18 Best Final Fantasy 8 Characters

Final Fantasy is a iconic RPG genre game many fans called the “Tom Cruise” of the video game world and Final Fantasy 8 characters makes it more special.

This game is 3 decades old which makes it one of the rare games which is still makes the headlines in 2020.

So, Today to celebrate this game I choose to write about the unforgettable ff8 characters.

Let’s take a look at top fan-favorite ff8 characters from the iconic Final Fantasy 8.

18. Ward Zabac

Despite his intimidating persona, Ward is a caring person who would help a friend whenever they need it, although this usually results in him being dragged along on one of Laguna’s poorly thought-out schemes.

Standing at seven feet, Ward is a tall and intimidating-looking person.

Underneath his rough exterior lies a wise, observant mind. 

17. Zell Dincht

Zell is a consummate martial artist and his skills are unsurpassed in Garden. Zell never backs down from a challenge and stands up for what he believes is right.

He is energetic, loud, overconfident in his abilities, but tends to not think things through and overreact to being teased. He attempts to befriend everyone he meets. 

Zell has a close relationship with his mother and is a prominent figure among Balamb Town, as pretty much everyone there knows him.

16. Irvine Kinneas

Irvine is a ladies’ man who uses his loner sharpshooter persona to try to impress them.

Irvine focuses his charms on Selphie Tilmitt, even helping her realize her dream of performing on-stage with a band to catch her attention.

In Galbadia Garden Irvine is known for being the best marksman, to the point he’s appointed as the SeeD’s sharpshooter during an assassination mission.

15. Dr. Odine

Dr. Odine speaks with a German accent, though no one else in his circle does. Wholly dedicated to his work, he will do anything for his research, often demonstrating a lack of moral empathy for the ramifications of his inventions.

As a result he has provided scientific knowledge for both sides of the conflict. He is impatient and bosses others around, and doesn’t adopt a more polite demeanor even in the presence of the president of Esthar.

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Dr. Odine is elated when his inventions gain wider use, and is excited at the prospect of his inventions outliving him far into the future.

14. Raine Loire

Raine is strong-willed and independent. Her empathetic spirit is exemplified in how she adopted Ellone, and when Laguna was washed ashore after escaping from Centra she volunteered to nurse him back to health and keeps tolerating him despite her many excuses on to why she should not, although outwardly, she seems quite exasperated with him.

According to Winhill villagers, Raine used to run a flower shop in the town square as well as the pub.

Her specialty were white flowers, and she would make wreaths for autumn festivals. It was said no one understood flowers like Raine.

13. Selphie Tilmitt

Selphie is childish, upbeat, and hyperactive, always looking to have fun. She is a fan of combining words to form new ones. Selphie uses the expression “Booyaka!” on her website as a greeting.

She wants to spread the lingo, but fails. In Japanese it is “Mamimumemo!”—which is the “M” row in the Japanese alphabet.

Selphie is talented with computers and vehicles, and has many hobbies, ranging from running a website in the Balamb Garden intranet to heading the Garden Festival Committee to being obsessed with trains.

12. Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa is compassionate, warm, and friendly, although she can act stubborn and naive.

She was born to a well-to-do family, her father heading the Galbadian military, but she is concerned by the state of the world.

Rinoa joins a resistance movement fighting Galbadia to achieve Timber’s independence in a mixture of genuine desire to fight for Timber and rebellion against her father.

11. Raijin

Fujin tends to kick him when he talks out of line or does something stupid, which is often. Raijin is bumbling and depends on his friends for guidance on what they should do next.

He is implied to be lazy, as when Seifer promotes him to captain, Raijin sneaks off to nap instead of taking care of the duties he was given.

He is fond of insects, as he has checked out several books on the subject from the Balamb Garden library.

10. Ellone

Ellone’s dream is to have her family reunited, and she uses her unique powers to achieve this.

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When she discovers she cannot change the passage of time, she learns to accept the present.

Despite being hunted her entire life for her unusual ability to send a human’s consciousness back in time, Ellone maintains a childlike innocence about the world even as a young adult, and has matured into a beautiful lady.

9. Julia

Julia is kind, shy, reserved and benign. Despite wanting to get to know Laguna, she waited for him to express interest first before approaching him, and later does not interrupt him despite Laguna getting carried away and talking away for hours.

Julia is a tall, pale young woman with shoulder-length dark hair tucked behind her ears.

She has a passion for music and singing, but is unsure of her abilities and is seeking for inspiration to give her the courage to break out of her role as a lounge pianist.

8. Kiros

Kiros was the voice of reason in Laguna’s group, always there to at least make an attempt in steering Laguna’s AWOL behavior.

He is nonetheless loyal to his friends and is always looking out for their well being.

Kiros is a very tall man—standing at 6’4″—with dark brown skin. He sports bead-adorned dreadlocks at the back of an otherwise short-cropped haircut, and wears a gold drop earring with a tassel motif.

7. Edea

When first introduced, Edea is possessed by Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future, and is thus portrayed as a vain, power-hungry and remorseless sadist.

All traces of her once kind and loving personality are purged from under Ultimecia’s possession to be replaced by an all-consuming desire for world domination.

In actuality, Edea is benign and gentle. Although she has been under the stigma of being a sorceress ever since the age of five, she doesn’t resent the world for the prejudice it must have shown her.

6. Quistis

Quistis is known as a child prodigy around Balamb Garden. At the age of 15 she became a SeeD, and now at 18 is the youngest instructor in the Garden.

She is less strict than the other instructors, leading some of her students to not take her seriously and to treat her with disrespect.

Quistis tries to maintain her calm and due to her quiet assertiveness, stoic nature, and restraint, she mulls over her worries alone, kept at a distance from her pupils by her rank.

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5. Adel

Adel is said to be cruel, brutal, avaricious, power-hungry, and utterly ruthless.

She has no morals or empathy, and is the epitome of pure evil. None of her actions in the game show anything more than this.

Adel is stated in the English localization to be female, and the word “sorceress” is a gender-exclusive term, however, in other translations her gender is less clear, and her physique and unisex name have led to confusion.

4. Ultimecia

Ultimecia wears a skin-tight red gown with a plunging neckline that exposes her neck, chest, stomach and abdomen, and only partially obscures her breasts.

Ultimecia has a definitive sense of style: the interior of her castle is filled with faux-Victorian opulence.

In Deling City, her waiting room is draped with sheer curtains, and while in Galbadia Garden, she reclines on a throne designed like a translucent flower with lights similar to the fronds of luminescent sea kelp.

3. Seifer

There are many parallels between Seifer and Squall. Even though they are rivals battling to prove their superiority, they have an unspoken respect for each other’s prowess.

Seifer is a loud and outspoken rebel, while Squall is a silent, strict rule follower.

Both are nigh-equally skilled in using the gunblade, but Seifer’s temper often leaves him losing to Squall.

2. Laguna

Laguna is cheerful, generous and kindhearted. He is respected among his comrades, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac, although they scorn him at times for his impulsive attitude, but ultimately rely on him for guidance and direction.

Laguna is courageous in the face of danger and especially when his friends are in trouble. 

When given time to think about the danger he is in, Laguna can become hesitant, but he is always willing to put his life on the line for the sake of justice.

1. Squall Leonhart

Squall starts an introverted, cold and taciturn teenager who pushes away those who would otherwise be considered his friends.

Though withdrawn, Squall does not shirk from what he considers his duty. As much as he resents assuming leadership, he is the first to ensure that what is necessary gets done.

Squall’s pragmatism and sense of responsibility lead others to trust and follow him.