FFXIV: How to Become a Rogue?

The Rogue is the final gasp of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Class System. All professions in A Realm Reborn had humble beginnings.

Jobs were supposed to be added to the system in a branching design on top of the already existing classes, however, it was never implemented.

Before Square Enix scrapped all classes in favor of emphasizing the employment system, the Rogue was the final true class to be introduced.

I guess that’s life. The process of creating games is complex. When taking into account the fact that both SMN and SCH level at the same time, the system appears to be a poor fit for a massively multiplayer online game in which one’s employment determines one’s playstyle and role.

Rogue, the Ninja profession’s entry point, was launched late in A Real Reborn. It’s the first and, most likely, last time a class-job pair has been introduced during an expansion.

Rogues are nimble, quick-witted combatants who use two daggers.

Similar to Monk, many of their animations feature flips and spins, making them a lot of fun to watch. The class is fast-moving and features combo-based attacks.

Updated info: First, you need to get to level 10 with any other class. Then, you can go to Limsa Lominsa. You should be able to pick up a quest that has something to do with “edelweiss” in the Aetheryte Plaza. This quest will lead you to the Rogue’s Guild on the Lower Decks.

Read on if you want to learn the basics of rogue play in Final Fantasy XIV, or take your first ninja steps!

How to Unlock ROG

Only the Rogue CLASS (not a job) exists. When creating a new character, you are not given the option to select any of these; instead, you must actively seek them out. (Groan.)

You can become a rogue by completing a class quest at level 10 and using the armory system, which is unlocked by completing Main Scenario missions up to level 16.

Never let yourself get behind on your class quests. They provide you with free gear and skills that are essential to the game as you progress up.

In the top left corner of your screen, next to your Main Scenario, you’ll find your current class mission.

Remember that the Rogue class is the only one that may be unlocked at level one. If having to start from scratch isn’t very attractive, you may want to look into the Samurai and Reaper fast-level enhancements.

In retrospect, I’m glad I started my Rogue career at level 50 or 60, because I doubt I’d have the stomach for it otherwise. (And now, 70 following Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker.)

The Quick Rogue Quest

After you’ve checked off the aforementioned boxes, it’s time to hit up the lower levels of Limsa Lominsa (8X, 16Y).

Lonwoerd is a large Roegadyn who wears a plunging neckline and an eyepatch, so be on the lookout for him.

He may offer you the “My First Daggers” quest if your character meets the requirements.

As with the previous quests to unlock jobs, this one is incredibly easy. After you’ve had a chat with Lonwoerd, you’ll make your way to the Rogues guild’s chief to formalize your membership.

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You can now play as a rogue and use the Weathered Daggers weapon!

Finding the first NPC location for these basic class and career tasks is, in all honesty, considerably more than half the battle.

Though the blue + sign waypoints are useful, they don’t identify which quests they pertain to.

Is the Rogue Right for Me?

Excellent inquiry; I appreciate your inquiring mind. When compared to other melee DPS classes like Dragoon, Samurai, and Reaper, Rogue and Ninja play more quickly and aggressively, while Monk isn’t too far behind.

When planning a Sneak Attack, Ninjas must take into account not only the precise rotation of skills but also the rest of their party.

Rogue and ninja are not the best options if you want to play a more hands-off, high DPS position with little to no responsibilities. (At least as far as party games go.)

Ninja’s appeal lies in the way it combines standard melee movements with flashier magic-based ones.

You’ll get access to all sorts of destructive elements, including scorching heat, raging storms, gushing waterfalls, enormous frogs, and even a cursed underworld. You can only get this kind of thematic variety in Summoner, but Ninja adds to that.

Anyhow, I think you should give it a shot. Compared to the other jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, the Rogue has a unique flavor.

Final Words

I agree, it is a bit of a letdown. They were responsible for creating the flimsy green bandana armor.

To put it simply, I get how frustrated you are. Though the Thief career in the Final Fantasy canon is more appealing to me, I’ve grown to appreciate the Ninja’s role in Eorzea’s society.

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Sneak Attack and Mug will still be available, so at least there’s that.