FFXIV: How to Transfer Characters to a New Home World?

When playing Final Fantasy XIV, it can be difficult to decide which server to join. If you want to move your favorite character to another world or data center, there’s a method around this option.

to join a free company that is based on another server, or to get the transfer bonus for Preferred and New Worlds, as well as the double XP boost for Preferred and New Worlds if you’re not particularly connected to a server.

Here’s how to give your character a new home in the world.

How do you transfer characters to a new Home World in FFXIV?

Transfer Characters to a New Home World

There are some characters who can’t be transferred from one universe to another. In order to begin, players must own the game and complete a series of preparatory procedures.

There are a few in-game procedures you must perform before you can begin the transfer process for your characters.

Before a character can be transferred to another World, all ties to that World must be severed. You ought to:

  1. Remove yourself from an instanced region by exiting the game.
  2. Take a break from Free Company (since these are World-based).
  3. Remove all of the items from the Market Board and start over.
  4. The Calamity Salvager has entrusted you with all of his belongings (located in each main city).
  5. Your Chocobo has been returned.
  6. A plot of land can be sold for a reasonable price.

Transfers to New or Preferred Worlds are free of charge, and the character will receive bonuses such as XP boosts and stuff in addition to the $18 price.

Servers with fewer players are encouraged by the game developer to distribute their workload more evenly. On the official server status page, you can see the current state of all the worlds.

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A character transfer request must be made after completing all of the relevant in-game processes. What you need to know:

  1. If you haven’t already, log out and close the game.
  2. Locate and go to the Mog Station.
  3. Please enter your username and password.
  4. “Home World Transfer” is available in the Additional Service section.
  5. The webpage will guide you through the process.

You’ll get an email from Square Enix once the transfer is complete. If the transfer hasn’t been completed, it’s best to wait for this email before signing in again on your character.

Changing your name or that of your retainer after the transfer is possible if another player has the same name on this server.

Transferring a character will erase all of the character’s blacklist information, competition ranks, and deep dungeon scores upon the transfer.

However, they’ll be able to keep their retainers and other valuables and resources.