FFXIV: How Do You Get The Amaro Mount?

The in-game Achievement “A Life Of Adventure IV” unlocks the sentient Amaro mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Mastering War IV and the Mastering Magic IV achievements were combined to create this one.

All Disciples of War (from Shadowbringers) must be leveled to 80 before you can complete Mastering War IV.

These include:

  1. Gladiator
  2. Pugilist
  3. Marauder
  4. Lancer
  5. Archer
  6. Rogue
  7. Dark Knight
  8. Machinist
  9. Samurai
  10. Gunbreaker
  11. Dancer

You must level up all of the Disciples of Magic to 80 in order to master Magic IV. There are a number of positions available here, including:

  1. Conjurer
  2. Thaumaturge
  3. Arcanist
  4. Astrologian
  5. Red Mage

In total, there are 16 classes on this list, as you can see. Arcanist counts as both a Scholar and a Summoner, thus it’s technically 17. At the very least, you’ve hit two birds with one stone.

If you’re aiming for the coveted Amaro, it can be difficult to start from zero.

When it comes to FFXIV Mounts, you’ll find yourself with one of the best after all the work.

The Life Of An Adventurer

Amaro Mount

So many jobs to Level 80 can be frightening, so naturally, the journey can be difficult to navigate.

It’s possible that you’re unsure about where to begin.

Finding a job you truly enjoy is your best bet. After completing the main story and reaching level 80, you’ll receive a few bonuses.

In the first place, you’ll receive the Armory Bonus for any Job that is lower than your highest. A 100 percent Exp boost from the Armory is something you’ll desire if you’re tired of grinding.

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As you progress, you’ll be able to access new daily roulettes and dungeons.

To help you get started, we’ll take a look at the Achievements in further detail.

Mastering War

It’s not uncommon for players to want to devastate the world around them. It’s easy to see where she’s coming from.

Here, you have two types of jobs: tanking and design.

Tanks, despite the fact that there are only four of them, are able to queue up almost immediately.

You can enter a Dungeon at any time with a single click and a few seconds of your time.

DPS, on the other hand, has a reputation for high wait times. Fortunately, there are things like Sidequests and FATEs to keep you occupied while you wait.

Alternatively, enlist the help of a Tank-playing friend.

That said, it’s possible that switching between a DPS and a tank while leveling is the most efficient strategy. There’s a respite from the boredom of doing the same thing for hours on end, which is nice.

Also, it’s a good idea to think about your equipment.

Keeping your leveling sets for an easy path to 80 is made easier by the fact that tanks all use the same gear.

DPS, with the exception of Accessories, usually does not have the same overlap as MMORPGs.

The following occupations have access to the same gear:

  1. Monk & Samurai (Share Accessories with Dragoon and Reaper)
  2. Bard, Machinist, and Dancer (Share Accessories with Ninja)
  3. Dragoon & Reaper (Endwalker)
  4. Dark Knight, Warrior, Paladin, and Gunbreaker (Tanks)

The jobs could be leveled in pairs if you keep this in mind:

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Then get rid of your outdated equipment to free up inventory space.

Mastering Magic

All Casters and Healers are included in this category.

Healers, like Tanks, often find themselves in the coveted “Adventurer in Need” position because of the high demand for their services.

At the end of the Dungeon, this bonus grants you additional benefits, such as increased experience!

Even as a DPS role, casting has the same drawbacks as the DoW jobs.

It’s fortunate that there are fewer of them to deal with.

The fact that all Casters and Healers share equipment is also a welcome development. Up until roughly Level 35, we were on an equal footing. Two jobs can be learned for the price of one: Summoner and Scholar.

The Methods Of Becoming A Master

You’ll need a way once you’ve worked out how to boost your Jobs.

Many options are available to you, but it’s a good idea to keep a few things in mind.

  1. You’ll get the most skill and knowledge in dungeons. This is the quickest and most efficient way to level up and learn about your profession. With the near-instantaneous lines for Tanks and Healers, this is even more true.
  2. Players who play Main Scenario on a regular basis gain an enormous amount of Experience. In addition, it’ll take you almost 45 minutes to finish. It’s best to complete these every day after level 50 if you can.
  3. You can get a lot of experience and other benefits from joining the Daily Beast Tribes. They come in particularly beneficial when dealing with long DPS queues. You’re allowed to complete as many as 12 reps in a single day.
  4. Deep Dungeons, such as the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High. Quick, no Party constraints, and an insight into your Job’s equipment are just some of the advantages of using these tools. There are 10 floors of dungeons where you can easily die and gain nothing in return.
  5. When ARR first came out, FATE grinding was the norm. Make a PF and go berserk in the zone closest to your level. Gemstones, which provide you items like minions or materials, are also rewarded by Shadowbringers FATEs.
  6. Bozja is unlocked when you reach a certain level and finish a series of objectives. One of the largest zones in the game, it provides a lot of experience for doing FATEs. It also automatically syncs you to 80 bpm and doesn’t require any equipment.
  7. So, in the interim, there are still countless sidequests to complete.
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You can clean up any mistakes you made during the initial run-through.

As long as you keep these points in mind, your Amaro will be waiting for you in no time!