates icon next to the gear sets list in the Character menu or the dresser.

Using Glamour Plates of this type allows you to use the same appearance across several jobs and to easily refresh your appearance while levelling and changing gear.

Where to find clothes?

So, where do you go to acquire your clothes?

Armor can be purchased from towns and dungeons as you level up, but the most sought-after looks can only be obtained by crafting or by completing events and quests.

Veteran Rewards, such as Squal’s jacket from FFVIII, can be exchanged for Achievement Certificates (acquired by playing the game over time) by Jonathas in Old Gridania.

There are some stunning armour pieces hidden in the Wolve’s Den, and participating in PvP there can help you uncover them.

The Ananta in The Fringes area left behind some unique artefacts, including dyeable fingernails, which may be found at Beast Tribes.

Finally, the Gold Saucer is the place to go if you want to test your fashion sense in games like ‘Fashion Report’ which features both outrageous and understated clothing.